Friday, September 28, 2007

Family Friday

Lookit the cool picture Maggy and Zoey made for Grumpybutt!!! It's really pretty!!!

Thank you Maggy and Zoey!!

And thank you to everycat who came by and said nice things! We meant to come around sooner and say thanks to everycat, but a couple days after Whisper went to the Bridge, my OTW got really sick and honked alot for a squillion naps, and then she stopped honking and started trying to hack up a hairball (and I wanna know why SHE doesn't have to eat the yucky brown stuff like I do when I try to hack up a hairball!!!) And then she went completely crazy trying to do stuff she was supposed to be doing when she was sick.

We're going to try come around in the next few days. And my OTW says if I'm really good, she may even produce the next episode of Kitty-Cops this week!!!

We really miss Grumpybutt, but we kinda knew he was going. He sniffed all wrong. And even Persephone was being really nice to him the last couple weeks. At least he wasn't really in pain much, mostly just hungry 'cause he couldn't eat good. And we let him have all the snuggles the last week.

But now my OTW says we may get a new friend or even several small ones, though she says we wouldn't keep them. The Big One says no new cats until we move again, maybe next year, but she said since Persephone seems to be friendly with strange cats, and I just love everycat, some of you cats and your people have inspired her to offer to foster kitties from the place Persephone came from. She says there aren't enough kitties in our house anymore and it feels weird.

They don't foster out often though, 'cause they don't need to. We almost got another Grumpy-cat though! But he was adopted just that morning when they went to meet him! We may get a different Grumpy-cat though, who just came in. Or maybe some kittens, though they mostly get already born and weaned kittens there.

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell! But my OTW says if we're really good we may be able to get a new forever friend sooner! The Big One turned into a pile of mushy stuff when he saw all the kittens at the shelter! She says it's very funny though, he always complains the loudest when we're bad, but he fell for the troublemaker who climbed EVERYWHERE!! He said he thought the kitten would WALK ON THE CEILING in another minute!!!

My OTW says it's all strange up here. No one minds black cats at all and it's usually the adult kitties who get adopted first! She thinks it's because the kittens aren't good mousers yet and there's lots of mousies in housies around here.

Well that's all our news! We'll come round and visit everycat we can soon!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Family Friday

I'm very sad the Grumpy Old Black and White Cat went to the Bridge. I was finally getting him to warm up to me!! I would have gotten him to play with me eventually!


No toona jooses were harmed in the making of this picture!

No toona jooses were harm making this one either!

Still no toona jooses harmed!

Lots of toona jooses were harmed in the making of this one, though! Yummmmmm!!!

I would have gotten him to play with me! I just needed more time! ::sniff::

Jack and Whisper just hung out sometimes. They didn't play. Jack only plays with me and the kittens when they were here. They're gone now too, but not to the Bridge, just to someplace called Vancouver, where Jack and Whisper and mommy and my Giant used to live.

I hope Jack doesn't go away too. I don't want to be alone. ::sniff::

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



It's a pirate I be!

And this be my Matey, P’rsephone, Pirate Queen!!

We be Fierce House-Pirates of th' River Peace, in th' grand Pirate Tradition of th' Pirates of the River Saskachewan!

P’rsephone cats th' Crow’s Nest!

There don’t be a REAL crow’s nest there. We be eatin’ them else! Though P’rsephone be sayin’ there were a jay or two there just th’ other day!


Hey! Don’t be doing that!! Me Wench be squirtin’ me with th' Bad Cat Bottle f’r goin’ in ta me favourite Pirate Cove, the Forbidden Closet!!!

And this here, this be ME BOOTY!!!

Don’t none o’ you scurvy kittens be thinkin’ on stealin’ me booty!! I be keepin’ a close eye on ye!
Now, time ta be grabbin’ me Wench and catchin’ a wee nap!


Pee esssssssss, ye be wantin' ta go ta see th' lyrics ta "Canada's Really Big" by th' same sea chanty singers. 'Tis me wench's favourite!

Monday, September 10, 2007


From my OTW:

We took him to the vet this morning, as soon as they opened. About two hours later Dr Tara called us. It was an extremely aggressive form of cancer, and it was right under his tongue.

Over the last week, he was clearly having more and more trouble with the kibble, and stopped even trying a few days ago, though nothing could stop him from at least making an attempt at his beloved Temptations. We started feeding him canned food whenever he came around the food bowls. At first that was good, and he happily snorfed whatever he could get, trawling Jack and Persephone's bowls for extras if I wasn't watching. But over the last few days, he seemed to be having more and more trouble with even the canned food, rarely finishing what I gave him, lapping a good deal of it into a thin layer on the bottom of the bowl. Last night, around 10:30, about the time I was supposed to pick up the food so he wouldn't eat, in case it was a tooth problem and he needed surgery, I left him the last teaspoon of canned food from earlier, scraped together to make it easier for him. He didn't even bother trying, just sat forlornly at his bowl.

