Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tummy Tuesday


Tummy Tuesday? And you had to wake me for that? Take your picture and begone!!!


I'll just take a bunny-nap here on the chair beside you mommy!


Friday, October 26, 2007

(Fill in the Blank) Friday

Guess what I am for Halloween!!!!!

Well? Whadja guess?

What am I?

A Frootbat!!!! Heeheehee



So. My OTW PROMISED me last year no costumes!

I was really really patient and posed for a sqillionth of a second so she could take this picture and enter me in the "The Make-Me-Ware-Anything-but-a-Smile-and-I'll-Skratch-Yer-Frikkin-Eyes-Owt Award", but my OTW only has MSPaint to work with and sucks at making pictures on the computer.

So she made me put this on.

She's just lucky I really only growl a little.

And that she gives really good tummyrubs.

Stupid costume.

I'm Doctor Doom. Good thing she decided not to push her luck and include the hood.

On the other hand, it's just one of her silk handkerchiefs, so it doesn't even qualify for the handmade costume contest. Unless the fact that she made my World herself counts? She even made the ball from a scrap of fabric bunched up and wrapping it eleventy-eight squillion times with string until it was round!

At least I'm a scary Evil Dictator!

~Dr "Jack" Doom

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen-Weird OTW

For Thursday Thirteen I decided to tell you about 13 ways my OTW is weird, besides having purple and green hair and dressing up like a Viking and carving up vishus deer antlers, and wanting to eat candy canes in July.

1. Cilantro is like kitty-crack to my OTW. Once she eats a leaf she can’t stop eating it and wants it on EVERYTHING!! Luckily, once she hasn’t had it in a few days she doesn’t crave it anymore. Until she buys more!!

2. She hates cell phones and only had one for a little while so she could hunt the Big One when he would get sidetracked and be late to meet her and she couldn’t get home to scritch me. She doesn’t like regular phones either and hardly ever answers it unless she knows who’s calling, and it rings and rings and rings and hurts my ears!

3. She’s had insomnia since she was 8, which is why she’s always up until the birds get up. Sometimes she plays Two-am Tag with me!

4. Most of her fingers are bent or twisted at the end. The only completely straight fingers are the ones beside her littlest fingers, and one of them has a big knuckle. She doesn’t know why, but she can still scritch me good.

5. She can’t tell time at all without a clock. She can’t tell how long a minute is like me, or the difference between 5 minutes and 15.

6. She has something she calls eidetic visual and tactile memory, but very bad memory for stuff she hears. She can remember the feel of something she touched 10 years ago, or saw when she was 5, but can’t remember what I meowed to her an hour ago.

7. She can’t grow grass. Seriously. She’s tried and killed three pots this year. And now the Big One brought home already grown grass 2 weeks ago and it’s already dying. She waters them. I watch her do it.

8. She says she failed math once, and barely passed science class, but she reads stuff about how stars get born and why there’s a squillion universes like ours while she tries to go to sleep. Does that mean there’s a squillion Jacks too?

9. She’s almost as good a cook as the Big One, at least with making people foods, but couldn’t boil an egg properly for YEARS, long after she learned to cook.

10. She has a scar on her chest that makes a dent in her skin. Her mam says she’s had it since she was born, and is sure it’s a scar from getting something pressed too hard into her when they cut her out of her mam’s belly.

11. She’s has never had a credit card to buy me toys or driver’s licence to drive me around.

12. Stuff that’s supposed to make her sleepy like chamomile and lavender make her nipped up and wide-awake for days. But coffee doesn’t wake her up, I have to purr on her head.

13. She gets mistaken for a 12 year old at airports, but no one ever wants to look at her cards when she hunts at a liquor store. One of her friends saw this picture of her and said she looked 14! She’s like a squillion years old!!! (ed. 34!!!! NOT old!!!!! ::rolls eyes::)

And that's my OTW!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

Well Persephone and I have recovered from our party. Our peoples though...

It was terrible, everycat!!! My OTW was so stressed out when she got up the next day she disappeared into the bathroom and refused to come out for a squillion hours!! When we finally howled her out, her hair had turned purple and green!!!

She got a blister from all the typing and posting! (No, really, that just happened! The candy canes are from last Christmas. They buy lots because she gets cranky if she can't have candy canes in July.)

And the Big One? He was last seen wandering around the local supermarket, wearing a fish on his head!!!

I caught my OTW in a Furry Little Leghold Trap so she couldn't leave, just in case!

Someperson has to fill the kibble bowl and clean the litterbox!!

PS. From the OTW: For those of you who were keeping my aunt (who was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer) in your prayers, I heard from my mam on Sat that Tante Anneke passed away in her sleep early Fri morning (Netherlands time). While her passing was sad, it was probably a relief at that point. Anneke still recognized her family, but was very weak. As I mentioned before, I'm fine. I haven't met my Tante Anneke since I was 1 1/2yrs, and the only contact over the years were birthday cards which ceased many years ago. My mam is with her 3 surviving siblings in Holland (as well as an enormous great lot of nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews), who are supporting each other.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dinner and Tour

The Chef is beginning to prepare dinner, so why don’t we take a tour while there’s still light, for anycat or anydog who wants? There’s still be nibbles on the table until dinner.

I’m sorry we don’t have a wonderful fall foliage display, but fall is very short here, only a week or two, and it was a couple weeks ago. Worse, it was a windy week and all the leaves blew off as soon as they turned so we never got a display at all this year!

Hey! I don't like going out much other than on my balcony, 'cause it reminds me too much of when I lived under a BBQ. Anycat wanna help me knock over this tin and score some nip?

Ok guys, lights are going fast here so we're going to do our quick whip around tour of the lookout spots. The humans should all have left by now, so we won't scare them. Watch out though because my OTW says it's very windy on the hills!

We do have a little bit of yellow left. But just yellow. The only trees that grow wild this far north are birch and pine.

We'll go to Judas hill next. There's more yellow leaves there. You can see the hill in the 4th picture.

Ok, last tour! This is Judas hill! We'll take a quick look and home for dinner, which should be about ready to serve!

Dinner is Served!!!

We have roasted turkey (we missed turkey on our Thanksgiving, ‘cause my peoples didn’t think it was worth it for just two people)

Roast Duck

Honey Baked Ham

Bison Steak

And (heeheehee) Vishus Elk-Deer Steaks!

And for the bunnies,

Brussel Sprouts



Mint Leaves

And Watercress!

My OTW says by the end of this party she’s going to need this kind of turkey!

The Tin of a Squillion Temptations!

Dessert is served! (Sorry for the delay, our internet connection keeps getting lost)

We have Cheesecake!

A Fruit Tray for anycat who eats fruit

An Ice Cream Witch!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, who just want a little ice cream, nothing fancy.

And for those who don’t really like people desserts, these meatloaf cupcakes, with coloured pate icing, cleverly disguised as normal cupcakes!

There’s also the Nip Champange fountain.