Saturday, November 11, 2006

The 50 Names of Jack

My OTW doesn't feel like helping me with my paw pictures so instead, I'm posting a list of my names.

Or at least the ones the OTW calls me...

1. Jack Sprat
2. Spratling
3. Sprat-cat
4. O Kitty of Supreme Gorgeousness
5. O Small and Adored One
6. O Best Beloved
7. Mighty Bug Hunter
8. Dread Slayer of Evil Mousie Toys
9. Great Scourge of Smelly Bird Feathers
10. Super Spy Kitty
11. Come-back-here-you-miserable-little-hell-spawned-imp-of-Satan
12. Fiend of hell
13. Kitten-toes
14. Monkey-cat
15. Love-monkey
16. Skitter-kitty
17. Goober-kitty
18. Green-eyed Monstercat
19. Monster-toes
20. Monster-face
21. Cave-kitty
22. Ninja-kitty
23. Beelzebum
24. Beelzebelly
25. Stinky Cat-breath
26. Stinky Cat-butt
27. O Fierce One
28. Pumpkin-kitty
29. Roly-poly Orange Pumpkin
30. Kibble-breath
31. Lick-nose
32. Licky-cat
33. Jack-in-the-Box
34. Hide-y Cat
35. O Discontented One
36. Little Fang
37. Stretchy cat
38. Slinky-in-the-middle
39. Fu Manchu Whiskers
40. Pouncy-puss
41. Octopussycat
42. Great Big Silly
43. You’re-a-loonie
44. Loonie-cat
45. O Wondrous One
46. Great Big Beautiful Burmese Boycat
47. Fur-vert
48. Catfish-face
49. Little Weirdo
50. Tummy Slut


Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Wow, you got lotsa names! Mom and Dad call us different things sometimes, but we don't think there are that many! And some of them, we don't want anycat to know about, ever!

Merlin said...

Oh mi goodness, that's a lot of names! I don't have so many names... I'm kinda jealous.

Sarah and Tiggy said...

my favorite is "dread slayer of evil mousie toys". SO cute!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh thanks goodness I'm not the only one. The worst of mine is "booger head" Now, I know what a booger head, and I know how handsome I what is that about????
Your mommy is more clever than mine!



Momma calls me lots of 'sweet' names like muffin sugar pie and stiffs like dat. Where do they get these names from? She also calls me Munchin (becuz I am small)


Rosie & Cheeto said...

HAHAHA, hear are owr favurites.
Roly-poly orange pumpkin and jack-in-the-box!

Lux said...

Those are some pretty cool names, Jack! I like "Mighty Bug Hunter!"

Gattina said...

Oh my, even in my dictionary I don't have so many expressions. My cats are called in all kind of sweet, bad and nicknames, but in german or italian !

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Lots of great names there, Jack! Our mom and dad have many names for us too, but we don't think that it's 50! Why, you could almost cover 4 Thursday Thirteens with all those names.