Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day?

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Cat-dusa Does Not Approve.


Leprechauns not have good stuffs to herd....

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Party Aftermath and Name Announcement

Thanks for the Great Party, Everycat! We had a lot of fun! We got presents too!

What's this? I must sniffestigate!

Oh look! New baskets! And Jingly-balls That look like weird fev-vers! And I smell Smelly Wood! Hey guys! Come sniff this!

TOYS!!!!! Hey, I not herd you here!!! Get in MY herd, Toy!

Is that fev-vers on that flying toy?

Found the Smelly Wood! And there are treats!

I love Smelly Wood!


The kittens had a lot of fun. A Lot.

You know *I* still have toys from when *I* was a kitten....

That other picture made me look little. I was a very BIG kitten!

I'm still very BIG! And Floofier!

I was a very little Pretty Princess Kitten! Not like that big Tub of Floof!

I'm still a dainty little Pretty Princess Cat!

Little??? You not little! I Little!!!! Well, no, I Big Fierce Mancat! But Little! You a Heff....aaaaaa...LUMP!!!

::hisssssssBOP:: You're a Bratty Bother!

::sigh:: Anyway, Our new Bother.... er Brother, is Lancelot!

Not Lancelot!

Yes, you are.

Don't forget to go over to my Girlfriendcat's place to hear the announcement about what names to vote on for her new sister!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

One Last Party Blast!

I'm sorry we weren't posting all our doings this weekend! The OTW TURNED OFF HER COMPUTER!!!!!!!! And WENT AWAY!!!!!

But we still had a great time after a slow start! My thanks to all the cats who helped knock over and pry open the toy box!

And pulled down all the OTW's strings!

But the OTW came home and 'cleaned' it all up and went straight to bed!

She forgot to put away my Bag o' Minions, though! The General Foods International Rat Army is READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!

We're gonna keep the party going another day!!!! Since my most Beautifulest girlfriendcat KC and her family have decided to wait until Monday to announce the finalists for Baby Cat's name, we're gonna wait until then to announce our new Brofur's name... Everycat come on back over!

PiRATS!!!!! Help me GET THEM!!!!


Friday, March 02, 2012

Getting Ready for the Party

::licklicklick:: Gotta get ready for the party!


Party starts Friday Morning, as soon as the Mom-Lady LEAVES!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


I got Gotted! Two years ago

Getting Gotted is Good!

Don't forget our Gotchaing-Naming-Belated-Birthday Party this weekend! With an Extra Special BEEEE-OOOO-TEEE-FUL Special Guest!