Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday Madness

Persephone: You're doing a GREAT job of helping me scratch stuff up...

And Tenzing knock stuff down!

Tenzing: WE GOT ONE!!!! WE GOT ONE!!!

Me and Billy and everycat knocked one down! And we spilt its guts all over the floor! And we taught the voles to walk on ceilings too! Only they walk on TOP of the ceiling! INSIDE the ceiling! The noise is gonna drive the Mom-Lady CRAZY!

Jack: Hey literate cats! I found a bunch of magnety things with words!

I wrote a poem!

Hope you liked your 'present', "Mom"!

Anycat wanna play footy with me?

Mad Mom Monday

WHAT was THIS I found in my shoe this morning?!?!?

You furry little brats! Just wait 'til I get home!

Walking on the Ceiling

Does anyone know how to make the magic fire wand work, so we can call the fairies over to come play?

There are no fairies, Tenzing! Leave the candles alone!

Hey everycat, we need to figure out how to walk on the ceiling!

Ceiling! I wanna walk on the ceiling! Are we gonna visit Ceiling Cat?

Well, we could... but that Goody-Four-Paws would just spoil our fun and make us behave! We should stay on the Dark Side. We can steal cookies! And FISHIE FLAKES!!!

But no, it's better than Ceiling Cat!


But she hung them up on the far side of the room from our shelf....

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh, it's on. The house-trashing is ON!!!

She tricked me! The wench TRICKED ME! She went away this weekend, but didn't frantically sew stuff all week or pack anything until afternoon and she was gone just NAPS later!!!

And she stuck goop on my paw right before she left, so I didn't even get proper cuddles to growl at her during!!!

She's not coming back until TUESDAY! This house is going DOWN! Everycat, come over and let's MAKE A MESS!!!!!

We have boxes and box forts to destroy and play Box Wars in!

We have cubby holes right below the TV and DVDS to knock over stuff from and play Cubby Hole Wars in!

We have stuff to climb and play 'Does It Break or Does It Bounce?' on!

We have lots of mousies and ratties and voles to play with (I think some DID stay after the last time, KC! Maybe if you could bring yours with you, they could coax mine out to introduce themselves?)

And when we get tired and need to nap to restore our energy for more DESTRUCTION

We have lots of beds!

Lots and LOTS of beds!

Big beds, small beds, beds we can snuggle in...

We have lots of OTHER beds, Tenzing!

Are they coming yet?

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jack: I GOT A PRESENT FROM KC!!!!! SHE'S THE BESTEST VALKYRIE KITTY GIRLFRIENDCAT EVER!!! (But my OTW sucks, 'cause she's only now posting it....)

What's this? A knife! AWESOME! A Vishus Deer-Hunting Viking Kitty can never have too many weapons to protect himself! Vishus deers have LOTS of points on their kitty-skewering antlers!

Um. I think this is more 'gangsta' than viking, OTW.

That's better! My wolf's-head longsword, my runic short sword, and my new knife, and even my viking navigation stone! (All from the AWESOME KC, except the longsword!

Oh, and my OTW got something too.

(ed. Are you trying to tell me something, KC's Mom? And thank you for the clip on light. It's perfect, I do lots of tiny stuff and I'm always blocking my light when I'm trying to look closely ~OTW)

Persephone: I got presents too! On a different day! It was my birthday! I'm FIVE! I got a turkey leg and fishie flakes and fishie treats!

Those smell... interesting....

Tenzing: SHARE!!!

(ed. sorry it's blurry. Hard to fend off two determined cats, take pictures and hold an open container of really GROSS smelling stuff. In fact.... ~Human-In-Need-Of-Three-Arms)

Tenzing: SCORE!!!!

Tenzing: OM NOM NOM...

Persephone: Mommy, stop playing with the stinky stuff, and pay attention to MEEEEEEEE!!!

(ed. I will NEVER understand these cats. Little Miss Loves-Everything-Fishie.... does not care for fishie flakes. ~Disappointed-Mommy)

(ed. Little Mister I-Hate-Fish ... LOVES them. Tenzing tried to gnaw my fingers off. But then, he does that when there's no fishie stink on them too. Even weirder, Persephone AND Jack love the fishie treats. Little Master Eats-Everything-In-Sight ...will not eat the fishie treats. ~Bewildered Mommy of Cats-Who-Mess-With-Her-Brain)

(ed. At least Tenzing's having some fun with the turkey leg. Sigh. ~Long-Suffering-Cat-Servant-Mommy)

Persephone: Mommy also never posted OUR Christmas presents, just cranky old Jack's! My present smelled really good! Like NIP! And our FURS! And like Batman's blue heart that Mommy had to take away because it was falling apart!

It IS nip!!

It's nip pillows to rub and love and squeeze

Mommy says she stuffed them with furs from our brushes and nip and the stuffing from Batman's heart!

Thank you, Mommy!

Tenzing: PRESENT!!!!!


I can't get it open, Mom-Lady!!!! HELP ME!!!!


(ed. What? He's a Big Dumb Dog in a Kitten Suit, it seemed appropriate! ~Increasingly-Desperate-Will-THIS-Make-The-Cat-Happy-Present-Seeker-Mom-Lady)

Tenzing: RAWR!!!!!

(ed. That's a lion on a spring, to hook on a door. He likes to destroy those. ~Oh-I-Just-Give-Up-Go-Play-In-The-Tree-Mom-Lady)