A little while later he spent half an hour 'fishing' in the water fountain, something I'd never seen him do before. He'd lick off his paws, but when he put his nose to the water, he wouldn't lap any up, even though he'd still been drinking fine in the morning. A few hours later, when I went to bed, he crawled in under the blankets with me, like he had for the last few months, but for the first time in a week, he would not settle in. Finally he curled up beside me and dozed off. I think I knew it was really bad then, since the one thing besides eating this cat was good at was sleeping, and that was mostly what he'd been doing all week.

There was nothing the Dr Tara could have done for him. The cancer is type she's seen lots of in older cats. It's very aggressive and it's location ensured that within a few days it would have been impossible for Whisper to eat or drink at all.

Around 12pm our time we got back to the clinic. He was mostly asleep on valium, given to him to calm him while they did their examination. We gave him lots of smooches and pettins and let Dr Tara put him to sleep before he woke to any more pain.

Rest in peace, Grumpy Old Man-cat. I hope there was lots of Temptations and tuna juice waiting for you when you got to the Bridge.

Also, I would like to note, today is Jack's birthday. He's 11 years old. Not a very happy birthday, I'm afraid, but I'll try to make it up to him later. He's always been patient with me about that sort of thing.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

More Purrayers needed

So the good news is the OTW's Gotcha-mom is definitely doing better. Her Gotcha-dad isn't too bad either. They have to keep giving him new bloods, 'cause he keeps losing the old bloods, and they think he may be leaking bloods somewhere they didn't think of since they got all the other leaks already. But they're going to check and keep giving him more bloods until they find it.

No news on the OTW's Mom's sister yet. My OTW says she thinks they're trying to decide about treatments that are yucky and won't give her much extra time, or skipping the yucky treatments and just having a good time before her time is up. My OTW's mom is staying for two months anyway.

But now we have other bad news. There's something really really really wrong with Grumpybutt. He smells really funny and he can't eat his Temptations!!! A squillion naps ago (ed. from OTW-last Saturday morning) he was trying to eat our bedtime Temptations and he just kinda slobbered all over them. My OTW didn't think much of it. We all just had colds and sometimes we don't want our Temptations when we're sick. Except Persephone. She's a piggie.

But the next bedtime Temptations-giving, he couldn't seem to eat them again. But he was TRYING to. He wasn't just sniffing and going away. So when my OTW got up, she got the Big One to hold Grumpybutt while she opened his mouth and looked inside. She said his teeth were yucky, yuckier than the last time she looked (even though we get Dentabite Temptations), so she said she'd call for an appointment with Dr Tara for him. Except she couldn't call right away, 'cause they were all closed up for that day. And the next day too, 'cause the humans were having a day where no one works, so she called the NEXT day. By that time, Grumpybutt couldn't eat his kibbles either, though he was TRYING. So she gave us all lots of gooshy foods.

And by now even Persephone didn't want his slobbered on Temptations. She just tried to bury them. The Vet's people said Dr Tara couldn't see him until a squillion naps (ed from OTW-the next Monday). She was kinda mad, 'cause she SAID he was sick. But they said there was no time for him. So she said ok.

Then another squillion naps later (ed from OTW-Thursday night) she saw he was all swollen and his mouth and paws were yucky, so she made the Big One hold him again, and looked again, but couldn't see anything but yucky teeth, but his gums were all white and swollen. But the Vets was closed already, so the Big One called in the morning, and he told them, no REALLY, Grumpybutt is SICK. He SMELLS sick. And the Big One knows, 'cause he used to help fix sick peoples when he was a peoples-cop. And they told him they still couldn't bring Grumpybutt in until the day they had the appointment, cause he had been eating already that day, and 'cause he's a geezer-kitty and they don't have any records for him so my OTW had to get the records from Whisper's old people if she could, and bring him in for his appointment. I guess they don't work weekends, even if somekitty is really Really REALLY sick.

The peoples keep having to wash his paws and mouth now, 'cause they're really gross and he keeps trying to clean them, but he just makes them worse, and the Big One says he's going to hack up a hairball if he has to smell that when Whisper's in the bed, and my OTW says he gets to sleep in the bed no matter how bad he smells, 'cause he's sick and upset, and the Big One is Whisper's Awesome Man so he said ok. And my OTW says also because the Big One can't say no to her. She pokes him when he says no. With her claws.

So now Grumpybutt is really Really REALLY sick and my OTW is really Really REALLY mad, 'cause Dr Tara's people don't seem to be taking it seriously, and we're so far north, there's nowhere else to take us really. And she's real Really REALLY worried that he's so sick, and he's a geezer-kitty, and she thinks it will probably be lots worse 'cause they wouldn't see him sooner.

The good thing is, he smells really Really REALLY bad, but he's not sleepier than usual, and he's still eating (gooshy foods) some and drinking lots, and still trying to eat his Temptations, and his eyes are bright, and he was still happy to get into the nip after he got his paws washed. And he's less grumpy than normal, especially with my OTW.

But Persephone and me....well, me, anyway, is staying out of his way and leaving him alone.

Could everycat please purr for him? I know he doesn't blog and he isn't really friends with me and Persephone, but he's not a bad cat, just grumpy. And my OTW and the Big One like him lots and don't want him to be sick or maybe even have to go to the Bridge, if he's REALLY sick.