Friday, August 22, 2008

Unfaithful Friday

Many of you may have noticed my comment the other day, about my OTW coming home a DAY LATE from her trip. This is quite unacceptable behaviour. But something even more shocking has come to light as I looking for pictures of my sleek, handsome self.



I found THIS!!!!!!!


And this!!!


And another one!


They're neverending!


What ARE these furballs? And why are they getting MY pettin's?!?!?


This one looks like a tail nipper!


Giving MY OTW love eyes!


Sticking their tongue out at us, 'cause they're stealin' our pettin's!


Even strange CATS!


::mumblegrumble::I dunno why she'd wanna pet them...I'm handsomer.... ~Jack

Mommy, we are VERY disappointed in you. ~Persephone

Monday, August 18, 2008

PersePHONY Report #3

PersePHONY here! Time for another PersePHONY Report!

First of all, all of us cats would like to thank all the cats who came to our House-Trashin' Party a couple weeks ago! You all did one BLEEEEEEEEEEEP of a job!!!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the a nonny mouse kitty with the amazing ingenuity to steal our Dreaded Claw Clippers and hide them SO effectively, the Mom-person STILL hasn't found them! (Sadly, she bought new ones)

I have been busy in the last couple weeks. I have not only hogged the only sunspot on the bed, I have done so in a way that I have almost completely covered Mister Suck-up Nose-Licker's beloved Scarfie! I left just enough visible for him to see I have it! The only way he can get it is to fight me for it, and then the Mom-person kicks us off the bed!

I went on this table again! Ooops! Busted! Gotta go!

I stole the Mom-person's seat ELEVENTY TWO TIMES! Look! I caught a...well, it's a cat toy now!!!

The Mom-person got more of those silly Pooh cat toys that she hogs for herself! HA! See above: location of Gree Pooh (Grey tuxie), Day 1-under desk

Location of Raccoon Pooh, Day 2-under sofa

Location of Lellyfant Pooh, Day 3-in War Room, under chair

Location of Gree Pooh, Day 4-under TV stand.

The Mom-person thought she was being so clever, setting up surveillance. She'll never get a conviction with THESE blurry photos!

I stole Little Miss Lap Fungus's Nipnana! This 'Nana is MINE now!

Also, I kinda like the Plate-ee-puss! I don't know what Little Miss I'm-So-Innocent's problem is!

Oh, and I peed on the garbage bag while she washed the litter box again! Serves her right for leaving it stinky so long! Speaking of which, I think she should go change that now! Yuck!

Hey, Bendrix! How do I get my Mom-person to get one of those villages? I think I'm ready to start ruling little peoples with an Iron Paw!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are sad

We were going to blog about mommy coming home (LATE!!!) and the house trashing party. But now we don't want to. We'll do it later.

We're so sorry, Monty and family.

Jack, Persephone, & Brenda