Saturday, October 31, 2009

Funday Sun! Er..Sunday Fun!

Funday Sun!!!


(You have to click the link, the picture is just screen capture.)

You click on the light circles and turn them dark, and try to herd the kitty into a closed circle to catch it before it makes it's way to the edge and scampers away (you have to keep clicking to make a smaller circle until the kitty has nowhere to jump). But every time you click a circle, the cat jumps to another circle! It's a sneaky-puss!

I remember sun...we used to have that. It was nice. It warmed mah belleh!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Triple Thursday Thirteen-Ho(M)CB!

House of (Mostly) Cat Beds, that is!!!!

The OTW was 'joking' just the day before my AWESOME GIZZY QUILT from KC, the Bestest Girlfriendcat in the World! arrived, that we've become the House of (Mostly) Cat Beds!

I was going to post our 13 beds for Thursday Thirteen, but then I started counting them, and there were a lot more than 13. So I was going to post my 13 favourite cat beds, and Persephone hers, but I have SIXTEEN favourite beds! And Persephone has FIFTEEN!!!

But then I noticed we had THIRTEEN pictures of cat beds, with TWENTY SIX cat beds in them!

So I'm posting THIRTEEN pictures of our THIRTEEN and another THIRTEEN cat beds for Thursday Thirteen-a Triple Thursday Thirteen!

Picture #1, Bed #1-Persephone's chair- her favourite (It's beside my mommy!!!)

Picture #2, Bed #2 (an triple-decker!) Persephone likes the top best, I like inside best, and we both like sitting in front keeping an eye on the OTW, especially when she's eating!

Picture #3

Bed #3- the GIZZY QUILT!!! (with me inside!)
Bed #4- my Luxury Tent Palace (with RED Carpet and RED cushions!)
Bed #5- my crinkly fish sack bed (Better for lying on top of!)
Bed #6- our Fuzzy, Squishy Cat Bed (with extra Squishy!)

JACK! ::whap::

Bed #7- my Box-inna-Box bed (under the table)
Bed #8- Persephone's Other Chair! (where she sleeps till the cows come home!)

Picture #4

Bed #9- The fuzzy blanket from Stryder, Scotchy and Sugar (we both love this blanket, and sometimes the OTW puts her paws under it and we can play Blanket Monster too!)
Bed #10- The Vishus Reindeer rug! (the OTW always leaves this out so we can practice being fierce to Vishus Reindeers!
Bed #11- A BOX! With the PiRATs's water all folded up inside!
Bed #12- The cat tree (Persephone likes being on top, I like being on top when the OTW remembers her JOB and carries me to the top)
Bed #13- The Cat house (I like going inside when the sunspots move there! Also fun to bunny kick!)
Bed #14- The bench (we don't use it much, but sometimes it has sunspots! Squeak used to like sitting there!)

Picture #5

Bed #15- MY basket! MINE! My favourite basket 'cause I can see my OTW from there, and the front door, and anyone or anycat going from one part of the apartment to the other!
Bed #16- Under the table, good for when I want to keep an eye on the OTW but I don't want her to see me! Plus, the OTW made it the Official Kitty Corner!

Picture #6

Bed #17- Persephone's Other Other Chair where she can keep an eye on the door and the peoples going in and out of the kitchen, so she can run real fast to under-their-feet in case they're opening anything that might be interesting to Squishy Sisters!

JACK! ::whapwhap::

Bed #18- My box under the chair, so I can whap Squishy Sisters!!! ::whapwhapwhap::

Picture #7, Bed #19 (a double-decker Vishus Deer Watching Sunspot Lookout)

Picture #8

Bed #20- A blanket for Persephone to sit on and snoopervise the OTW sewing and cutting and printing and stuff!
Bed #21- My alternate basket for me to sit in to keep an eye on the OTW when she sits in this room sewing and cutting and printing and stuff too long, and I can't keep an eye on her from my usual basket because she's in the wrong room!

Picture #9, Bed #22- my closet (for when there's claw clipping going on, or hairball goop going on (paws), or it's cold, or I don't want the OTW to find me, or there's toy sucker-uppers running around, or just because I feel like it!)

(The door's usually closed more and against the shelf and it's dark when the flashy-box isn't going off so she can't see me in there and usually finds me by sticking her hand in and feeling for fuzzy bits. I'm working on the fuzzing up the cloth more so eventually she can't tell if it's me or just the cloth!)

Picture #10, Bed #23- Persephone's OTHER Other Other Chair, when she wants to be in the lair with the rest of us, but the Big One is kicking too much, or she wants to get in the OTW's drawers, or she's being a Bad Sister and waiting for me to pass so she can whap me on the HEAD!

Picture #11, Bed #24- The closet perch that's high enough to keep an eye on the humans from at night if the Big One is kicking too much, or if the Hallway Monster is in the Hallway and Persephone wants to hide, but not at the back of the closet unless she has to because then she couldn't see it coming if it came in the house and went hunting for her all the way at the far end of the apartment from the door this time!

