Monday, March 23, 2009

Midnight mancat Monday-Spoilt

Not spoilt, hoomin.

Your chin keeps my butt warm.

And I was done being scritched with that hand.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen-We're still here!

We're sorry we haven't been around! Mommy was making arts for people to look at and her computer ate itself and everything got away from her.

She should take more naps.

But I wanted to say THANK YOU NICE FRIENDS for all my birthday wishes!!! I had a nice birthday 'cause Daddy was working, so mommy spent the WHOLE DAY petting me and making me a present and there was catnip and toona juice and brushin's!!!

(Pssst! Bendrix! I didn't get to break anything, but I scratched the carpet and got up on the table in the hall and almost knocked over a pretty purple bottle and stole the Mom-person's dessert the second she turned around in her chair and it hid me while she went to see what Mr. Belly-slut wanted! ~PersePHONY)

We've been very busy but we're all good, and healthy and getting lots of loves!

Also we got presents!!! Batman sent me stuff! And Jack! (And Mommy says Sorry Batman's mommy for not telling you sooner the presents came! Jack's present came a little before Valentine's Day and mine came a few days after!)

Batman gave me a catnip heart!!!

It's a great heart!

Also mommy says the person who makes them said they're all wrapped so no kitties can smell and steal the package, but I could smell it! Daddy put the package on mommy's desk so she could help me open it when she was done pouring water all over herself, and when she got to the desk, the package was on the floor, but not the package with the painting!

I love my heart!

Jack got this picture! He's all grumbly 'cause mommy hasn't put it in a frame and put it up where he can see it, but she says the frames are all at the back of the Forbidden Closet, and she's not allowed back there!

And I got this picture! I think it's me and my handsome boyfriendcat Batman! See? There's me with my curly tail and handsome Batman cuddling with me!

Mommy says sorry again that the pictures aren't better but the flashy thing kept making flashes and the no-flashy thing wouldn't focus.

2. The locket we bought from KC's mom's auction didn't come in time for Christmas, 'cause the posts are weird, and come by dogsled(It's ok, KC, it wasn't your mom's fault! PURRRRRRRRRR!!!) , but that's ok. The OTW made me get a bad furcut so she didn't deserve it! We gave it to her for Valentine's Day. The Big One got her a singing chef-bear! It sings about how a punch in eye from the moon is like pizza and a fishie an eel. I think.

She still hasn't put a picture of us in the locket.

3. We went to the VETS!!! We don't have any pictures of that. But I had FOUR people petting me and telling me I was gorgeous and I liked it so much I rolled around in Dr Tara's arms! I like Dr Tara! She said I'm gorgeous! And even the stabby didn't hurt!

I don't like riding in the blue machine though! Not even when mommy pets me! I howled the whole way there and the whole way back, and I howled extra when we got stuck on the bridge!

Jack hid unner a desk. And then he tried to hide in mommy's hair. Big Mancat! Pffft!

Hey! The last time I went there they stole my bloods and my pees and gave me a bad furcut and stuck me with things! I don't trust them!

4. The OTW rearranged her office space, and FINALLY put up my snoopervisory spot! After 2 1/2 YEARS!!!

She made us a junglecat gym too!

5. Jack and me made collaborative Paper Art! I shredded and kicked!

He whapped and pounced!

Me, mostly.

6. The OTW got a new computer because the fixed one wasn't all fixed.

This one is lolcat-compliant!

7. Mommy made me a Persephone toy!

8. The OTW went away AGAIN! She petted DOGS!

And a Cat.

9. Daddy growed us grass.

But it died.

10. We napped in sunspots!!!!

11. We got a new family member! He hasn't told us his name yet. But I like him. He's comfy!

12. We got to go out on the balcony. But now it’s frozen shut again and there’s more evil white stuff

13. We missed our friends! Hi friends!