Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ginger Wednesday-Roll For Eric!

You know how some humans do stuff for a really long time to make other humans all better? Well, my ginger friend Fat Eric is all sick and so are some other kitties like William and Russell's sister Olivia, and some other cats too, but I don't know them, but they're still sick so I thought if I did something for a really long time like the humans do then maybe they'd get all better like humans do, so I'm going to Roll for Eric! (And Olivia and all the other kitties!)

Was that enough? Are they all better now?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Midnight Monday-Pantheritis

Help! Help! Help!!! Gingers, you have to help me! I think I'm turning into a House Panther! I have PANTHERITIS!!!!!

See? I has a black SPOT on my head!!!!!!

And I grew a BLACK whisker!

And then it was FOUR BLACK WHISKERS!!!!

And now the Mom-Lady-Person says I have TWO MORE!! On the OTHER SIDE!!!!!!

Also, HELP! HELP! HELP!!!!! I think my Ebil Arch-Nemesis-Lady-Person-Kitten-Cuddler is trying to STRANGLE ME!!!!!!

(ed. Was not! I was scritching your neck! You like neck scritches, you doofball! ~EANLPKC)

At least one of the ones on the other side falled out! I don't trust you, Ebil Arch-Nemesis-Lady-Person-Kitten-Cuddler! You call me Smooshy Kitten! And you eat Smooshy cheese! I think you're planning to smoosh me all over banick... bannerk....that bread stuff!

Thursday, July 08, 2010