Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Worst Wednesday EVER

This is the Worst Wednesday! Look! Evil White Stuff!

And the and Mommy and Daddy went. AGAIN. This time they're even going so long they have someone coming in to check on us and give us more foods!

Even being CUTE didn't work!

I'd suggest trashing the house again, but they LEFT it trashed! There's bookcases all over the living room and bins in the hall, and shelves and boxes stacked in the play-with-the-OTW's-stuff room!

I think we're headed to Hendrix's to trash HIS place, when his people abandon him!

I'm giving mommy the 'tocks of disrespect!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Midnight Monday-Halloween Costumes. Again.

So the OTW decided we had to wear costumes AGAIN this year....MMMRRRmp!

Persephone and I are Hendrix/Bendrix in the Halloween Floof Halloween Floof Costume Contest !

But I bet you you can't guess which one is which!!!

We're also in Skeezix's 3rd Annual Cat Bloggers and Catsters Halloween Costoom Contest!

But the OTW decided we couldn't just wear the SAME costumes in both contests...oh NO, we had to wear DIFFERENT costumes in each of them!!!

I'm Karl from The Cat Realm!!!!!

See? Don't I look like him?

And I decided I'd had enough! A Cow? A COW?!?!?!? *Bad word* THAT!!! I'm gonna be one of the COWS WITH GUNS!!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wild Wednesday

"20 yr old arthritic cat" my a.....ahem. Jack, you little con artist!

And have a little sympathy, I'm still getting better, I don't have the energy to play Stick Under a Blanket for 10 minutes straight eighty-two times a day. Go wrestle your sister.

~the disgruntled OTW

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

You guys are PAWSOME!!!

I'm exhausted from snoopervising all this cleaning up!

~Jack (and Persephone, who's still sleeping off the nip)

(Check out previous post for news)


Thank you everycat for the great House Trashin' Party and all the presents! My OTW broke the computer and some days my e-mail works and some days not, but when it was working yesterday, I made her help me read EVERY SINGLE ONE before I let her go to bed. And the next time it's working, I'm going to make her help me answer them all!!!

Thanks especially to KC for getting all of you together to send me all this stuff! KC's the BESTEST GIRLFRIENDCAT EVER!!!!!!

In other good news, Trapper has gone back where he came from! My peoples are all sad and watery-eyed, but I think that may just be from his stinky poops! I say good riddance! He was all "I'm bigger than you! What are you gonna do, huh?" and he scratched my ear and was loving on my peoples and making biscuits on them and stealing my tummy rubs and my spine scritches and my shoulder-sitting, and attentions.

My OTW is such a traitor, she wanted to keep him anyway, even though he kept putting the bitey her instead of just jumping down when he was all done being loved on, but then he turned around and bit her on the HEAD! Right above her eye! And thank Bast the Big One's got more sense, 'cause he said Trapper had to go back, because my OTW could have lost an eye, even though he liked Trapper and wanted to keep him before that. So Persephone and me have our house back! And it took my OTW DAYS to clean up the mess!

And I hope it will be a lesson to my OTW that she's been having to wear a thing stuck to her face since she came home, and every night and every morning she has to take it off and poke at the bitey and ooky stuff comes out and she says "EWWWWWW!!" and puts another thing on her face with goop on it. (Don't worry, the Big One keeps looking at it, and I give her sniffings over, she smells ok, she'll be fine).

Also, just because I didn't like him, doesn't mean I want him to have to go to the 'Back Room', but it's ok. My OTW told me she went into the shelter and told them what happened and made sure they knew he couldn't be adopted out to a family with children, but she thought he could be trained out of his bitey-ness, 'cause he wasn't being mean or defensive or anything, he really liked attention he just didn't know how to say stop politely. And that he really really really wanted to go outside and this is farm country so the ladies at the shelter, who Persephone says are really really nice (she came from there too) said they would find him a nice home with a farm family, where he could hunt and pounce mousies and get all his bitey out and still get attentions and they even had a couple people in mind to call.

So I'm glad the nice shelter people are determined to get him a home and he doesn't have to go to the 'Back Room', I'm just glad his home isn't with us. Now I can stop pretending to be all creaky to get momme...er, the OTW to pay attention to MEEEE!

Anycat up for a game of Racing Around Like Our Butts Are On Fire?

(* All pictures above are Trapper. Check out his freaky ears!)