Friday, June 29, 2007

Farewell Friends Friday-Updated


Farewell all of our friends who have gone to the Bridge in the last while. My OTW took this from our balcony a few days ago. My OTW wanted to write something for all the friends who have passed on, but after a few she ran out of words, so she thought she would just ask me to post this. If you look closely, there's a second rainbow over to the left of the first one.

Indy, Kate and Puddy's mouse
Betsy, from When Cats Attack
Georgie Jr, one of the Poi Rats
Eclair, Tiramisu's sister
Kallie, Jeter and Mickey and Whitey and Matsui's sister
Sophie, one of Rocky's Vixens
Jake and Bathsheba's cousin Chelsea
Icon's sister, Chloe
Anita's friend, Spika
Slots, the Shelter Meezer, loved by the West Terrace Cats' Lady
Pookie, a friend of the Crew
Butterscotch, Jody's friend
Milo, from Catster, Jeter's friend
Faz's friend, Buddy
Two of Binky's new kittens
Latte's friend, Lacy
Whisper, aka Grumpybutt, my buddy
TM, the one who came before Mickey Mantle
Jeter's friend Keiser
Oscar the Puppy Cat
Starr, a Boxer dog
Captain the Wonder Cat
Tiggy, friend of BK
Smeagol and Strider's Uncle Rocky
Buddy the dog
Jake the Rescue Dog
Archie (three years ago, but I'm adding him up here instead of at the bottom so people see)
Boogie's Sissy
Coco, Merlin and Dobby'd woofie
Rabby Burns' friend Riff
Eponine (two years ago, but added here to be seen)
Audrey (Sophia's friend)
Ford Prefectrat
Fiona the Ferret
The Crew's dog-cousin Daisy
Pickle Boy
SeƱor Gato (Chloe's boyfriendcat)
Miss Piggy
Oscar from Oscar’s chair
George Sr
Smeagol and Strider's Aunt Tippy
Katnippia's Gramma's Dog Lil Girls
Georgia Rose
Magic, the Missouri Meower's cousin
Lucy the dog
Oscar, friend of Tigger from the Bengal Brats
Bobby, and their friend Leukemia
Earl Grey, Tazo and Titus's friend; Jersey
Fudge Ripple
Georgie W
Chloe of Kitty Cats Corner
Smith, Wesson's Brother
Little Bo
Libby Marie
Murphy; my friend
Tiger; Scooby, Shaggy & Scout's friend
Ariel; Bucky's friend
Pumpkin, Mudpie, Sake and Sushi
Katie; who left a comment on Smudge's bog when he was so sick
Buddy the dog
Critter, from the House of Chaos
Zander, friend of Oscar from Oscar's Voice
Sandy Redof Katie Katz
Cammi, friend of Katnippia
Arthur Dentrat and Narnia Smallrat
Amber, Casper's Woofie sister
Jaffa; friend of Fat Eric
Trixie and Norton
Bigotes, Scruffy and Two Socks who used to have Bonnie and Victor's mom
Milo, friend of Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
Casey's sister,Missy
Rita; sister of Batman, Persephone's boyfriendcat
Vincent, cat who came before Riley and Tiki

I went back as far as the Cat Blogosphere existed. If I missed anycat, dog, rat, bun, ferret, guinea pig, weasel, elephant or anything, let me know and I'll add them too. Also if you have somecat or buddy you'd like to add, please let me know.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uh oh!!!

We got some bad news, everycat. We're moving. Yuck.

My OTW and I wanted to move south away from the vishus deers and the Evil White Stuff that falls from the sky when it's cold, but no. Instead we're just moving a little bit south, and a little bit west, closer to the mountains. Where there's MORE Evil White Stuff. And MORE vishus deers (they like mountains)!

Humans!!! Honestly! We don't know exactly when yet, but probably by the end of the summer.

Could be worse. When they first started talking about the Big One changing jobs to work for this company he said they wanted to send him to the place with yellow knives!! My OTW went there last year, you can read all about it here:

Don't follow the link to the Boreal Symposium, whatever that is. My OTW says it will break your brains.

