Sunday, October 31, 2010

Persephone- I'm Cat-Dusa!

Mommy's making us matching costumes this year! I'm Cat-Dusa!, napping on a Monster-Cat!

Jack-Accidentally Scary

My OTW is SOOOOO lazy! But at least she's not making me wear a costume this year! This me being accidentally* scary when she took a picture of me with my birthday presents!

(*Not accidentally.)

Tenzing-Why I'm not wearing a costume

I'm not wearing a costume, Ebil Arch-Nemesis-Lady-Person-Kitten-Cuddler! I will EAT YOUR SKULL!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New House Trashing!

Jack: The OTW finally got the new place all unpacked and cleaned up (mostly)!


(Well, she left today for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! She shouldn't have left us kitties if she didn't want the place messed up again, right?)

Persephone: We have a wonderful soft plushy new couch to fur and scratch! And it's good to nap on!

Tenzing: We got tunnels and tents for TENT WARS!!!!!

J: And GUTS to play with!

T: And more tents!

P: And more beds!

J: And windows to watch birds from!

T: And Mount Kittymanjaro!

P: And MORE beds!

T: And a ball to play FEETSBALL with!


J: Cardboard stairs to climb!

T: And Mount McKatley! With a TREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

J: And if you want the little Spazmo to play 'Sherpa' with you and keep him out of MY furs, there's always Mount Meowverest!

Even better the 'necessaries' are by the front door! STINK BOMB TIME!!!!!

P: And there are even MORE-more beds in the other rooms!!!

J: Come trash our place with us! It's a lot smaller, so we can probably do more damage! There's plenty of Kibble for all! And there's a restaurant right below us! We raided the kitchen for MEATS!!! Lots of fishes and chickens and beefs and porks and tunas!!! And all kinds of vegetables for any buns or rats or fev-ver-makers who stop by and help!

T: OH!! And bestest news! Mom-Lady says she talked to the people who belong to Upstairs Neighbour-cat, and he’s all better! He still has a little bit of a limp, but he’ll be fine. And he’s grounded from the Balcony for LIFE! (ok, that’s not good news, especially if new Downstairs Neighbour-cats move in…). The Purrs worked! THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Happy Tocktober!

Happy Birthday, Derby! (I'm sorry, but I won't let my mommy take any unlady-like pictures of my 'tocks!)

TOCKTOBER! Tocks in a box!

Tocks in a TREEEEEEEEE!!!

Tocks in a...IT'S PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!