Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 things meme really late

1. I like to watch the other cats eat. I hear somecat eating crunchies, I come and lay down behind them and keep an eye on them. There's always crunchies, so I'm not worried they're going to go away, I just like to watch.

2. When my Food Lady-Mom isn’t around, sometimes I go up on the counters!!! (Shhh! Don’t tell!)

3. I miss Squeak. Jack plays with me, but not as much as Squeak did, and now I’m getting a bit plump and Jack calls me his Fat Sister, which I think is mean! But I can still get up on top of the cat tree and he can’t! So there!!

4. ‘Member when I had my ladiegardenectomy and I had stitches and they itched and I put the bitey on them? Well, I have a funny scar on my tummy, It’s kinda like a lump with a hollow line down the middle. At least my furs cover it! Maybe nocat will notice!

5. Remember my Thursday Thirteen, where Jack told everycat my secrets? And remember how he said I had all these white hairs in my pretty black furs? Well they all fell out!!!! And so did the line of white on my throat!! The white patch on my belly is still there, and so is the line on my leg. My Food Lady-Mom thinks I may have gotten my leg caught in something once, ‘cause there’s a line of no-fur there too. I don’t remember though.

6. I hurt my ear. Ow.

7. I have a boyfriendcat! His name is Batman and I met him on Catster!!! My Food Lady-Mom says I can’t go out with just him though, ‘cause I’m too young to go steady, but nocat else has asked me so I guess it doesn’t matter what she thinks!!!

I'm not tagging anycat, anymore, 'cause this is really late, 'n I don't think anycat is playing anymore and the last few cats my Food Lady-Mom had found untagged, have all been tagged now, I think, and she says she doesn't have time to look for more. Sorry, anycat not tagged!


Anonymous said...

Hi Persephone,

I hope you ear feels better. You have cute ears!


Lux said...

Hi, Persephone! (We go up on the counters, too, even when someone's watching.) That's cool about your boyfriend!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hi Persephone & Jack!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

snowforest said...


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added ur link there. check it out!
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Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Persephone, how did you hurt your ear? That looks owchy. I go up on the counters too when no one is around. Mommy knows cause stuff winds up "moved" when no one is home but me. I think we have a ghost.

I checked out Batman's Catster page and he seems like a nice boykitty. He is a good looking House Panther. Perhaps you can go steady like the kids in our neighborhood. They are five and they hold hands and play. They have lotsa fun and it is all very innocent. She makes Ethan have tea parties outside. When mommy sees that she is laffin and laffin, daddy just shakes his head.

Daisy said...

Sorry your ear got hurty!

Batman is very cute. He looks perfect for you.

I go up on the counters too. ALL the time! Hahahahahahahha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Persephone,

Check your pmail on Catster.


Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

I could never just watch somecat eating crunchies...

Ivan from WMD said...

My mom gave up on trying to keep us off the counters.

Did Jack bite your ear? My sister bites mine.

The Furry Kids said...

What happened to your ear? It looks hurty.

I have a funny scar on my tummy (from when I ate that dawg toy) and it sounds just like yours. My furs grew back and covered it up real good. It creeps my Mom out if she touches it by accident. heh heh

Earl Grey