Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Funday

Remember when my OTW kept going away and not bringing me presents, until the last time? Well she FINALLY got some pictures for me to show you.

This ball was one of the two toys. It was fun. At least, I think it was. Persephone keeps losing it a few minutes after my OTW finds it back.

This was the other toy. This is great, you can really get your claws into it, and lick it to death.

You can play with it in lots of different ways.

Even Grumpybutt likes it!

And then yesterday, Squeak's mom brought over a new toy!!!

I'm still sniffing it over, but Persephone, she's not always the sharpest fang in the mouth, and just rushed right in!

Speaking of toys, see these leis? These leis are MINE!!

Persephone likes to play with them, but they're mine!!!

I will plot my recapture of the green lei!

The Enemy has been pouncified! Victory is mine! (I'd show you my pouncing skills but my OTW still hasn't figured out how to put videos online).

All your leis are belong to me!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I, Fade

i Fade. i ferocious beast.

Daddy go away, and woman-servant make me and dumb sister Squeak visit weird lady down hall with flashy box and dumb black cats.

i mad. i show her! i hiss big hiss! i hiss lots big hiss! dis my war room, i tell dumb sister 'pounce weird lady', distract her! i steal dis machine, find flashy things, show you all!

1. i has ferocious claws!

2. i hiss down big dumb black cat!

3. i whap small dumb black cat!

4. i pounce dis purple thing!

5. i ready to pounce any thing!

6. i conquer dis mountain!

7. i get dis fev-ver!

8. i plot eat face of weird lady

9. I kill dis mousie!

10. i has lazer eyes!

11. dis be my throne room! Hiss off!

12. i give BIG hissy!

13. i ferocious! i rule world one day!

ok done now. i sleep. go away.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Invite to KC

Oh No! I just remembered what I was going to do for last Man Cat Monday!!! I forgot to invite KC to Skeezix's Party!!!!!

Do you think she'll forgive me?

KC, will you forgive me? Will you go to the party with me??

I have a paw-corsage for you, that I asked my OTW to make.

She killed all the grass again, so she made this one with pink fev-vers, and white ribbon and red and white roses and green leaves.

Please say you'll go with me!!!!