Sunday, December 31, 2006

Party at Hot(M)BC

Heading over to Hot(M)BC shortly for the party! Persephone's practically pulling my tail off, sure it must be time already!

Sheesh! Can't a boycat get his beautiful furs all nice and shiny and his whiskers groomed first? KC's gonna be there!!!

If you're stopping by here, come to the party!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sleepy Saturday

Sleepy Saturday

Whisper, belly snorkelling



pee ess: KC, don't worry! And Junior either! Dutchess at Frends of Skeezix on Catster has done thorough investigation of these strange white vishus deer and has determined they are actually vishus deer skeletons, and even if they move they won't hurt you. In fact she says they seem to act as a vishus deer repellant, as she has seen NO vishus deer on her neighbourhood's lawns since some of her neighbours have put them up. We can only hope the humans are concerned enough for our safety to leave them up year-round now!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Oh Meow! LOOK at all the TOYS!!!!

That was what was inside of my stocking that we’re all sharing.


We got a big bag of the green Temptations which I LOVE. The tin comes with a big bag of red ones too, but I won’t eat them, so my OTW and the Big One said they gave that bag to the shelter Persephone came from. And some litter and food and doggie food and gooshy food for both the doggies and the cats and dog biscuits, and cat toys, so all the shelter kitties would didn’t find a home in time for Christmas would have some nice stuff to celebrate. We also got a bag of liver greenies, but I’m not sure I like them. I’ll have to try them again later.

A present just for me?

Food Lady, you got a vishus deer dolly for me? Um…..thanks?

There were bubbles too! Nip bubbles!

I smell nip!
I smell nip too!
Nip? I heard nip? I smell nip!!!!~Grumpybutt

They’re pads? They smell like nip! And look Jack! They make crinkly noises!!!

This was our Christmas haul! And you can see I got one of those sparkly balls! I think I want it on a string though! And we got some new mousies! In fact 5 kinds of mousies!

Oh! Missed a few! And our new water fountain! The gun is red-dot-maker with lots of different dots!

Sadly, there was only one box to sit in and it was one I sat in before, that my OTW borrowed back, and the wrapping was all this metal paper that I didn’t like. But we got LOTS of toys so that’s ok.

But even better than the toys, I got a sister to cuddle and play with and she even groomed me BACK the other day!!! I can’t even remember the last time another kitty groomed me!! And we play Chase and Pounce Tag and Big Fierce Cat Coming to Get You all day long now!!!

And there’s more!!! I have………

A Girlfriendcat!!!!!! The most beautiful, sweetest, bravest, bestest Tough-A** Tortie ever!!!! This is the best Christmas I ever had!!!

I'd say I hope everycat's Christmas was as good as mine, but I don't know how it could be!!!!

Thank you for saying yes, KC, my valkyrie-cat!


P.S. KC's mom, I hope you don't mind I borrowed one of your pictures! You can use mine if you like!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everycat!!! And to all your humans, doggies, bunnies, ratties, lizards, birds, and anyone others I missed!
Ooooooooohhhh! And I have big news later!!! heeheehee

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Big Santa's Vishus Reindeer Lie!!!!

Many cats have been asking over this season whether or not Santa’s vishus reindeers are truly vishus; if Santa really gets eight vishus reindeers to pull his sleigh and help bring presents to all the good little cats.

I’m here to tell you it’s all a BIG FIB!!!!

There are no vishus reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh! Clearly this is another big fib to sugar-coat the vishus deers, just like the adorable KC said about Bambi.

Certainly, from where humans look from, I suppose vishus reindeers make sense, especially up north here. Vishus Reindeers, or Vishus Caribou-deers as they are called here in North America, have hooves that are especially dangerous to cats, as they adapt themselves to the weather. They become soft and spongy to walk on soft, smooshy ground in the summer and harden in the winter so they are skates, making it all the easier to run fast and get to places where juicy young cats might hide!

But Eight Tiny Vishus Reindeers? TINY? Vishus Reindeers aren’t TINY!!! They HUGE!!! Taller than 5 cats at the SHOULDER!!! (this doesn’t include their heads. If only we could not-include the head of every Vishus Reindeer! Then they couldn’t eat us!!!!!). And FLYING?!?!? Who ever saw a vishus reindeer fly? They don’t even have wings!!!!

Now Santa being tiny makes sense. I’ve never lived in a place with a real fireplace and chimney for Santa to come down, but my OTW says they’re really small and even she couldn’t fit down one. No human but children can mostly. And what about those houses with no fireplaces, like all the places I’ve lived? But if Santa were tiny, then that wouldn’t be a problem, would it? He could come down the smallest chimney, or in through the tiniest of air vents into apartments. I think Santa is maybe a tiny elf himself!!!

