Thursday, June 09, 2011

More purrs needed

My OTW is SUCH a lazy human slave and she only seems to have time to help me blog when she doesn't want to do stuff she thinks she should. So I only get to blog when she's upset and refusing to do her works.

This is my old sun-buddy Andy. I used to live with him in the warm and sunspotty Vancouver.

He's sick and the V-E-T says he doesn't have very long left before he runs off to the Bridge. Maybe a month if the treatment doesn't work, but only maybe 6 months if it does.

He and the Ginger Lady who grew us fresh nip could use some purrs for a peaceful passage.

We could use a few good purrs to Ceiling Cat too.

I don't think Persephone and the Unnecessary Kitten realize it yet, but I heard the OTW and the Big One talking and they're really upset and saying the 'M' word a lot and how we have to do it fast. And something about living with DAWGS!!!!! (But she did say at least we'd be far away from the bad air, if it comes back. The 'M' word doesn't have anything to do with bad air, though, I think. It's gone away a squillion naps ago, anyway.)

Also, the OTW killed a bird today. I'd be proud of her newfound hunting skills, but she's sad about the little featherball and didn't even eat it, or bring it home for us. I think she's weird, but when she's sad I get all uneasy and crabilated, so I guess she could use some purrs too.