Saturday, December 25, 2010

What's a Krampus?


Friday, December 24, 2010

Let the Squeeing Commence!

OTW: Cat-blogger Mommies and Daddies.... Let the SQEEEEing COMMENCE!!!!

See Jack? Sephy DOES let me cuddle! AND hold paws!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tenzing's getting COAL

Persephone: Tenzing is getting COAL for Christmas! We just KNOW it!

Jack: Remember when we told you Tenzing is made of bad?

He's not being good now to trick Santa Claws.

He tried to steal the Christmas decorations that belong in our conference rooms!

Persephone: He knocked down Mommy's lids! From WAY UP THERE! And he had to GO ON THE TABLE to jump there!

Jack: And when the OTW went to get the camera to get pictures to show Santa in case the Unnecessary Kitten looks at him all cute and he thinks Tenzing's all good, I had to show here this! Her wig and head are on the floor! And Santa's Hat is on the lamp! They BELONG WAY UP THERE

Persephone: And Mommy had hardly cleaned it up and Tenzing tried to sniff the box over the books and KNOCKED THEM ALL DOWN! Onto the box! Which knocked over the LAMP!


Persephone: He goes on the COUNTERS!

Jack: He's almost CHEWED OFF the handle of the Bad Cat Bottle!

Persephone: He's always attacking us when we try to walk on the floor!

Jack: Or trying to nap on it!

Persephone: He's always chewing on things!

Jack: And attacking the OTW's work!

Persephone: He still destroys toilet paper! Even when it's up on the rack to keep it away from him! THROUGH the wires!

Jack: Even in the BASKET the OTW got up on the rack to keep it away from him!

OTW: HEY! You were in Time Out! Time Out is NOT Playtime Out!!! You are the Naughtiest Kitten Ever!

Persephone: See? That's not where the rack is supposed to be! That's not where the basket is supposed to be! That's not where the stuff-that-goes-in-the-basket is supposed to be!

Jack: And the toilet paper's everywhere....

Persphone: If WE got coal last year, he'd better getting a WHOLE BAG OF IT!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I lives here FOREVER. I gets to cuddle too. Now. ::plop::


Ok? Good. ::rollrollwrithe:: That's more comfy.



That's more comfy!



AH! That's MORE comfy!


No, we are NOT holding paws, OTW.



AH! That's MORE more comfy!



And clean your ears better, kitten!

Don't know why you're so grumpy. Sephy lets me cuddle!

How could she complain? You sit in there with her and she drowns in your fat floofs!

Is too room in here for three.

OTW: Might have been if you hadn't bit Jack's paw a moment later....