Friday, February 22, 2008

No-Fun Friday

Snoopervisor-mancatdated workbreak. This lap better not be going anywhere.

Wait...what? Vacation? You're taking a vacation? From us?

Oh, your stupid contest.


If your contest is more important than giving us laps after weeks of snoopervising for you, then go.

Stupid Contest.

I'm just gonna sit here in my box.

We got primo nip, here everycat! But the house is already a mess, I don't think she'll notice if we trash the place.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everycat!!!!

We made another Valentine's for our Valentines, 'cause Mommy doesn't have time for anything else right now!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Batman!! Wanna come on the cruise with me?

Happy Valentine's Day, KC! I'm so glad you're mine! I'll be over soon to visit! Wanna go on the cruise? Or just kitten sit?

Oh, and I wanna remind everycat it's Persephone's Birthday!! She's two now!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mancat Monday

We have been very very very busy! My OTW is in the same contest as last year, and has to play with strings a lot, and she has to play with strings to send to Florida and Australia too! We have been snoopervising her work a lot!

Snoopervisor shift change!

We're especially diligent about snoopervising the actual playing of with strings!

We take it in turns.

But sometimes we have to snoopervise so closely it takes TWO of us!!

I have additional Mancat Duties, as the resident Mancat Snoopervisor! See this evil plastic snake?

It is EVIL, and I must protect my OTW when it attacks her hand!

I must kill it dead!!!

And then there are these Vicious Cardboard Creatures!

They collect in little hoards beneath the OTW's String-Playing-With-Machine!

Then they start jumping up and getting all tangled in her strings!

I have to go under her String-Playing-With-Machine and hunt them! I drag them out and kill them! But there's always more!!

My OTW will be busy with her strings for a couple more weeks, so we're very sorry if we haven't come by to visit if you visited us, but we have a lot of work to do, making sure she's playing with her strings right and doesn't get attacked by Evil Snakes and Vicious Cardboard Creatures! We will visit you all when we can!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Working Wednesday

I've been working very very hard at my job as research assistant.

I've been helping study books.

Writing on the computer.

Printing papers.

Making phone calls.

All this researching is exhausting.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trouble on Tuesday

PersePHONY here! The sucky little goodie-four-paws are off meowing at the mom-person about Valentines for their girlfriendcat and boyfriendcat for the contest, and I decided it was time to introduce myself!

I've been causing LOTS OF TROUBLE!!!!!!

See this stuff?

I knocked it all down while the mom-person slept! It crashed REALLY GOOD!!!

I chewed the corner of this book and that mom-person shook it at Little-Miss-Butter-Wouldn't-Meep-In-Her-Mouth, and told her she was FIRED!!! No research assistants who chew books!

I think she hired her back the next day. I must try harder next time!

And the bestest was THIS! The Mom-person was just telling the Giant how lucky they were that they have those two perfect little pussycats who never use anything but the litterbox for their litterbox needs!

Boy did she HOLLER!!! She hollered "Which one of you little Fiends of Hell did that?!?" And she hollered "I was WASHING the BOX!!!" and she hollered "It wasn't even gone TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!!!!" And then she punished them! She punished them good! She scooped them right up and RUBBED THEIR BELLIES!!! But she didn't get me!!!! And she still can't figure out which of the two momma's-kitties couldn't wait a few more minutes to use the clean box!