Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Tenzing

I'm ONE!! I'm ONE!!! It's my BIRFDAY! I'm a MAN-Cat now! Lookit all this stuff!!

I smell catnip!

I smell it too!

Oh my gosh! A Fake Dead Live Shrimp! With Catnip! (Well, he doesn't have 'X's on his eyes!)

Chewy Mousies!!! With Catnip!

Hey! A new tunnel! A BIGGER tunnel!!!

I can dive in the top! And it doesn't fall down under me!

Balls! And Strings! And Paper!

Hey! A Ball! I saw balls like this before! Peoples kick them around! And then they fall over and go OW OW OW!!!

Ooooo! This rolls better than Jack's fuzzy balls!

What's this?? Oh, it crinkles nice when I pounce it!

It's a tent? My very own tent? Not Jack's? And I'm allowed to pounce and roll it?

I wanna play in the tent too! TENT WARS!!!!!!!!

Hey Tenzing, what have you got there? Ooooooo! Nip-shrimp! You're gonna share this!

Mom-Lady-Person! Mom-Lady Person! Can we have treats now?? Please???

I'm gonna nom this for dessert!

Awesome! Plastic bag with crumpled paper in it! I don't know what's wrong with that kitten! He's ignoring the best present!

More for me!

This is an awesome! Can I have a birfday tomorrow, too?

Hey, wait a minute! Why are there House Panthers on MY tent???

Ok, ok, mom! I'll share! But the shrimp is MINE!!

Happy Birthday, little Man-Cat!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upstairs Neighbourcat needs purrs

This is Upstairs Neighbourcat.

He likes to lean over his balcony and talk to me! We talk about floof and stuff, 'cause Jack and Persephone have none!

Sometimes he leans out really far.

We think last night he leaned out too far, 'cause we heard him meowing and meowing, and Mom-lady-Person went out on the balcony to look, but she heard the meowing from the ground instead of above, so she went down to look with a flashlight because she didn't think it was him anymore but thought the kitty sounded sad and scared.

But he knows this is his building so when she got downstairs we heard her open the door and he was right there waiting at the door and he said thank you and went in with her and she took him upstairs to his home, and banged on the door so loud we could hear it down here, until his people woked up and came and opened the door and let him in his house again.

But Mom-Lady-Person says he was hurt, probably because the only way to go from his balcony to the ground is to jump really REALLY far down. She says he wasn't walking on one of his back legs at all and she thought she saw a little bit of a scrape, but she's not Dr Tara and didn't want to hurt him by checking wrong. She says it probably can't be too bad, because she had to pick him up and tuck him under her arm like she carries me to my room when she's holding my gooshy foods, and he didn't seem to mind even though she says she was pressing his butt against her side. And she says his heart was going a little fast, but he didn't struggle or seem scared of her.

I hope Dr Tara can fix his leg! Could you all please purr for my friend?

Sunday, September 19, 2010



One-Eyed Jack: I be watchin' out fer scurvy kittens! And thievin' wenches what be stealin' me stuffs and movin' it away without me p'rmissions! Now where did I bury me treasure chest o' treats???

T' Red Scurvy Meniss: I be a PARROT-Pirate! And I know where t' rum has gone. I'm gonna sit here on t' thievin' rum-thief 'til he coughs it up.

EAN*P*LPKC: EWWWWWWWW! I'll just pour my OWN rum thank you! And you can't have any. You're a KITTEN! I mean....AVAST! Ye'll nivver git me treasure, ye scurvy sea-catty!! Heeheehee... scurrrrrvy! Scuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvyyy! Heeheehee!

T' Red Scurvy Meniss: Um. Oooooo...kay, Ebil-Arch-Nemesis-Pirate-Lady-Person-Kitten-Cuddler. (Your head is on fire! Your head is on fire! Give me the rum!)

P'rsephone: I be guardin' on the treasure chest this year! Our booty be t' best booty ever!

