Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Oh! I'm gonna get that Jack! Telling everycat about me getting into a little 'nip last night, and telling all my secrets in a Thursday Thirteen, and THEN going on about how he's such a good cat, last week! Well, this week I got the computer and I'm gonna tell everycat what Jack's REALLY like!!

Jack sneaks into the storage closet. Food Lady-Mom doesn’t like us going in the closets anyway, but the storage closet is off-limits.

Jack yells at Food Lady-Mom when she sings.

Jack tries to clean everycat’s ears, even when they don’t want it.

Food Lady-Mom has to hide ALL her paintbrushes and she doesn’t even have any make-up brushes anymore, ‘cause Jack STEALS them!!

Jack sometimes jumps up on Food Lady-Mom’s back and won’t get down, so she either has to lay down or dump him off which means she gets the claws!

When Jack poops, it smells like something died in the litterbox! And he never covers it either!

Jack will claw at the shower curtain until Food Lady-Mom sticks her hand out and lets him drink water off her fingertips.

Food Lady-Mom can’t put down carpets anywhere, ‘cause Jack surfs on them.

Jack SAYS he only likes silk and linen, but if Food Lady-Mom doesn’t keep the silk leaves (which are NOT really silk!) up high where he can’t reach them, Jack STEALS them!.

Jack likes to annoy Whisper by cuddling up to Whisper’s Dead Dustmop.

Jack hogs everything red.

Jack GROWLS at Food Lady-Mom!! He loves her best, but he growls at her. Sometimes he puts the bitey on her nose too!

Jack does TOO eat ‘nip!!!!!

See?!? Licking up the ‘nip!!

What? Hey!! Hey!! Get out of here!

Get that camera out of my face!!! No Pawparazzi!!!

Mmmmm…..::crunchcrunchcrunch::…soooo huuuuungry……::snarfsnarfsnarf::

Hey! HEY!!! Get outta here!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Relapse Wednesday

We missed Mrs Sniffles' Gotchaday party yesterday. But this time it was not my OTW's fault.

I have some bad news, everycat. Persephone has had a relapse. Last Night my OTW found her rolling on the kitchen floor, with glazed eyes, and her tongue hanging out, and her paws waving in the air.

She was lying by the same tin she committed fanged robbery at previously, a known 'nip trafficking spot, covered in the evidence of her sad fall from sobriety. She was meowing disjointedly about parties and nip and how she knew the 'nip gods wouldn't have forsaken her.

At first she was all "I LOOOOOVE you, Food Lady-Mom!!!" and "I wanna plaaaaaaaaaay!!" but when my OTW tried to confiscate the mouse-baggie of nip, Persephone got a little... rambuctious. Her claws came out and the paws started flailing.

She started yelling for her nip, accusing my OTW of trying to hoard all the 'nip for herself! And then she tried to chew through the baggie to get the nip into a giant pile on the floor to roll in, before my OTW could get it away!

Mmy OTW finally got the baggie away, Persephone got a little wild and desperate at the smell of the 'nip that had gotten all over them and tried to attack her hands and rub all over them!

She even started yelling rude things about my OTW's mental capacity, moral fitness, and the marital status of her maternal parent (who's really a nice lady even if she doesn't like cats)!

When she finally settled down she started getting all "I have NOT got the munchies!!! I'm just hungry! I'm a growing girlcat!!" as if we didn't all know better! My OTW saided she was going to have to report her to the KittyCOPS!

So, sadly, her parole was revoked and she ended up in kitty jail again, where she mournfully meowed jailcat songs and rattled her food bowl along the bars to get the guards' attention. She started talking about finding herself a pet mousie toy to be her prison pet.

So, that's why we missed the party. Persephone will have to do Catmunity Service when she gets out, and has been ordered to attend Catnip Anonymous.

Anycat know how we get her in?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bear is Gone

If you haven't been by the Cat Blogosphere yet, or to Missy and my sweet valkyrie-cat KC's blog, go on over and purrrrrr on them, please. Bear came home from the vet yesterday, and last night around midnight, passed on to the Bridge in her mommie's arms.

from The Hounds of Finn

...and those who hear the future dreaming
will hear the souls of the dreamers weep
weep with grief for me
at the passing of the Hounds of Finn

by my OTW

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

What could be more appropriate than black cats on Friday the 13th?

I don't know how many of you read The Mows. If you do, you probably know Indy and Tiggy have a 'Fat Sister' Nonie.

I got a 'Fat Sister'!!!!

She makes a great pillow!!!

Now we're even harder to tell apart! Well, except, I'm not fat! I'm just a Big Man-Cat!!!

Sad news, though. Everycat needs to go over to see Sophia and DKM and purr on them. Joaquin has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe we should all go to Manx Mnews and purr on Boo too. She must be sad to lose her friend Joaquin.

From: Lullabye #1

Lay the moon to sleep
to her flowing dreams
in her slumber deep
her shining star-eye gleams

Rest your weary head
in twilight so serene
she, in sombre bed
whispers what she's seen

No more will I know
touch of his sweet breath
love is slain by foe
he passes now in death

Lay the moon to sleep
dream awhile of me
as crows, their harvest reap
remembered you will be

by: my OTW

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

It's a little late today, but it's my turn finally so today's Thursday Thirteen is all about me! The GOOD Cat!

