Friday, January 14, 2011


The humans are leaving us again.

This sucks! Who will I bite? Who will feed me gooshy fuds and treats and cuddle me?

It's not so bad, Spazmo! It's PARTY TIME!

HOUSE TRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll decorate!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jack's Christmas

What's this? My Christmas Stocking? FINALLY?

Wait, where's that Red Meniss?

Locked in the Bathroom.

Oooo! Paper!

Hmmm, tastes like 'nip...

And A WHOLE ROLL of Fresh Guts! With snowflakes! Wait...there's nip. Where's the Unnecessary Kitten?

I told you, he's in the bathroom.

A new lei!!!!

Where did you say Tenzing was?


Yeah, I don't think I want to risk it.

There! Is this better? You're in here alone with me.

There's no need to get snarky with me, Human.

Hee hee hee! Gonna getcha, Lei!

Are you SURE that Meniss can't get in here?



Fev-verbutt mousie! And a ball! And Catnip!

Is that Tenzing hiding behind the nightstand?

He can't even FIT behind the nightstand!!!


Oh, for the love of....!!!

HEY! No stealing my presents! Get your own, Human!

I think I'll just lie here and guard my presents, under my bag... in case that Unnecessary Kitten shows up.

I will help you guard the ni... your presents. He tried to steal mine too!


These? Are mine.

Imma gonna BITE you!!! RAWR!!!!

Hey, KC! Come play with these! We can wait for the Man in the Bloo Shorts and his Dog-sled to bring that package! We may have to wait a while. We JUST got a card from EG, Tazo, and Titus yesterday! And Dora's mom sent Tenzing a picture and it came DAYS after Christmas!

Wait! Where's that Meniss now?


Friday, January 07, 2011

Tenzing- I got COAL

I doan beleif it! Santa left me coal?

I really got COAL???

HMPH! Sephy, share your nip!

Stupid Mom-Lady-Person, making me sit over here all by myself with my stupid coal, while stupid Persephone hogs all the stupid nip! ::sniffsniff::

Hey, wait! Does this coal smell like NIP?

It DOES smell like NIP!!!!


PersePHONY: I believe these coals were for me.

Nuh UH!!!

Hey look! I caught the Krampus! And I'm gonna bite it and kick it and call it lunch! Is not taking me away from my COAL and my Mom-Lady-Person!