Sunday, January 14, 2007



Since my OTW told the WHOLE WORLD ALL about my sickness, I might as well tell you this too. I'm going to the vet on Monday, if my OTW can get me an appointment (apparently they're not open on weekends-just emergency calls to Dr Tara) so she wasn't able to make an appointment. She says my eyes are gunking up again, and now I'm sneezing everywhere. I'm feeling BETTER!!! Look! I'm PLAYing! With the kittens even! I'm not SICK anymore!

On a good note, Squeak is settling in nicely, and we're civilising her for her humans. She should be good to have brothers and sisters in the future.

On a bad note, Persephone is letting her title go to her head! Yesterday it was poor Grumpybutt, who wasn't even being grumpy to her. He wasn't even doing anything and she pounced him and scratched up his nose. He's been running in terror all day and hiding in closets today. And today, she's decided she's going to be the boss of me too! Ran right up and BIT ME!!! On the BUTT! After I recovered from my surprise I pounced her 'magestic' butt and thumped her around a bit!

And this after I've been so nice and sharing my human with her! I think I'm gonna have to do it a bit more though, 'cause she acted more outraged than put in her place! ::Bad word:: kittens! This is why I don't tell when I'm feeling poor! She let me get a little better and now she thinks just 'cause I'm not completely up to vishus deer hunting she can conquer the house! I'm twice her size and three times her weight, and she's gonna get ROLLED AROUND THE FLOOR!!!!

I don't want to rule the house, that's too much like work. I'd rather just be friends with everycat, but I'm NOT letting that KITTEN be in charge!!!

On another good note, Squeak's humans have gone. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE them. The lady-human gives really good scritches and all, but there was just too many people, and now at least we've got the cat room back. Gives us all a few more places to nap. And escape kittens!

I'm gonna go nap now. Thanks for checking up on me everycat! Purrrrrrrrrs KC!

Does my patch of six white hairs count as a Spot?

::edit:: Jack's OTW here, Jack's also going to the vet because while I still don't know if he's the only cat with squirty poop, (there's been 'issues' with that since Persephone showed up, and I can never catch them coming out of the box), I finally caught Jack, so I know he's definitely got 'issues'. Persephone may be having the problem too, but I found fresh squirty poop in there this morning after getting dressed, and since Whisper and Persephone were in the bedroom watching me dress (the little furverts) I know it wasn't them, and the problem started before Squeak came. I'm especially worried because one of them has had a bit of blood coming out with their stool occasionally since these 'issues' began. I was hoping it was just Persephone adjusting to the new home and food, and I haven't seen blood in more than a week, but in Jack goes anyway. With a stool sample too. I'll keep trying to catch Persephone to see if she's got issues too.

And there goes part of our stash of cash for the big trip to civilisation in Feb. Good thing the little buggers are cute, or I'd be getting new fur-lined mittens!!!

Ok, ok, yeah, I'd sooner cut off my hands to keep them from getting cold, than make mittens of my kittens, but still, it IS a good thing the little con artists are good at cute!


Daisy said...

Heheheh! I like yer little white "spot"! I'm sorry you gots the gunky eye.

ps: I hopes everyone's poopies gets better too!

Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxwell Mufsa Millon said...

i say it counts as a spot i sorry you sick i hope you feel better soon I got the gunny eyes too. Mama never such if it just my wite fur since my eyes always get gunny in the winter

Kitikata-san said...

sorry about the squirty poo. i hope you feel better soon! i hope the vet was nice. last time the humans took me to the vet was for barfing round worms. :-( meow.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Jack, I hope everything goes well at the vet's and that you are back to 100% soon!

The M's said...

Hope everything works out okay.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

skwirtee poop?

Susie said...

Good luck at the V-E-T dude!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

OTW, I hear you! Remember KC's lady surgery that had to be re-done for another $700? There went Christmas, and probably a birthday or two. God knew what He was doing when He made 'em so cute, let me tell you. Course, I'd rather have KC than just about anything, so it worked out.

Hope Jack's okay, better to get it checked out early and be sure. Please keep us posted.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, Jack, u's got a white spot, too. Happy Spotty Sunday.

Hope u's be feeling better soon, u's haffed too much stress.

Purrrrrrssss.... KC

pee ess: u'd best not reads what your OTW writted bouts you affer you posted.