Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordy Wednesday (And work wednesday)

Look what Zoolatry made me!!!

Oh and Jack said I had to share with mommy today. But I'm not sharing with Jack, 'cause he poses and hogs the blog! Some cats (Derby) wanted to see what my mommy was making before when she was playing with strings and things lots. Here it is!

She also made a lo-o-o-o-o-o-og piece of the one in the top left corner. Viking boys wear them wrapped around their legs! You can see them better if you biggify the picture)

She made shoes to wear on her feets.

She made a collar for her head, which is a silly place to wear a collar, if you're going to wear one at all, but mommy's weird. You can see the pattern better if you squint your eyes a bit. And look at the black piece. That was the strings my evil twin PersePHONY was napping on!

She made some other things to wear on her head too! See, she made a couple different pieces of fabrics to wear with her head-collar, the white one is really thin and you can see through it, and Irish ladies would wear these pieces of fabrics on their heads with head-collars when Vikings lived in Dublin.

The black one on the bottom was worn by Anglo-Saxon ladies before the Vikings came and the hat was worn by Anglo-Saxon ladies after the Vikings stopped coming and got civilisation. The head-collar on the black piece of fabrics is only attached in the front, and then you tie it under the fabrics.

Also, mommy was working on this. It went down to Florida where Daisy and Samantha and Mr. Tigger and lots of other cats live. I hope it doesn't get eaten by an alligator!

Ha! Persephone's not looking! I'm still looking for more tummy rubs! Snorgle away, Cat-mommies! I'll take any tummy rubs your cats don't want!

~signed The Resident Tummy Slut!

JACK!!! MY post!!! Go away!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Midnight Mancat Modelling Monday

I thought since it was Monday it would be appropriate to show you a Midnight Mancat modelling!

This is my aloof look. All mancat models have to have an aloof look, a "Don't hate me because I'm gorgeous!" look.

This is my "wistful, staring-off-romantically, dreaming of a far-away love" look. (Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, KC!)

This is my "intense, staring deeply into your eyes" look. I think my OTW needs to work on getting a better camera, the look is kind of ruined with the glowy eye thing.

This my "ready to pounce" action pose for the sportier look.

So what do you think, everycat? Are these good set of shots? Or should I get a better photographer?

And this last one is just for Rocky...

You know that thing your human artist said last June? My OTW has been saying the same thing about me for years!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Weekend PersePHONY report!

Pssst! Hey everykitty! Are all the humans gone?

I'm in hiding! I think the crazy belly-snorgling mom-person is on to me!

Tonight, the Really Big Person was doing a kitty-check, 'cause the mom-person locked Little Mr Perfect-Puss in the hall earlier, and he wanted to make sure he didn't do the same, and he counted one kitty in the livingroom by the door, and the mom-person said he couldn't have, 'cause both of those little goody four-paws were on either side of her!

And earlier this week I was so busy scattering the new litter out of the box, I didn't know notice when they both went and started prancing under her feets! I think I gotta be more careful!

And now on to my first Official Weekend PersePHONY Report!

The Really Big Person hates cat furs on his fabrics! So when he got up off the bed and forgot his towel I had to go have a little lie-down on it! Heh-heh-heh!

And I also got his coat! The mom-person thought it was her sweet little Miss Meepy-mouth not wanting her daddy to go out again, but it was ME!!!

I found a really good head rest for napping on too! Some of the strings the mom-person plays with! They're firm enough to support my head, but soft and stretchy enough to cradle my chin nicely! And they're black, so she'll have a hard time seeing my furs to pick them off!!!

Also the mom-person caught me stealing her poohs and chewing on the strings a few weeks ago, and gave me a belly-smooching, but I've been getting away with jumping on the diningroom table, though I mess up the cloth sometimes when I jumped off, and the mom-person is 'spicious.

And that's the Weekend PersePHONY Report! I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend, leaving chaos in your wake!