Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

It's a little late today, but it's my turn finally so today's Thursday Thirteen is all about me! The GOOD Cat!

I’m always nice to new cats (except when they start getting rude, then I paw-bop them on the head, but nicely).

Persephone's First Day Home

I don’t like people-food, but I always give my OTW’s food a good sniffing over to make sure it’s ok to eat.

My favourite place to sleep is between my OTW’s legs. In the morning, after the Big One leaves, I nap there for a long time making a nap vortex to make sure my OTW gets lots of sleeps.

I take care of most of the paperwork.

I clean my OTW’s face for her.

I keep my OTW’s neck warm.

When one of the other cats really wants gooshy foods, I’ll ask my OTW for it for them even if I don’t want any ‘cause she only gives us gooshy foods when I ask.

I always let my OTW know when the boxes need to be cleaned, ‘cause she can’t smell good and can’t tell.

I come inside when I’m called, and always come back and fetch my OTW if she doesn’t follow me closely enough when we’re in the Out.

I do all the heavy-duty purring around here.

I clean everycat’s ears for them.

I hold my OTW’s fabric and papers down for her when she lays them out to cut them.

I never jump on the dining-room table or counters. It’s the only place we’re not allowed to jump on.

As you can see from the 13 things, I’m the GOOD cat!

****Update on Yesterday's post****

My OTW says to tell you our poops are solid again. In fact, mine haven't been really solid in months and now they are.

I don't actually want to tell you about my poops, but I'm the good cat, so I'm going to do as my OTW asks.

But I'm going to sulk about it.

Speedy, my OTW says the Acana brand (made by the same peoples as the Orijen) has oatmeal in it.

Daisy, I would have your mom talk to your vet about it, but my OTW says a lot of the research she's read suggests it may be the foods we're eating that CAUSE the stones. Luxor's mom knows a whole bunch about this too. A lot of these foods like Orijen say that because they're better for cats, even their regular food cures (or at least helps) things like stones. Though she thinks they're talking more about Struvite crystals than Oxalate. So definitely talk to your vet first.

Miles, the trick we used was this:

1/ Move into a building where they put the ceiling on the wall, and the wall on the ceiling.

2/ Lay on the floor near the wall

3/Walk your paws on the ceiling while lying on the floor.

Oh, I forgot, My OTW says she had an answer for Jake and Bathsheba.

"Jack said you asked about the Big One's job? He's a Food and Beverage manager at a three and a half star hotel. We're up here because it was a better job and better paid than anything he was being offered in Vancouver. I was just finishing school and the Big One said if I was willing to move up to this teeny tiny town for a couple years I didn’t have to get a job here and could just stay home and try to make art and get it in galleries and stores."


Daisy said...

Wow, Jack, you ARE a very good cat! I had a hard time thinking up enough good things I done.

Thanks for showing us the trick about walking on the ceiling, I was trying to figure that one out.

When I first got my stones, I had been eating Wysong Vitality dry food. Now I have to eat Hills X/D. I hope I don't get stones again, the surgery was no fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww cute pictures! You are indeed a good cat! And thanks for explaining about the ceiling thing - I was extremely confused and wondering how you managed to walk on the ceiling! :D

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Thanks Jack, we're gonna haf our mom look into da foods. She's a little scared of changing mine cuz of the mess it creates when my tummy duzent feel good.

The Meezers or Billy said...

a ceiling for a wall? d'oh why can't i lif somewhere like that. MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM we has to move. - Miles

Oh, and you are a good kitty! I on the ofurr hand am "bad".

Jake and Bathsheba said...

You really are a good cat, Jack. We better not let our mom read this post or she'll start saying things like, "Why can't you be more like Jack?"

It sounds like your OTW got a pretty good deal by moving to that cold northern town since she gets to stay home with you full time! You all score on that call!


Skeezix the Cat said...

Wow, Jack, yer a vary good cat! Wanna come live with me? I'll trade ya for Mao an Rocky hoo are NOT good cats!

Fat Eric said...

Jack, you are obviously a furry Good Cat and your human is lucky to be able to stay home and spend lots of quality time with me. I am a furry Good Cat also but this does not stop my humans from leaving me home alone all day.