But Vishus Reindeers aren’t tiny!!! So it can’t be true, can it?

And I’m suspicious too, ‘cause every human society seems to have different stories about what beast of burden Santa uses to bring toys to good cats everywhere, and they’re not all Vishus Deers either. Not only that, but even people in different countries can’t seem to agree on who gives presents to good cats, and how they get there.

Below you will find what my research found as the most popular theories (at least according to the innernets)

In England and in New England and in lots of other places, Santa sometimes rides a Motorcycle like Max and Buddah’s Woman.

Some people in the US say Santa’s Sleigh is pulled by Texas Longhorn (they’re cows) called Reinsteers.

The US Department of Transportation says Santa has a new hydrogen-cell fueled sleigh. (I’m not sure what that means, but I think it something like our humans’ machines, but a special kind)

In Holland, where my OTW’s parents are from, Sinterklaas rides a white horse or a donkey, and brings presents for good cats on December 5. With him comes Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) who gives coal to the bad cats. Sinterklaas lives in Spain the rest of the year. Which seems like a much nicer place to live than the North Pole!!! Lots of times tricks are played with presents, and cats have to dig their presents out of litter boxes (not real litter boxes-maybe cake ones like Zeus told us about!) In Belgium they also say Saint Nicholas rides a horse.

In Italy, it isn’t Santa who gives gifts to good cats. It’s La Befana, a good witch who rides on a broom. (I don’t like brooms either though. They’re vishus too, just not as vishus as Vishus Deers or toy-sucker-upper machines).

In Switzerland, Saint Nicholas rides through town on a donkey, and presents are brought to good cats by the Christ Child who certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with Vishus Reindeers. In Germany, the Christ Child also brings the presents.

In Spain and Mexico and South America presents are brought by the Wise Men who brought Presents to the Christ Child. They ride on horses, too.

In Denmark the presents for good cats are brought by a gnome called Julemanden who rides in a sleigh they say is pulled by Vishus Reindeers, but in Sweden Juletomten rides in a sleigh pulled by goats or comes out of the floor of the house or barn.

In Finland "Joulupukki" rides a goat, made of straw called Ukko. Which is funny, because Finland is where the Sami live, and the Sami, as you may remember from my Vishus Deer of the North pamphlet, are the crazy people that first herded vishus reindeers like cows!!!

I’ve heard that in Australia and Tasmania and New Zealand Santa rides waterskis, and wears a red bathing suit. Can any of the Cat bloggers from there tell me?

But I have an entirely different theory!

Santa is tiny! Santa needs to fly all over the world to deliver presents to good cats! What flies? Birds, of course!! Big, juicy, tasty, yummy fev-very……ahem. Yes, birds! And I have proof!! This is hanging in my livingroom!

Yes, that’s Santa! Riding on a great big fat…tasty…juicy…ahem…sorry…cardinal. Like some of the cat bloggers have in their yards. We already know they can fly really really really far, ‘cause they migrate every year. It makes perfect sense, everycat! Santa flies on birds, not on a sleigh pulled by eight giant, smelly vishus reindeers!

So you can all breathe easier tonight, and not have to hide in your houses for fear that Santa might bring in his vishus reindeers and let them try to eat you (though I’m sure it would be an accident!)

However, no matter how much you want to catch the wonderful, glorious, bright red (my favourite!) …succulent…tender…AHEM…..sorry, sorry…fev-ver he rides on, you can’t catch it and eat it. I’m sure that’s bad, and you won’t get any presents next year. And Santa may not get to the rest of us this year. So, please, everycat. Restrain you natural impulses, and take a good long nap!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Hey everycat, I'd like you to welcome my New Sister, Persephone to the world of blogging! To make her first post easy for her, I'm letting her post a Thursday Thirteen! Let's give her a big round of applause!

Take it away, Persephone

Take it where, Jack? I don't think I can carry the keyboard in my teeth, even though they are very fierce!

No, no, Persephone, it's just an expression! It means go ahead and introduce yourself!

But you just introduced me!

*sigh* Just type your Thursday Thirteen, ok?

Are you gonna get all grumpy like the Big Mean Black and White Cat?

No, Persephone. I'm not Grumpy. But our friends are waiting for your Thursday Thirteen, so you better get to it!

Ok, ok! Sheesh. And you are TOO Grumpy!!!

Here's my Thursday Thirteen, everycat!

