Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I win!!! I win!!!

I win!!! I WIN!!!!

I defeated the humans in the constant leaving-of-the-pussycats game!

In honour of my triumph, I made my OTW take pictures of my prize from the first live bird I ever caught!

The OTW made me give it back to her roommate though....

How did I defeat my humans, you ask? How did I keep the perpetually-wandering-off hairless pink monkey from being distracted and straying off? How did I manage this brilliant feat of outsmarting my personal wench and her minion?

Simple, really (well it WOULD be, wouldn't it? They're human and gullible about us).

I stopped peeing. Or stopped peeing much, anyway.

And I stopped drinking from the tap whenever my OTW had to use the human litterbox.

And I meowed. A LOT!

I had her in such a state after a few days because I have a history of pee problems, she insisted we had to take me to the vet, right before they went away AGAIN!

I even freaked her out by being quiet the whole way there!

Oh, the lengths I go to! I had to go to the vet (but I like her, and she has nice new people working there) and I even had to STAY there without my personal servant for hours. And they stole my pees...

But it worked!!! They told her I had no crystals, but I had a slight infection that often happens before pee problems start, and now she has to stay home and not stress me out by leaving AGAIN, and to give me my pills because she doesn't have a catsitter who can do it, 'cause the man who came in to feed us when they were gone the last time for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS likes cats but he's never been owned by one and can't pill a cat.

So I WON!!!!! She has to stay home with me and cuddle me and scritch me and rub my tummy and make laps for me and let me snuggle into the warms between her legs at night and play with me and give me treats and pills, and....

Hey, wait a minite! Pills? PILLS? PILLS?

NO PILLS!!! NO PILLS, WENCH!!! Don't you come near me with that thing!!! I'm on to you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Man-cat Monday

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

Blech! Evil White Stuff! Look at it all!

But I'm a tough man-cat! I braved the cold and snow!

Look! I WALKED on it!!! I DID!!!!

It was so cold, the Evil White Stuff didn't even melt off my furs right away!

Persephone wasn't quite so brave. She stuck her nose out and felt the cold on her ears and went nuh-uh.

This was as far as she got. Two paws out, one moved to see if there was a better spot, then she shifted all her squishy body back on her butt and pulled her paws in behind her.

I'm NOT Squishy!!! ::whap!::

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend PersePHONY Report

It's time for another Weekend PersePHONY Report!

Check this out! The Mommy-person had the Daddy-person put up this shelf here for the little Goody-Four-Paws to sit on while she worked. See what I discovered?

I can reach up the back and investimigate the NIP shelf!

Hey! I can even get all the way up here!!

How YOU doin'?

Wait! Is that yoghurt the Mommy-person has?


Uh oh!!! Busted!

Heh! Little Mister Mommy's-Little-Mancat got in trouble too.....

The Mighty Hunter Mancat waits in hiding for his prey....

Shhhhhh! I think I hear a wild Human Finger approaching.

There! Look! It's there! Be very quiet. I'm gonna pounce!

Ha! Got it! Crikey! Lookit the size of that thing!!!


The OTW actually got around to submitting us for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at Mind of Mog! AND the Carnival of the Cats at Artsy Catsy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mancat Monday

The Mancatagement would like to make it clear that just because you were on 'vacation' does not mean you are not responsible for all scritches and cuddles that would normally have been provided during the period of said 'vacation'.

No, I don't care that you were about to go shower. Make with the cuddling, wench.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Finally Friday!, the OTW's home!!!! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

She brought us presents, but we're not sure about these...and she brought something else with them. Or rather, someCAT else...

This is Lily. She's a House Panther like us! I think I met her before, long ago, but she's been living with my OTW's mom!

We like her. Welcome to the family, Lily!


Hi Lily! Let us just rub our scent all over you so you know you're one of us.