Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WILYTI Wednesday

Walk It Like You Talk It Wednesday again, and my OTW said I could have the computer for a post and she'd even help me, if we picked the pictures quickly and made this short. FSSSSSK!! Selfish Human!

So, since this has to be short, I decided to go with;

"We are Fierce Hunter Kitties!"

You gotta biggify Persephone's to see the Red-Dot she was hunting, but if you biggify the rest of them you can see fangs!

Oh, and the picture of the cartoon, my OTW says she'll put a picture up of it, and of the tapestry she wove using it when she gets it done, on her own blog (there's a link at the side under my Catster Badge), but she's already put it on her loom and started weaving, so she can't really get a picture of it now.

And the hallway is all kinds of messed up! We got walls that look like the ceilings. They look like you could climb them, but they're a little too slippy. Being on the ceiling would be cool though! And Miles would be SOOOO jealous!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Irate Pussycat

OTW here.

So. I have one irate pussycat, sulking in his box.

It seems that because I just spent 10 HOURS recreating a tapestry cartoon from a picture of a 600 year-old tapestry, Jack missed Big Man-cat Monday. He is NOT. HAPPY.

It won't appease him much, but as apology, I present a Tummy Tuesday picture of his truly magnificent Great Big Beautiful Burmese Boy-cat Belly (in the sun, no less, so as to show off his beautiful furs to best advantage), which I here avow is the most magnificent, stupendous, wonderful, awesome, Best Beloved Belly that ever a cat had, has or ever will have, and I promise to continue to worship his belly with scritches, rubs, zerberts and face-burying as long as His Supreme Gorgeousness continues to walk this earth.

There, O Best Beloved, that's the best apology I can make. Would you like your belly-worshipping or your Temptations first?

edit: Yeah, OTW, I suppose I can forgive you. This time. But Next Week, there had better be Big Man-cat Pictures forthcoming!!!

PS. Purrrrrrrrs, KC. I miss talking to you. My OTW such a computer hog!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My OTW fried up her brains and now she can only do this and draw pretty pictures to use when she plays with string. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walk It Like You Talk It

KC says this is Walk It Like You Talk It Wednesday! So here are all our entries!

Me, of course. I'm fierce, I'm handsome, I'm lovable, and I'm cute. I have subdued the vicious Paperwork, I'm posing in all my gorgeous furs, I'm gazing at my OTW in that way she can't resist cuddling me, and I'm clearly criminally cute!

I'm the Queen of the Universe and this is all mine!

Hiss off! I'm napping!

I'm Squeak! I'm Cute! I'm gonna pounce you!

I'm not gonna be around much in the next few weeks, I'll try posting every couple of days, maybe mostly pictures and I'll check in on the Blogsphere. My OTW's competition is coming up in a few weeks and she says it's 'Crunchtime". I don't know what the problem is, the kibble bowl is right there beside the computer, she can get crunchies anytime she wants. And she never does.

Monday, January 22, 2007

KC! The Package came!

KC! ML!!! The package FINALLY got here! The Big one picked it up from the box he keeps in town for man in the blue shorts to put stuff in! The Dogsled dogs didn't eat it! Also, Skeezix! A card came from you too! A Christmas card! Thank you!!

Here I am sniffing the present over really good!

I pawed it a bit too, until my OTW laughed and said it's supposed to go on my collar. 'Cept, I don't wear collars! My OTW said that's ok, she'd lend me a necklace to wear it on! And if I ever agree to wear the viking outfit again, she will put it on my beautiful red cloak!

What do you think, KC? Do you think it goes well with my black furs?

Here's Persephone wearing hers!

Thanks KC! It's beautiful! I has a royal collar now! Well, necklace! It's almost the same thing, isn't it? 'Cause I don't wear a collar neither, though my Food Lady sometimes puts a harness on me!

Even Grumpybutt agreed to pose with his present on! (He doesn't like having his picture taken so he sleeps a lot so she doesn't have anything new to take pictures of!)

Thank You, KC! I think it makes me look very handsome and manly!

Thank you very much for the wonderful presents KC and ML!!! We love them! Now we have something fancy to wear to parties! And I think we should mention to all the blogging kitties that they came from the Very Great Jeweller (now declared Official Jeweller to the Viking Kitties of The Frozen North of Canada), Mom Robyn Staff to the Hot(M)BC Cats!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Girls Gone Napping!

In keeping with the wild weekend started Friday night, I bring you GIRLS GONE NAPPING!!!!