I’m always nice to new cats (except when they start getting rude, then I paw-bop them on the head, but nicely).

Persephone's First Day Home

I don’t like people-food, but I always give my OTW’s food a good sniffing over to make sure it’s ok to eat.

My favourite place to sleep is between my OTW’s legs. In the morning, after the Big One leaves, I nap there for a long time making a nap vortex to make sure my OTW gets lots of sleeps.

I take care of most of the paperwork.

I clean my OTW’s face for her.

I keep my OTW’s neck warm.

When one of the other cats really wants gooshy foods, I’ll ask my OTW for it for them even if I don’t want any ‘cause she only gives us gooshy foods when I ask.

I always let my OTW know when the boxes need to be cleaned, ‘cause she can’t smell good and can’t tell.

I come inside when I’m called, and always come back and fetch my OTW if she doesn’t follow me closely enough when we’re in the Out.

I do all the heavy-duty purring around here.

I clean everycat’s ears for them.

I hold my OTW’s fabric and papers down for her when she lays them out to cut them.

I never jump on the dining-room table or counters. It’s the only place we’re not allowed to jump on.

As you can see from the 13 things, I’m the GOOD cat!

****Update on Yesterday's post****

My OTW says to tell you our poops are solid again. In fact, mine haven't been really solid in months and now they are.

I don't actually want to tell you about my poops, but I'm the good cat, so I'm going to do as my OTW asks.

But I'm going to sulk about it.

Speedy, my OTW says the Acana brand (made by the same peoples as the Orijen) has oatmeal in it.

Daisy, I would have your mom talk to your vet about it, but my OTW says a lot of the research she's read suggests it may be the foods we're eating that CAUSE the stones. Luxor's mom knows a whole bunch about this too. A lot of these foods like Orijen say that because they're better for cats, even their regular food cures (or at least helps) things like stones. Though she thinks they're talking more about Struvite crystals than Oxalate. So definitely talk to your vet first.

Miles, the trick we used was this:

1/ Move into a building where they put the ceiling on the wall, and the wall on the ceiling.

2/ Lay on the floor near the wall

3/Walk your paws on the ceiling while lying on the floor.

Oh, I forgot, My OTW says she had an answer for Jake and Bathsheba.

"Jack said you asked about the Big One's job? He's a Food and Beverage manager at a three and a half star hotel. We're up here because it was a better job and better paid than anything he was being offered in Vancouver. I was just finishing school and the Big One said if I was willing to move up to this teeny tiny town for a couple years I didn’t have to get a job here and could just stay home and try to make art and get it in galleries and stores."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walk on the Ceiling Wednesday

Heeheehee! It's Walk on the Ceiling Wednesday!

From the OTW:

Pet Food recall: Check out the Cat blogosphere for the latest.

This is getting closer and closer to home for me. I get Jack special food for his struvite crystal tendencies that I get from the vet. Every cat around here eats it too because the vet said it was ok, and better than having Jack eat stuff that may cause him problems. A week ago, Hills Prescription Diet (which is the brand I was feeding them) recalled their M/D -that's the regular kibble. They ate the C/D, which is for struvite crystal prevention. But I decided, since we had just bought a great big new bag the week before they recalled the M/D, but hadn't opened it we were going to return it and switch to something else. Better safe than sorry.

I talked with my husband about switching Jack back to Medi-Cal Preventative which is like the C/D, and is what he ate for years. He sometimes eats the Dissolution when he actually has crystals. Now they're recalling Medi-Cal Dissolution. The good thing is this isn't 'regular' food even for cats with crystallization problems, because it's too strong to eat all the time. It's meant to dissolve crystals already there by radically acidifying their urine. It's actually bad to give it to them for too long. It may give them oxalate (I think that's the name) crystals, when their urine is too acidic. This means there aren't a LOT of cats who are eating this.

The bad news is, cats with this problem sure as <insert bad werd here> don't need any more problems. Crystallization is bad, and frankly dangerous enough. I nearly lost Jack the first time he developed crystallization, the day after he was neutered. He was back at the vet and home again 48 hours after his neutering. 72 hours after he was completely blocked and went back in the next day. Had I waited another couple days as advised, before 'bothering' the vet again (not the vet's word) he would be dead. He was that toxic at that point. Luckily he survived. After that, for the last 10 years, I hear Jack meow even once coming out of the box, and I stalk him for a week, trying to catch him peeing so I can determine if he's having problems.

I can't even imagine how much MORE dangerous this <insert VERY bad werd here> would be to a cat in that condition.

We didn't switch them to Medi-Cal. After the research I've been doing lately, I decided feeding them a food with grains is stupid. We decided on trying Orijen (which turns out to be a local Alberta company anyway-and luckily a new pet store opened just 3 weeks ago in our wee little town, that carries it!).