Our first year it be full o' gold and jewels!

Our second year we be havin' Pirate Cookies! They were yummy, but Mommy didn't let us eat any!

And last year we be havin' t' fight off the scurvy piRATical sorts out to steal our chest full o' catnip playthings!

But this year it be full o' TEM-TAY-SHUNS!!!!!!!

Tenzin': We're going to a party! We're going to a party! I can climb to the top o' the crow's nest, right?

P'rsephone: I be a Pretty Pretty Pirate Princess! Lookit my Pretty Hat!

One-Eyed Jack: Me-ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Me belleh be full o' TEM-TAY-SHUNS, and there be no adventures to be had here this year, with half ARRRRR things made off with! It be time fer a nap, b'fore headin' to the PARRRRRRRR-ty! Ye'll be seein' us there soon enough, I'm s'spectin'!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Going ON???

What's going ON?!?!?

Where's all the stuff in my Climbing Closet?

Where's all the stuff in my personal Window Room?

We're moving, I told you, Tenzing!

Moving.......? Why?

Is it because I climbed in the closet?

And tried to walk on the ceiling?

Was it because I climbed on the boxes?

Or tried to eat the claw-steal-y thing? It stoled my claws!

Was it because I fight with Jack and Persephone too much?

And tried to eat your rug?

Why don't you want me anymore? Aren't I cute enough?

You silly Smooshy-cat! I told you, we're taking you with us! We love you, doofball! You're not going to be left behind this time! And there'll be a new place to explore, and new hallways to sneak into, and wonderful surprises especially made for you!

Are you sure? You're not going to leave me alone again? I'm not going to have to find a new family?

No, we're really not going to leave you!

Do I still have to go to the V-E-T? You're not going to leave me there?

No, we're not leaving you there! Yes, you still have to go!

I'm still going to holler the whole way there!

I know! I know!

What's going ON?!?!? Mommy! Why are there peoples I don't know taking our stuffs? Tenzing says it's because you don't want us anymore!!! You want me, right? You love me! You're my mommy! You're not going away like Daddy, are you?

No, Sephy-cat, Tenzing's just upset because his last people left him behind. I'm not leaving any of you behind, I promise! And Daddy didn't go away, he's just staying at the new place to make it perfect for us!

Don't look at me, human. I've been sitting here for hours licking her head and letting her snuggle me, telling her it was fine, you just wanted to disrupt the universe and take all our stuff somewhere else, so we have to get it all perfect all over again, just when it was all perfect right here. Can't we at least leave the Unnecessary Kitten behind?


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Presents

Can you believe it? My OTW wasn't going to get me ANY PRESENTS!!! NONE!

She said, "In a couple weeks you're going to get the best present I can give you, time alone with me and away from the kitten!" and "There's nothing at the stores you don't already have and ignore!"

The NERVE of some humans!

But she couldn't do it! She couldn't not give ME, her man-cat, presents! Look at all the cushy beds she got me!!!

Your offerings of paper twists and fresh guts please me, wench!

You should have washed these beds first though. They smells all sting-my-nosey.

I don't know what your problem is Jack! These are NICE!

*I* like them, mommy! Thank you! Can I have some Tem-tay-shuns, please?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack

Happy Birthday, Jack, Oh Best Beloved! I can't believe you're 14!

I wish you comfy pillows, mom-sweaters, and fleecy blankets,

Lots of laps,

Cozy boxes and baskets,

And sunbeams to soak up,

Sometimes even at the same time!

I wish you tons of tummy rubs,

And lots of papers to push,

Berds to watch,

A beloved Sistercat to hold paws with,

And a brothercat you get along with!

I love you, my Small and Adored One!

You know, I'd settle for you getting the Meniss OFF me! Can't I have no-brothercat for my birthday?

No, but in a couple weeks we'll have a studio of our own and at least you can escape him while we work!

I want you to play with me with my guts and fev-vers more, too.

Anything you want, my Little Spratling!