Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!! I got the BESTEST TOY EVAR!!!!!

My beautiful sweet wonderfulest girlfriendcat, KC sent me a present! A WHIRLYBIRD!!!!

I can catch it in the air!

I can catch it on a fish!

I give it laser stares!

And whap it with a swish!

I pounce it on a snake!

And claw it in a hug!

If my bird you try to take

I'll whap it to the rug!

And KC got me this really nice fishie charm! My OTW put it on a chain with my Viking Navigation Stone, that KC gave me, and I'm gonna hang it by my keychain charm with KC's picture, beside my favourite basket!



I got a charm too! It's a little fishie! Mommy's putting mine on a chain with my other charm from KC and her family, and Whisper's too, which Mommy said I could have to remember him by. I'll have the prettiest necklace for parties!

(Mommy says sorry it isn't a better picture, but she forgot to take a better one before Daddy went to bed, and since her computer says the camera doesn't exist she can only get the pictures when Daddy's awake to put them on his computer so she can get them off the network)

Jack let me play with the Whirlybird too! Eventually.

Go away Jack! It's MY turn!!!

Thank you, KC and family!!!


Ed. from OTW.

GRRRRR. They will NOT leave that darn toy ALONE!!! Mow mow mow, play birdie with us, play birdie with us, all day long!

I love my cats. Really.

Did I mention I love them?

Thank you, ML! They LOVE this thing! It's apparently the BEST CAT TOY EVAR!!!! Jack's already half destroyed the first bird! It took three days before he'd even let Persephone have a chance at it, and he's usually the first to back off a toy and let her play! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Presents at LAST!

Mommy FINALLY uploaded our Christmas pictures! She SAYS it's because her computer got sick and keeps trying to eat itself, and doesn't recognize any of it's friends that she plugs into it. But I watch it carefully, and I haven't seen to try to bite anything!

Lookit our tree! I was SOOOO good, I didn't try to eat it or climb it or steal any of the hanging toys, not even the birdies!

Jack and me had so much stuff, Mommy and Daddy's presents couldn't even fit! They were over on the table beside Mommy when she took the picture. (PS. Samantha and Tigger and Poppy and Batman, we got your cards too, Daddy just couldn't go to the post office for a couple days before Christmas, so he brought them home a few days after.  They're up now too)

See, there's my stocking, and Jack's too, and presents from Mommy and Daddy (who didn't even WRAP his!), and Santa!

My stocking smelled so good I tried to crawl inside it!

Lookit all this! I got furry nip mice-yies, and stuffed nip mice-yies, and a jingly ball, and treats, and Mommy made me a nip peer-a-med that she tucked into my stocking after Santa came, and Daddy made me a cardboard ball, but you can't see it in this picture, but you can see it in Jack's!

He got a cardboard ball from Daddy too, and Mommy made him a fev-verbutt Jack cubecat with a jingly ball inside, and Mommy said she was sorry she didn't think to make my nip peer-a-med a nip Persephone peer-a-med, but she'll make me a Persephone toy for my birthday instead, and Jack got a fev-verbutt mousie, and a stuffed mousie with many tails and a jingly ball and paper strips and treats and something Mommy says looks like a brown shmoo on a pullstring!

What's this?  From Santa?  I sniffed it over good to make sure it didn't smell like vishus deers and it didn't, it smelled like kitty-elves and catnip, so I opened it. Guess what it was!

A Giant Crinkly Fish Sack! Jack got one too, and mine was brown and his was red, our favourites and Mommy said it was lucky the Wal-mart elves made them in our two favourite colours 'cause they only made them in two colours. I hope all the other kitties who got Giant Crinkly Fish Sacks like brown and red too then!

And then I opened the present Mommy gave me and it was a Dead Tie Snake! And it's crinkly too and musta ate a lotta catnip before it died, 'cause it smells like NIP!

MEEEEEEP!! Help! Help, Mommy! It's got me!!!!!

Mommy gave Jack a big red bunny-kicker with guts hanging from it, but mostly he's just kicked my Dead Tie Snake! He should play with his OWN toys!!!

Daddy made us a Whack-A-Mousie game! Jack loved it!

Me, I'm not so sure. I'm confused. Where does the mousie go????

HA! Gotcha mousie!!!! Nomnomnom!!!

Jack says THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! to everycat that came by to give him purrs when he was sick. We tried visit everycat and thank them personally, but since the computer got sick, Mommy has been spending all her spare time trying to sort and rescue all her research and pictures and papers and writing and everything, so Daddy can erase the computer's brains and rebuild them, since she was apparently a Bad Mommy and Santa didn't bring her a new computer, after Daddy gave all her new-computer moneys to Dr Tara 'cause Mommy LEFT us and Jack got stressed and got sick.

Mommy says at least it's a good thing Santa brought her Baileys and Daddy's co-worker bought her scotch and Daddy got her vanilla vodka and Creme de Cacao, 'cause otherwise she might think it was a good idea to fix the computer with a big rock!

Mommy made Daddy some things too, and they're over on her blog if you want to see them too!