Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Silly Sunday

My OTW has hurted her back and can't do anything useful, so she thought she'd do something funny instead. Even though it hurts her back to laugh, and she can't pick me up to pet me.

This one was by the Big One. It should show up on I Can Has Cheezburger any day now.

That's it. That's all we got. I'm gonna go sulk for tummyrubs now. Probably won't get any. She should stretch more.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Family Friday

Today I give you an extra veryveryvery special Family Friday!

See this handsome cat?

This is my brother Pepper. My REAL brother, my littermate, my snugglekitten-bro. Well, his name is Crawford now. Has been since he was 3 months old, but he was Pepper he lived with me and my OTW.

He was called Pepper because we had another brother named Salt, and Salt and Pepper both had all these white hairs in their black furs like Persephone had before they all fell out, and Pepper had a black spot on his nose.

I thought my OTW was lying when she said this was Pepper, 'cause the black spot on his nose was just a little spot. But it grew! It grew all over his nose and half his face!!

Also, I remember him being a lot smaller.

Apparently he likes boxes too.

That's his sister Meg over behind the shelf. My OTW's friend adopted Crawford to keep her company, 'cause she was 9 months old and she would destroy the house when my OTW's friends would go to work, so they thought if she had a friend to keep her company she wouldn't destroy stuff so much.

I guess they got to be friends!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 things meme really late

1. I like to watch the other cats eat. I hear somecat eating crunchies, I come and lay down behind them and keep an eye on them. There's always crunchies, so I'm not worried they're going to go away, I just like to watch.

2. When my Food Lady-Mom isn’t around, sometimes I go up on the counters!!! (Shhh! Don’t tell!)

3. I miss Squeak. Jack plays with me, but not as much as Squeak did, and now I’m getting a bit plump and Jack calls me his Fat Sister, which I think is mean! But I can still get up on top of the cat tree and he can’t! So there!!

4. ‘Member when I had my ladiegardenectomy and I had stitches and they itched and I put the bitey on them? Well, I have a funny scar on my tummy, It’s kinda like a lump with a hollow line down the middle. At least my furs cover it! Maybe nocat will notice!

5. Remember my Thursday Thirteen, where Jack told everycat my secrets? And remember how he said I had all these white hairs in my pretty black furs? Well they all fell out!!!! And so did the line of white on my throat!! The white patch on my belly is still there, and so is the line on my leg. My Food Lady-Mom thinks I may have gotten my leg caught in something once, ‘cause there’s a line of no-fur there too. I don’t remember though.

6. I hurt my ear. Ow.

7. I have a boyfriendcat! His name is Batman and I met him on Catster!!! My Food Lady-Mom says I can’t go out with just him though, ‘cause I’m too young to go steady, but nocat else has asked me so I guess it doesn’t matter what she thinks!!!

I'm not tagging anycat, anymore, 'cause this is really late, 'n I don't think anycat is playing anymore and the last few cats my Food Lady-Mom had found untagged, have all been tagged now, I think, and she says she doesn't have time to look for more. Sorry, anycat not tagged!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walk on the ceiling Wednesday!

I know Persephone was supposed to do her 7 things today, but I've interrupted it for breaking news!!!

Really walking on the ceiling!!! Not a trick!!! (Well, ok, on the ceiling of the cat tree...)

I'm sorry Miles, I don't know how she didded it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Toesday and meme finally!

I was tagged by Jake and Pablo for the seven things meme and I meant to do it DAYS ago, but my OTW said we should see if we could actually find some cats that hadn't been tagged yet 'cause last time there was a meme, some of our friends were sad 'cause nocat thought of them specifically to tag. So I told my OTW to go ahead and find some for me, and she found a bunch. I'm gonna tag some, and tomorrow Persephone will do her 7 things and tag some more!

1. I have a kink in my tail. It's just a tiny one and you can't see it, only feel it. It's right at the tip. We don't know how it happened. One day when I was still a kitten my OTW was petting my tail and found it. But it didn't hurt so she thinks it had happened a while ago by then.

2. I'm missing a tooth. It's one of the tiny ones between my fangs on top. We don't know how that happened either. One day my OTW was playing bitey games with me and noticed. But my mouth wasn't red or anything, so she thinks that must have happened a while before then too.