Picture #12, Bed #25- another closet cat bed, we don't use it much, the OTW is going to move it.

Picture #13, Bed #26- The BEST BED EVAR!!!!! This is our lair, where the humans sleep and I sleep on the OTW, and this corner is MINE, 'cause it's got my bestest friend Scarfie, MY Scarfie!, and MY lei, and MY human sleeps on this side where I can sleep between her legs on MY Scarfie, with MY lei!

We hope you enjoyed your Thursday Triple Thirteen Tour of our House of (Mostly) Cat Beds!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

T13- Thirteen for Gizzy!


My beautiful girlfriendcat KC, and her Mom ML got me a Gizzy Quilt from Millie and her Mom!!!

Yup. Feels pretty good under my booty! And look! It's mostly RED! And it has black cats all over it!

After I checked it out, Persephone came over and lay right down on it. (That's how she checks out things, usually... That and sniffing and licking her nose)

Guess what else it's good for?


And also MORE POUNCING!!!! I am fierce!

Having vanquished my new Gizzy Quilt, I shall now kill it by my usual method of lying-on-it-till-it's-deaded.

Of course, Persephone had to kill it too then!

And then look at the OTW like SHE brought home the prey!

It's also good for the Amazing Astounding Burrito-Kitty!

And it's a good tent!! Thank you KC, and Mom ML!!! And thank you Millie and Millie's mom!!!

OTW, make it an A-frame for a Viking tent!


Know what else it's good for, Jack? POUNCING BROTHERCATS!!!!

Nyah, nyah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's Tocktoberfest!!!!

My Tocks. Let me show you them!

Happy Birthday Derby!


And here's MY 'Tocks-inna-box'!

(sorry, the OTW couldn't get the camera to focus on my fast-moving tocks!)

Here's a less burry and less boxy view (even though I was further in the box)!

Happy Birthday Derby!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bad WERD!!!! Thankful thursday.

Persephone: Mommy!!! Stop saying bad werds!!!! Stop it!!!!


I'm thankful I don't live under a BBQ in a trailer park anymore.

Jack: Don't just sit there OTW, go FIX it!!! We'll wait here.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Staying Home Sunday

Wow! Thanks for the great House-Trashing Party, guys!!! Sorry we didn't post sooner, the OTW came back from her trip half-dead and slept for four days (when she wasn't honking!)

We wanted to post pictures of the aftermath, but the humans were both so dead they couldn't remember where the camera had gone, and they just brought it back into the house today, and the OTW was feeling better a couple days ago and cleaned it up.

(ed. from OTW: and you might have gotten to blog sooner if you little hellions hadn't done such a number on the house! Pair of Basement Cats, the both of you! And tempting your friends into your misbehaving! Honestly! Ouch! No licking with fangs, Jack!)

I'm making sure she doesn't go away any time soon though!

Persephone too!

And we're now announcing the names of my ratty minions! We got a lot of good suggestions, and we liked them and thank you, (especially for those who suggested names that were important to them) but in the end, as much as we liked all the names, my favourite suggestion was from Chey who said "Haminal" which made the OTW think of Hannibal. No, not the icky guy from the movie, Hannibal the ancient Cartiginian military commander. And she thought we should name them all after famous generals and warriors (but not kings- 'cause they're my minions, and I RULE them with an Iron Paw!!!!).

And I liked everycat's suggestion of calling them food. So I've decided I'm going to call MY rats, the General Foods International Army!

I have 11 names so far!

and his father, HamiCARP Barca
AlexHAMder the Great (wait, he's a king.....)
Kublai K'HAM (Khan, which is a kind of king...)
BEIF Eriksson
HAMratio Nelson
HAMurabi (king too...)
GilgaFISH (another king...)
SPAMerlane (another Khan)

Ok, maybe king names are good too!Can anycat else think of any others?

The OTW's favourite idea was using word verifications for names from Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey, and she tried to convince me to use that one, but they're MY ratty-minions!!!!

Anyway, I heard her say to the Big One she needs 66 MORE rats so she can sing

99 plague-ridden rats on the wall!
99 plague-ridden rats!
If one of those ratties should happen to fall,
98 plague-ridden rats on the wall!!

She's already got about 40 good names from that!

Frick and Frack are what we're going to name the Info-Ferrets!

And for those of you who want to know just how fast it goes from sorta warm summer to the North Pole around here, look at this picture taken yesterday, and then look at the first picture in the last post, taken 1 week earlier!

I'm moving to Australia! I just have to figure out how!

Also Persephone and me are on Twitter!!! We're gonna try it out for the OTW! We tried to find as many of our friends as we could, but you can come by and add us and we'll add you if you're not on our list already!

This is me:Jackofallshades
And this is Persephone:PersephoneQueen