Ok, it was silly. But you snorfed stinky goodness outta your noses, didn't you?!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Girls Gone Wild!!!!!

I know it's not a Froobat or Formerly Feral friday, so if you're coming from the Cat Blogosphere, I hope you'll forgive me! There's a frootbat IN it though.....

So for young humans, Friday is often a day of crazy partying and drinking and doing stuff they'll be embarassed about when they're older (or at least the loud thumpy people upstairs seem to think so!) And apparently one of the things that young people do that they'll be embarrassed about when they're older has to do with girls going wild! In honour of that tradition, I give you the girls going wild!

Hmpf. Day 2. The human wins again. The pill is down the throat. She's getting good, I didn't even get to spit this one out even a little bit before she got it too far down my tongue to get out. Must revise strategy tomorrow. Next time, Opposable Thumb Wench! Next time!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Jack-in-the-boxes!

Heeheehee! It IS hard to tell Persephone and me apart! This is perfect!!! Now neither of us can get in trouble, 'cause if we run away fast, she won't know which black blur it was who just wizzed past!!!
By the way, yesterday's picture was Persephone. I took one sniff at the snow just off camera and went back inside. It's COLD!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tabbico Toesday

In honour of Tabby, Tummy and Toesday;

Miss Squeak, Tabbico Extrordinaire!

As you can see in the following pictures, she is both tabby and calico. Her tabby stripes move from her orange calico patches to her brown calico patches without a break in the lines, they just change colour! One stripe is even brown on the top half and orange on the bottom half for about a paws-length

One of her favourite napping places, the human armpit, under a sweater. She looks like she may even have a little long-hair in her!

Fierce kitty trying to lure human fingers to her mouth!

She's getting good at catch that evil tail that has a death-grip on her butt!!

If you biggify this picture you can kind of see the half-brown top/half-orange bottom strip near the top of her leg!

She even has orange into black stripes in her Tabby "M". There's a patch of orange on her shoulder too, but my OTW says the long hairs there make them harder to see!

And the toes for Toesday!

Vet Update!!!!

I'm NOT SICK!!!!!! I did have to travel really far through the middle of nowhere to get to the vet, and I'm SURE there were sneaky vishus deers glaring from the dark forests we drove through! But I was very very quiet and maybe they didn't see me! 'Cause I'm feeling better but not good enough to protect myself and BOTH my humans from the vishus deers! but I'm not sick!!!

Well, ok, the vet says I've got a little bit of a fever and an infection, but I'm going to be ok! And after all that fussing about my poops, the vet didn't even want the sample! HA! My OTW had to scoop and save poop for nothing!! Serves her right! Especially for letting that vet stick thermometers where they DON'T BELONG!!!!!!

I'm supposed to take Auntie Biotix for the next few days, and the sneaky vet even managed to get the first pill in me (though I impressed her with my ability to project pills when I sent the de-worming pill across the room!--oh, she says the worm pill was just because it couldn't hurt, since I hadn't had one in a while; HA! she's not the one with a human finger shoving things down her throat!) but if my OTW thinks she can get me to take the rest, she'd better think again! I'm wiggly and I can hide pills in my cheeks!!

The vet also said my teeth are beautiful! And my eyes are clear and gorgeous, and she was impressed with my beautiful furs! She called me sleek and shiny and said I had no dander and hardly shed at all! And my OTW thought maybe I was getting a little heavy, but the vet thought I was perfect! And Gorgeous, and Well-Behaved! And I have gorgeous furs!!!

I may forgive her for sticking thermometers where they DON'T BELONG!!! And for pulling me out from my perfectly good hiding place under her cabinet THREE TIMES!!! (and she said I was smart for hiding there!)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Midnight Monday and Gotchaversary

Happy Gotchaversay to me!
Happy Gotchaversay to me!
Happy Gotchaversay to the Queen of the Universe, Persephone!
Happy Gotchaversay to me!

Dec 14, 2006

I've been here one whole month! Well, one whole month yesterday, but Jack is hogging all my attention and love 'cause he's sick so I couldn't post it! I think he just wants all my Food Lady's attention!

Jan 15, 2007

I've grown a lot! See? My Food Lady says I'm all good and solid and I got meats on my bones! I'm ginormous!! And I'm the Queen of the Universe!!!!

But I'm being good to the other cats. I'm playing with Squeak and I let Jack snuggle with me in my basket that I was in first!

::edit:: It's MY basket Persephone! I stole it from Grumpybutt fair and square!! And OTW, STOP TELLING EVERYCAT ABOUT MY POOPS!!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!!