1. My name is Persephone. It means ‘destruction’. I like it!
2. I have a brother. His name is Jack. He watches me do stuff but I don’t know why. What’s a brother?
3. I hope the big mean black and white kitty isn’t my brother, too. He growls bad words at me.
4. Jack says I have to watch out for vishus deer. He says they look like this.

I’m not scared. I sleeps on their skins!!
5. I don’t like stitches. They itch. I put the bitey on them.
6. I like gooshy food! And Temptations!! The Food Lady says I snarf them!!! Snarfing is good, right? Also, I’m a poor, pitiful, starving, little pussycat, I should be fed more gooshy food! And Temptations!

7. I likes the smelly mices.
8. There’s a giant living in my new home. But he’s a nice giant, and lets me climb him, and nap on his face.
9. The Giant says I’m half purrer-machine inside.

10. I am fierce! See my claws!
11. The Food Lady says I’m as big a Tummy Slut as Jack. I like having my tummy rubbed. But I don’t think the Food Lady is very smart. Jack is way bigger than me.
12. I do NOT drool!!! That’s for doggies!!! I just wanted to make sure the Food Lady took me home, and got a little carried away. I thought it hadn’t worked because she went away, but she came back the next day and I went here to this place.

13. I likes it here. I think I’ll stay.
That was great, Persephone!
'Course it was!!! I did it!!
Yeah, yeah, kid. *sigh* Humble, she is not!! Update on the play situation, we raced around the house together like our butts were on fire twice today!!! And played Big Fierce Cat Coming To Get You under the tree-and-presents table!!
And I got to groom her for at least 30 seconds today, but it was partly 'cause my OTW was holding her near me. She slept on the bed with me for hours, and even napped against me for 20 minutes after my OTW put her down beside me!
Grumpybutt has stopped growling (so much) and she even tried to intimidate him once today!!
She's a GREAT Christmas Present!!! I love my OTW!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wishlist Wednesday

Oh gosh, I want to participate, but I don't know what to put!

My biggest wish already came true! I've got a kitten for an early Christmas present, (and one of those Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow water fountains, but I'm still not sure about that last one).

I guess I wish when Persephone gets used to me, she'll play with me too, and not just my toys.

I also want a sparkly ball like everyone keeps talking about, and a new Evil Rattly Fev-verbutt Mousie, 'cause all the fev-vers are off this one, and maybe some new and different kinds of toys.

I want all the kitties to be free from attacks from vishus deers.

I want all the kitties to have good homes, and all the bad people who don't take care of their kitties or even hurt them on purpose to get the bitey put on them!

I want lots of tummy rubs, and to have first dibs on the OTW's lap. I had to tell my sister with the paw-hovering-over-her-head about hogging my lap. My OTW calls it my Paw of Damocles!!! Persephone didn't seem intimidated. I may have to revise my strategy.

I want more time to blog, 'cause I feel bad that I never seem to get to some blogs even though they come to mine and visit!

I want to play with the wrapping paper, and have new boxes to sit my booty in.

I want more Temptations!

I want Grumpybutt to like me and let me at least sit near him without getting Grr-Looking-at-Cocoa eyes!

I want my OTW to make Whisper and Persephone their OWN stockings, so I don't have to share mine! She says she didn't have time to make one for Pesephone, and she didn't make one last year for Whisper 'cause the Big One was far away at Christmas, and she didn't feel like decorating or wrapping stuff and just gave us our presents without stockings or wrapping paper.
Wanna see my Stocking? My OTW made it just for me!

It's got my name and it's red, my favourite colour, and it's got FEV-VERS!!!!!!!
I got the bestest home and the bestest OTW of all, so I don't want much.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Artwork for Eclair

Well, my OTW finally made the art for Eclair's contest and sent it in. Here it is! It doesn't really do justice to my beautiful furs, but what art could portray such gorgeousosity fairly?

Here's a closer look at the face, because it's hard to see my shiny black nose, and my handsome long whiskers against the painted body.

And here, she even put in my Evil Fev-verbutt Mousie Onna String of Guts!

Took her long enough! Go see all the Art at Eclair's!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Double Midnight

This week we've got Double the Midnight!

And My Sister has a name! Her name is Persephone!

This was taken the day after she came home. Yesterday, she let me lick her head!! And she chased me out of her room batting my booty with her paw! And played pawsies through the hole in the side of one of my boxes!

Remember Lux's post about Perspective? See this first picture? Persephone looks like she's as big as me! (That's her in the front)

But here, when I'm in front, you can see how big I really am! Honest, she's really tiny. But she looks big for a kitten 'cause the vet that did her ladiegardenectomy says she's really 10 months old.

