Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T13-Gone Again

Ok, my OTW is completely insane! First she stays up for 4 days with only one short nap and cloth in her lap, and the noisy machine going on a table, and now they're GONE! They LEFT US!!! Everycat, come on over! We're gonna trash the place!

We can't go out though. Sigh.

We're supposed to get more for the next couple days too.

But we have a new tunnel the Big One bought us!

It's great for Tunnel Wars!!! Persephone's almost as good at this game as me!

And I got a new tent! A Pretty pretty Queen of the Universe Tent! And it's great to play Tent Wars in an Jack will even play tent Wars with me!

No way, Fat Sister! The new tent is mine! It's got a RED bed and a RED cushion, that means it's mine! You can have the old tents. I don't like them anyway!

Hey KC, wanna come share my tent with me?

(I like the little Goody-Four-Paws new tent too! ~PersePHONY)

We can play Tower Wars too!

And mess with the OTW's fabrics! (But not her strings-After what happened to Misty, she locks up the strings even tighter than she did before!)

(We can steal the Mommy-Person's Poohs!!! ~PersePHONY)

And there's lots of great places to nap when you're tired!

But the real challenge this time, for all our friends, is to find our way out into the Running-Like-Our-Butts-Are-On-Fire hallway and into the Big One's workroom, next door!

This, is NOT a shiny cat.

Persephone was an excellent sneak!

Even better, there are no humans around to bring out the damp cloth if we can get in there!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Easy Like Sunweek

After last week's monsoon and SNOW, this week has been pretty good, all things considered...

Sat 25

Mon 27

Wed 29

Thu 30

Sat 2

The OTW just opened the blinds. Looks like another good Sun Day!

PS. If you haven't already, go by and leave some purrs for my beautiful girlfriendcat, KC, and her family. They're having a very rough time.