Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We going to a party at Billy Sweetfeets!!! I'm bringing HAM COOKIES!!! There'll be DANCING!!


Or at least the CURTAIN ROD!!!!)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Midnight Monday-PersePHONY Report #6

Ever since the little orinch stripy freak came it's like I've become invisible! I'm Still Here, Mommy-Person!

That Red Meniss is not the only BAD CAT around here!

I'm still here, trying to figure out how to put holes in stuffs,

Hogging ALL the TOYS

Pestering sleeping kittens and getting them in trouble for fighting,

Stealing the warms and making them furry and itchy

Getting in the nip

Stealing stuffs

And biting the Mommy-Person when she thinking I'm Little Miss Goody-Four-Paws looking for a tummy rub!

Look at ME being BAD, Mommy-person! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday 22-Tenzing is Made of BAD

Persephone: I was going to do a Thursday 13 to show you just how Bad my Bad Brother, Tenzing GetoutoftheTREEEEEEEE is, but he's so Bad I have LOTS more Bad Things he does to show you!

He climbs things he's not supposed to

Even in cupboards he's not supposed to be in.

And then he bites things he's not supposed to mess with

And plays 'Will it Break or Will it Bounce' with things he's not supposed to play with

And steals things he's not supposed to steal

And walks on things he's not supposed to be on

And wreaks things Mommy and Daddy have to pay for!

He chews on Mommy's hair

And her books

Rips apart her stuff

And messes with her Important Strings

Steals her bookmarks out of her books

And Daddy's food RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!

He goes on Mommy's desk when she's eating yogurt, and pretends he's not REALLY on the desk

He destroys Mommy and Daddy's litter-box papers

He's always trying to catch and eat my pretty curly tail

And biting me

And Jack

And MOMMY!!!!

And NOW he hangs out in NIPIUM DENS!!!!

Mommy says Daddy's kitten is MADE OF BAD!!! Mommy says he ought to be in JAIL!

But he can't even do THAT without being bad!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rolling for Eric again

It's not FAIR!!! I Rolled for Eric! I rolled really hard! I even did it again this weekend and I made Mom take pictures and I was going to post them today for Gingersday and tell Eric so he knew he had to get better and knew that we loved him and then he ran away to the Rainbow Bridge before I could tell him! Didn't I roll hard enough? Was I supposed to roll more? I tried but Mom doesn't leave the screen open when she sleeps or at night. Why didn't Eric get better?

See? I rolled really good!

Mom says sometimes nothing anycat or anyhuman can do helps, and it sounds like Eric had what Whisper, the Cat Who Came Before had, and then they have to go to the Bridge because it hurts a lot and it's better for Eric now because he doesn't hurt and he can play and eat and do anything he wants now, and that sounds like a lot of fun, but now I hurt a lot because Eric is gone, and I wanted him to get better so he could tell me how to be a Floofy Ginger Mancat!

I'm going to go out and roll some more for him anyway. Maybe he can see it from the Rainbow Bridge and know I tried?

Mom says we get rainbows here a lot...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tummy Tuesday

There's been a whole lotta this going on the last couple weeks...

And this...

And this...

With a little bit of this...

And that....

Followed by a whole bunch of this...

and this....

and this...

(well, ok, that last one went more like this!)

(Furry Little LANDSHARK!!!!!)