My OTW says sorry for the spots on the pictures. She thinks she stirred up some dust sorting laundry right before she took these pictures.

My OTW wanted to know, 'cause she's never been had by a girl-cat before, is it normal for there to be swelling around the ladiegardenectomy incision, that's all hard, but not red and doesn't seem to hurt Persephone? She's gonna call the vet in the morning when she gets up anyway and see if she can get Persephone an appointment later in the day, or maybe Thursday, but wants to know if she should try to insist on an emergency appointment today or not.

Oh, and several new kitties have come to visit this last week or so, Willow and China Cat, Zippy, Speedy and Sadie, Craziequeen (who's a friend of Faz), Junior, Mu Shue King Cat, and Lilly and Iris, Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie, and Maggie Fu! Hi! Welcome to my blog! I will add your links as soon as I can get my OTW to sit still long enough. And I'll come visit your blogs too! I've just been busy the last few days, and the OTW was hogging the computer before that! And I'll try to visit all the other kitties I haven't in a bit, I promise! I didn't forget any of you! I just can't have the computer much lately!

Saturday, December 16, 2006 Name-Pending

Sorry, everycat, for taking so long, it's been very busy and exciting and the camera tried to eat the pictures.

Without further meows, My New Sister, "Name-Pending"

See? No hissing! This was taken about 5 hours after she came home. She would NOT stay in her room!!

She's determined. She went everywhere, explored everything and had this look on her face like "Out of the Way! Doin' Kitten Stuff!!!" She even climbed to the top of the bookcase in her room and knocked down our Christmas presents, but my OTW scooped them up and moved them to the office before we could see them. Darn.

But aren't I just the cutest cat that ever was? Look at me! I'm freakin' adorable!!!!!

But after fixing everything, and all, and minding my sister all day, and playing with my OTW so she won't feel like I don't love her, I'm tired and I'll tell you more about her tomorrow. I'm gonna sleep in with my OTW, and then hit Ella's party for a bit. Come see me and I'll tell you about her! I don't know if I'll bring her though, I think she's a little overwhelmed right now.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

She's HERE!!!!

She's here she's here she's here!

***********UPDATE AT BOTTOM!**********

(But no pictures yet 'cause the Big One couldn't bring the other camera home from work and without it, we can't get the pictures off ours 'cause he lost the cord! Maybe pictures Friday night for Formerly Feral Friday)

And she DOES look just like me! Only...she's tiny!!!! And she's got gold eyes like Grumpybutt.

I didn't hiss at her once!

My OTW brought her in the house in one of our PTUs and I went right over to sniff hello, and she chirped at me! She chirped at me lots! Grumpybutt's a big chicken, he wouldn't even go near her!

Then my OTW brought her to my paper room, and let her out and I snuck in behind her and watched as she climbed all over everything and explored, and she's not scared at all, 'cause as soon as I distracted the OTW demanding pettins, she escaped out into the hall and explored all over the house! Grumpybutt eventually started growling at her, but she mostly ignored him until he blocked her in the doorway of the paper room. I sniffed her all over and said hello, and she even came over once and sniffed me back!

But then I was playing in my paper, and she scooted past and I jumped out and pounced her and that's what the paper is for but she didn't like that and then the next time she came near me she growled at me, but I didn't do anything 'cause she's a kitten and she has a cute little kitten growl, and I think she was just nervous, not really scared, but I don't want her to be scared so I just sat nicely and let her go by and I'm so excited I can barely breathe!!!!!!!

I'll post pictures tomorrow or late tonight 'cause we can't get the pictures out of the camera until the Big One comes home, and I'm not sure how many good ones we got 'cause she climbed everything and ran around lots and was really fast until she got tired!

**********UPDATE HERE!!!**********

A couple other kitties got new siblings or are gonna get them so I thought I'd tell you a bit about my experiences with new kitties. My new sister is the 23rd new kitty I've lived with (yes, 23! Really!) so maybe I can help a little.

If I'm moving to a new place at the same time the new kitty is (before, when we lived with roommates, before the Big One came), my OTW and her new roommate would move us both in on the same day so neither of us is in charge just because we got there first. Then we're let out in our human's rooms and allowed to explore from there. I've never had to be kept separate that way. If I was the new kitty in the house, she'd just keep me in her room with a box, and food and water for a couple days, and keep the other kitties out until I was ready to explore.