For those of you who want the quick run-down, it's 70% meat; grain-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free, Alberta free-range chicken, whitefish from northern BC and Alberta lakes, and Alberta eggs; and 30% fruit, veggies and botanical formulas (formulated by certified holistic vets) ; flax, carrots, potatoes, kelp, tomatoes, spinach, black currants, apples and cranberries. The meat is certified fit for human consumption. They produce and package it themselves, too.

Ok, I admit, I'm curious about why fruit and vegetables and haven't yet gotten around to e-mailing and asking. It has to do with providing some vitamins, minerals and enzymes, that's as much as I understood. Why from vegetables and fruit I don't know, since most supporters and makers of raw food diets say they're completely unnecessary. Though I've lived with quite a few cats who enthusiastically and even insistantly share my fruit.

Now, I can't honestly recommend it at this point to anyone, as my beloved monsters have only been eating it a week, and are still finishing the last of the their Hills as I phase it out. I CAN say, I've never seen cats so determinedly snuffling through the bowl in an attempt to get one kind of kibbles rather than the other!

Sadly, their poops are currently pretty toxic (I believe the term 'plutonium grade' was used by my husband, Sniffs-With-Super-Sensitive-Nose), but I suspect that will clear up when their bodies have finished adjusting. At the very least, I can suggest you look into the brand. It's primarily available in most of Canada, but they also have it in stores in Florida (lots), Oregon (a few), Washington (lots) and Georgia (a few). They also have another brand, Acana (the link above will take you to the company's site where you can pick which brand you want to look at). You may have to contact them about a location if you want to try it. At least one place on the site says they sell to 40 countries, but mostly I can only find locations for Acana in Canada and the Czech Republic, and Orijen in Canada and and those 4 States.

There's also another company whose product I looked at. Feline Future is a company on Salt Spring Island (one of the islands in the Gulf between Vancouver Island and the British Columbian mainland) Their product is a dry powder mix (plus salmon oil capsules) that is meant to be added to raw meat purchased at the supermarket, so people can give their cats a raw food diet and make sure they have all the nutrients they need without having to spend hours making it. They sell online to individual consumers. I can't find a store listing on their site, but there's a link for wholesalers to arrange it, so I'm guessing there are stores that do carry it. You may have to contact the comapny to find out.

I was thinking about trying it, but am going to go with Orijen for now. Changing one food is enough stress. I may change their canned food to this mix or a pre-made raw food eventually. Jack gets really really whiny after a few days without his kibbles anyway. The other two? Frankly, those two little piggies will eat anything! Which I suppose is a good thing. One finicky cat with diet issues is enough of a worry for me. Sadly I don't have the patience of the Artsy Catsy or Forty Paws human servants......(and I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my husband that three isn't enough. I think I may have to wait until we get a house...)

I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Tummies for Tuesday!

Persephone is a 'Niphead! She spent, like an hour laying on the floor like that 'cause she was 'nipped out on the 'Nip pads we got for Christmas.

I would like to point out that just because I was rolling around on the floor when my OTW took this picture, does not mean I was 'nipped out too! I just like rolling on the floor.

And I wanted to keep an eye on Persephone 'cause she was lying on the RED pad, and everycat knows the RED stuff is all MINE!!!

In other news, Squeak is getting really big!!!

Jan 2, 2007

April 7, 2007

In other Squeak News, look who's living at her house! (Warning!!! Lethal Cuteness Ahead!)

No, really! I'm warning everycat now, their moms are gonna squeal and make awwwwww noises!!!

Squeak's parents are calling her Fade. She was found on the street. No one's come looking for her. If no one does, they're keeping her. She can't even pull in her claws yet!

They couldn't go get the calico they were talking about because they didn't have any money, so hopefully by now she already has a forever home. I think she probably does. The shelter here usually doesn't have lots of animals, so they find homes fast.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Midnight Monday

Me and Persephone

I got tagged by Pablo and my Valkyrie-Cat, KC (purrrrrrs)

5 Reasons I blog:

1. I wanted to meet all the cool kitties my OTW kept telling me about.

2. I wanted to share my wisdom as a 10-year veteran of catitude, and my extensive experience of living with other kitties.

3. I became more aware of problems like vishus deers and since I now live in Vishus Deer Central I can more effectively study them and protect other kitties.

4. To give my OTW a creative outlet to produce shows like Kitty-COPS. The North (Meowing) Pole doesn't have much in the way of cultural stuff for her. She's says she's a starving artist in a whole different non-food-related way.

5. Because my OTW was so busy reading OTHER kitties' blogs she didn't pay enough attention to ME! Now she's taken up a career as Pawperazzi, and stalks me through the house with the camera and sometimes I cut a special deal to get lots of extra scritches for exclusive posing and stuff, in addition to my modelling work.

I think almost everycat has been tagged! Hmmm...

Oh, Fat Eric, Merlin, Shadow and Ko Ko, The Famous Five, Pumpkin, Bebe, Blackie and Tiger, and has anycat tagged Rascal?

Edit: I changed one 'cause they'd already done it and I just missed it.

Can I tag an extra? I wanna tag Persephone too!