Then after they went away a couple weeks ago they came back and were talking about moving to some place with white horses! Which is not close to the place with yellow knives, but is far north like it! I complain about being half-way to the meowing North Pole here, but I looked on a map over my OTW's shoulders and those places are so far north, they're where Santa Claws goes to get his groceries!!!! And there's vishus caribou-deers up there!! HERDS of them!!!!

At least my OTW talked the Big one out of THAT!! She cares for us kitties too much to put us in THAT much danger!

Wish us luck, everycat.....OW!!! Persephone!! Stop it! Stop biting my ear!!!! Hey!!!!

MeOOOOOOOW!!!!! Help help everycat!!! Jack says we're moving!! I don't wanna move!!! I like it here! It's warm and there's lots of kibbles and gooshy foods sometimes and my Food Lady-mom gives me yogurt and my Food Lady-Mom is here and lets me sit on her lap and and pets me and lets me sleep on the bed with her and there's toys and my vishus deerskin rug and my Giant and Jack and even the Grumpy Black and White cat isn't so bad, and I promise I'll behave and not try to chase him or make him hiss and I don't wanna go live under a barbeque in a trailer park or in the big cold place with cages and stone floors again!!!! I wanna stay here!!! I want my Food Lady-Mom!!!! I love her!!!!!! Jack says she's gonna take us with her when she moves but I don't believe him! I got left before!!!

I don't wanna goooooooooooooo!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

For Tummy Tuesday, 6 Classic Full Montys!

Also, my OTW brought me back TWO presents!!! Pictures tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Man-Cat Monday Confessions

Well, my beautiful girlfriendcat, KC, tagged me for the confessions meme and I've thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. I just can't think of much to confess, 'cause I'm the good cat.

And Persephone squealed on me anyway a few weeks back.

Yes, yes I go in the storage closet in the hall. It's the one closet we're not allowed in and she lets me in all the others even though she doesn't want me in them. But I want to know what's in THAT one. But it's not bad. I do it because it's my job as Head-Cat to investimigate all the closets and cupboards in the house.

And yes, yes I steal all the make-up brushes and sometimes paint brushes in the house. But that doesn't make me a bad cat! My OTW doesn't even WEAR make up!! And if she doesn't take care of her paintbrushes and put them away, how is that MY fault??? ( though I suppose occasionally chewing on the toothbrushes when I haven't had a makeup brush in a while is bad--but maybe if she'd get me more makeup brushes it wouldn't happen so it's her own fault!!!)

And I guess the fact that I sometimes decide to investimigate the water in the people-box and splash it all over the seat isn't nice, but she pokes around in my box after I go! I'm just checking is all!!!

But then my OTW decided to go away, and I realized I do occasionally do bad things. Like Thursday morning I did the bestest trick on her!!! She was saying goodbye to us cats, and making sure we knew she'd be gone when it was night, but she'd be back for the next night, 'cause she always tells us how long she's gonna be gone though I don't know why, it's always a squillion naps anyhow, and it doesn't change the fact that she's NOT HERE!!! And she petted Grumpybutt and told him she'd be gone for just one night and she was sorry but his Awesome Man (Whisper says thanks Chase, he likes that term) with her. And then she scooped up Persephone and told her she loved her and she was just going to be gone one night and not to tear apart the house and not to terrorize Grumpybutt, and that I would look after her.

And then she came looking for me.

And looking.

And looking.

And calling, and looking some more.

And checking out all the hide-y spots she knows about, even the back of the costume closet which always makes her come out with her hair standing on end.

And yelling and looking around.

And talking to the Big One on the phone and saying she can't find me and isn't coming down to the blue machine until she does, and looking and yelling some more.

And even better, Persephone decided to help me with the trick! Every time my OTW went past Persephone, she'd look carefully to see if it was her or me, and then move on. And Persephone would get up and move. And then my OTW would come around the other side and see Persephone in a different spot and check her carefully to see if it was her or me and it would be her again!! And this went on for a squillion minutes!! It was, as Miles says, eleventy-eight different kinds of fun!!