3. I can open any kind of cupboard. I can open slide-y door cupboards, and swing-y door cupboards and even the cupboards my OTW calls 'buy fold'. Why we have to buy our cupboards folds, I don't know, but I can open them anyway. Once, just after we moved to a new place and Andy and the Ginger Lady moved to a new place, but not to our new place that time, my OTW took me over to visit Andy and the Ginger Lady when she went away, and the Ginger Lady had to leave the house when my OTW left, and when the Ginger Lady came back a nap later I had opened ALL her cupboards. All the swing-y ones, and the slide-y ones and the 'buy fold' ones, every cupboards except the ones over the counter 'cause I don't like to climb or jump really high anymore.

4. I can count, just like Rascal. If my OTW tells me how many treats we get, I know to walk away when we reach that number. And I know how long 'justaminute' is, too.

5. I wasn't a lap cat when I was little. I sat against my OTW and I slept on her ankle, but I never sat in anyone's lap, until I was 4, and my ex-girlfriendcat Mayhem and her sister Mischief came to live with me and my OTW. They always sat in my OTW's lap so I felt I had to stake my territory. Also, we lived near a place where all my OTW and her roommate's friends went, so they came over to visit all the time, so when they were boy humans coming over to visit I would sit on my OTW's lap, or perch over her shoulders to make sure those boy humans know they were all my girls, especially my OTW so those boy humans shouldn't get any ideas.

I like the Big One though. He's allowed to share my OTW. Except when he makes my OTW giggle and makes the bed shake. That's annoying.

6. When I'm done my naps, I come and tell my OTW all about my dreams, and then I roll around on the carpet and get bellyrubs.

7. I don't just pose for my OTW's art. Sometimes She puts bits of me IN them!!! She also saves all our whiskers when they fall off so when she makes masks that are animals, or art animals, she has real whiskers to use.

I'm going to tag blogs, instead of Cats.

1.Tiger, Blackie at Pumpkin's World haven't been tagged yet, I think.
2.I didn't see anycat tag Mini, Pepi, Boni.
3.Boo, Jinx at Manx Mews don't seem to have been tagged either.
4.Shadow at Poi Rats, Cats and Bun seems to have been missed.
5. Mu Shue and Lilly Lu got tagged, but I don't think Iris was.
6.I'm gonna tag whichever of the Forty Paws bunch that hasn't played yet and wants to. I didn't see anycat tag Sally, Bow, Reno, Gatsbi, GT, Dorf, or Smokey.
7. And I'm tagging Loki. My OTW asked, 'cause Loki's mom is Dutch like my OTW's parents.

Speaking of parents, my OTW's gotcha dad is still having surgeries to stop his blood from leaking out inside him, but he's doing lots better, and he's happy and my OTW's gotcha mom says he's not a crusty old [bad werd] anymore, so she's happy too. And my OTW's real dad's bad heart is doing good, and they fixed the sugar in his blood too. And between the Big One's mom and all my OTW's moms, it was really really talky here on Sunday. They had to go out to dinner after, 'cause the Big One cooked all day for moms at his hotel, and my OTW talked to moms all day on the phone and was too tired to cook. My OTW says it's a good thing she likes moms.

And here's a Toes picture (it's Fade's toes) just 'cause it's Toesday!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sisters are fun!

Having a sister that looks like me is fun! Even our friends can't always tell us apart in pictures!

Saturday's post was Persephone, not me!!!

Wanna know how to tell us apart?

Persephone's got tufts on her ears, see? Me, no tufts.

Persephone's eyes are mostly gold with bright green in the middle. My eyes? Pale green.

Our tails are even different. I have a big thick Man-Cat tail. Persephone's is delicate and lady-cat-ish.

And that's how you tell us apart! (Don't worry, even my OTW sometimes has trouble when she's sorting pictures off the camera and can't remember who is was she was taking pictures of the day.)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going to Chey and Latte's Wedding!

I wanna wear this, Food Lady-Mom! It's the charm KC gave me, and the ribbon Batman gave me!

All dressed up and ready to go! When's the party?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I thought I'd do something easy for Thursday Thirteen tonight, since my OTW wants to go to bed. She worked hard last week and sewed silly hats, and then she went away for a whole lot of naps this weekend, and came back with a cold, and MORE ANTLERS!!!!!! And now she says over the next couple days I can either blog, or visit everycat's blog and catch up, but not both and I have to choose!!!

I'm going to go visiting, 'cause I haven't visited (or at least not commented) on several blogs in weeks, and I've had lots of new visitors lately, whose blogs I haven't even gotten to yet!

Squeak has decided she likes Fade, and Fade can stay and play with her. So here's a bunch of pictures of squealy cuteness that my OTW took when she abducted Squeak and Fade and brought them over to our place to play with me and Persephone. We had a lot of fun!