But the kitties getting siblings already live there so that's different. Mostly when there's new cats, my OTW makes one room be their room, and puts in a bed and a box and food and water and lots of catcaves and high-up perches, and at least one bed will be one of mine and she'll put in a couple of my toys I'm not playing with right then so they get used to my smell. And then she only lets me in to visit or them out to explore if they really want to, and she's there to supervise. So at night, or if she's out she'll keep me out of the new cat's room. But she says don't let your humans pick the bedroom as the new kitty's room, ever, even if you don't sleep with your humans, 'cause that's like saying the new kitty is replacing the first kitty.

My OTW says everycat is different. Grumpybutt was separated for two days, and then I was only allowed to visit for a few hours for a couple more, before she'd leave the door open during the day. But it was another week before she stopped keeping me out at night. He hardly came out of the room the first couple days she left the door open. Grumpybutt doesn't like me, and doesn't want to be friends. He was an only cat for 11-12 years before he came to live with us, so she says it's not surprising he doesn't want anything to do with other cats, 'cause he's never had to share before.

My new sister, on the other paw, doesn't want to be in there alone at all, and runs out and all over the place as soon as the door opens, so I've been allowed in a lot already and she's only been here for a few hours. She was fine with me at first and chirped at me, but then Grumpybutt started growling and now she is growling too and at me even more than him, and trying to claim my person. I'll share, but she's MY person! I may have to bop Grumpybutt before he ruins everything! She didn't growl at me until he wouldn't stop growling at her! I've been very good though. Even when she growls at me, I don't growl at her. I know she's a bit scared so I'm being patient. So long as she doesn't think she can just take my person and have her all to herself.
Sometimes I get a little hissy the first day if the new kitty hisses at me, and then I just watch them carefully for a couple days but I just want to be friends with everycat. So long as they don't bop my head. I'm still trying to convince Grumpybutt to be friends and it's been a year.

Merlin, I wouldn't worry too much, you'll be ok, and mostly little kitties just want to be friends with everycat, and you're young too, so I bet you'll love him quick, because he'll play with you when no one else will.

Kismet, I'm glad you're getting along better with Sophie now! I think you'll do great as soon as you're both used to each other.

It's ok if you get a little jealous and want more pettin's than the new kitty, and your humans should give them to you, 'cause you were there first, and they should pet you lots more and give you food first and treats until you're sure the new kitty isn't trying to take you place.
I hope that helps!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sister! I'm getting a sister!

I'm getting a sister! I'm getting a sister! I'm getting a sister!

The OTW said!

She went out today and she came back smelling of doggies and cats and everything, and she said I'm getting a sister who looks just like me and she's coming tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited and nervous and I can't wait!

She's 8 months and she's having her ladiegardenectomy tomorrow and then she's coming home with my OTW.

My OTW says she's really really friendly and she picked my OTW just seconds after she walked into the cat room, And climbed under her chin and loved and drooled and purred all over her. And the lady there said she was friendly with people and other cats, but she'd never seen her do that before! So maybe she'll be friendly with me and I'll finally have someone to snuggle with and play with and groom and everything!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuxie Tummy Tuesday

My OTW says she's really sad this wasn't a better quality photo.
Not much news from the North to report. With winter here the vishus deer are coming in close to town so I've been doing extra patrols of the building and sitting guard a lot, but there haven't been any attacks recently. The OTW and the Big One did see a lot of vishus deer tracks on the hillside near the food hunting place, and a few days ago, they even saw a big vishus boy-deer with lots of skewers on his antlers, but he just stared at them vishusly. Maybe they think because I haven't written anything more about them, that they've scared me into hiding! HA!
I wanted to write the expanded Vishus Deer of the World booklet while it was kinda quiet, but the OTW has been hogging the computer again, doing research. I'm going to make her get off the computer later though, and let me at least visit everycat.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Santa's Vishus Rain-deer

You Are Dasher

You're an independent minded reindeer who never plays by the rules.

Why You're Naughty: That little coup you tried to stage against Santa last year

Why You're Nice: You secretly give naughty children presents.

I still think this is a little suspicious, but since everyone else is playing....

Oh, and somecat asked about whether the tummy was touchable or not. I am a complete tummy-slut! Every one of those pictures is of me either sunning my belly or demanding my OTW put down the camera and RUB. MY. BELLY!!!!!


"The most wonderful thing about bellyrubs,
is bellyrubs are wonderful things!
Their rubs are squishy on tummies,
their scritches would satisfy kings!
They're rubby, tubby, chubby, scrubby,
Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
But the most wonderful thing about bellyrubs is,
I get every one!
Oh, I get every one! "