She finally spotted me. I was sitting in one of the cat houses. The one I hardly ever sit in. At the back. In the shadows. Which I blend into with my furs that are all kinds of different shades of black. And I wouldn't come out to let her kiss me and cuddle me and love on me either.

And when she came home, and did not bring me one single new toy!, Not one!!!, just some magazines and some stuff to make her hair purple and green, I did another really great trick!!

She didn't get home until the birds were getting up. And she had to shower and then she went to bed and fell right asleep. Well, I hopped up on the bed, and lay down and waited until she was good and sleeping and making loud snorty noises, and then I walked up onto the pillow above her head and I sat my booty down and leaned my head over her and PURRRRRRED!! And she woke up. Then she scritched me a little and got up and used her box and came back and scritched me some more and put me on the end of the bed and went back to sleep.

And when she was good and asleep again, I walked up onto the pillow above her head and I sat my booty down and leaned my head over her and PURRRRRRED!! Again!! And she woke up again!! And petted me and got up and ate little round things out of a bottle she keeps in a cupboard up on the wall in the litterbox room. And came back and scritched me more and put me on the foot of the bed and went back to sleep.

And when she was good and asleep again, I walked up onto the pillow above her head and I sat my booty down and leaned my head over her and PURRRRRRED another time!!! And she woke up again!! But this time she scooped me up and loved on me all over and rubbed her face in my belly and ruffled my furs and kissed me lots and blew on my tummy and made noises and stuff, so I decided when she went back to sleep not to do it again.

Besides, it was breakfast time, and then it was post-breakfast nap time, and I like napping my post-breakfast nap between her legs, so I didn't want her to move.

It was fun!!

But now I heard the Big One say she's got to get up early tomorrow 'cause they're going some where else!! And I bet they won't bring me a toy this time either!! Fssssssk!! I gotta come up with another trick!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bad OTW!

No! No kisses!! You're a bad cat-mom! First you hog the computer all day, so I can't go visit my friends' Peace Globes, and now you're going to go away! Overnight even! So, no kisses for you!

Oh, alright, a few kisses.

Bring me back a new cat toy.

(Psssst, everycat! Come visit! We've got lots of the good kibble and I know where she hides the Temptations!!)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

Mom! Squeak's in my basket!

C'mon Squeak, it's MY basket! You have to share!

Hey! No using laser-eyes on me!!!!

All I wanted was a nap in my basket.

I even would have shared.


PS, my beautiful girlfriendcat, KC tagged me for the Confessions meme, but I'm still working on it. I can't think of anything to confess! I'm the GOOD cat!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Announcement

I have an announcement to make!!!

As everycat knows, Jack is my Food Lady-Mom's Artist's Model and Assistant. Whisper, the Grumpy Cat is My Giant the Grumpy Man's therapist. I am now one whole year old, and I decided it was time to find a job in my house, myself.

After much rassling with Jack, who told me I can't be my Food Lady-Mom's Model because I don't pose right, and don't take directions from the photographer (and I think because he's jealous that I'm the prettiest Queen of the Universe) I have decided that I don't mind my picture being taken, but I will not be a model.

And after much sniffing and pawing around, my Food Lady-Mom says I cannot be her Artist's Assistant, because it is not helping when I steal her strings and run away with them. Nor is it helpful when I yell at her to let me sit in her lap when she is sitting in front of one of her looms as there is no room for me. So I have decided I will not be an artist's assistant.

But I will still yell at her to let me sit in her lap, 'cause it's mine.

And after much meowing of questions all over the house at my Food Lady-Mom, and at Jack, and at My Giant, and at Whisper, and at the food dish, and at the chair, and at the birds flying past the balcony and at the dining room table, I have decided what job I can do.

I will be my Food Lady-Mom's Research Assistant, and Typist.

I am very good at keeping her in her chair at the computer writing, which is the hardest thing about being a writer, she says. Putting your booty in the chair and just writing.

I can also help her think about important things like the nature of community, and why her characters want to kill storytellers, and how to find good information on the innernets, and what alliterates with xylophone, and whether it's time to get up and give the kitties gooshy foods.

Being a writer's assistant is hard work!!!