Monday, June 30, 2008

Midnight Monday-lots going on

We're still alive! Mommy's been lots of kinds of busy 'cause she has dead lines to meet (Huh? Mommy's are WEIRD!), and string to play with, and she's gonna teach other peoples to play with strings in a while and she has to fix a HUGE pile of viking clothes, and Daddy gotted her a new camera to make flashes at us with and she's trying to learn it, and she's downloading it right now and there's like a SQUILLION pictures on it!

(ed. from OTW- only 920! IT DOES ACTION!!!!!!! AND IT ZOOMS!!!! AND TURNS ON REALLY FAST!!! AND...mmmmmftmmmp! Persephone, get your paw out of my mouth!).

As I was saying...

We're really really busy, 'cause it's finally warm enough for the bugs to come back so I can chase them, and there's vishus deers eating on our lawns...


And I learned to snoopervise strings and now my Mommy (Quiet mommy!) lets me help with strings sometimes, and I have an Evil ArchNemisis!!!! Oh, and Jack's doing...something. Napping mostly. And biting my ears!

See? Making flashes at us!
(ed. from OTW- lookit how sharp the fur is!!!!! Biggify them ALL! Wheeeeee!!!!)

MOMMY! Go blog on your OWN blog!

(ed. from OTW- Look Persephone! Catnip! All over the floor!)

::scramblescramblethud:: Meer!Meer!Meer!

(ed. from OTW- Ha! And look! Fast enough to catch this! On purpose even!)

(ed. from OTW- And this! OW! Jack! No licking with fangs!)

Ha! Just because the camera can do action, doesn't mean the OTW can! She's not fast enough to catch me!

(ed. from OTW- Jack! Look! A Lei!)


(ed. from OTW- Hee hee! And look at this! See that hill in the middle of the picture?)

(ed. from OTW- That's half of the same hill on the right!)

Me-OOOOOOOOOOOW! That's enough OTW!

Look at those Vishus Deers! Bold as Brass! That's the street below our balcony!

And there they are on the hill behind the houses! They're there lots of mornings! And there's CATS wandering around this neighbourhood! (you have to click to biggify this picture to see them)

(ed. from OTW- and this is a picture as close as I could get it of the same hill with the old camera!)

Meeeeeeeeerf! Mommy! If you don't stop, I won't snoopervise your work anymore! And your strings will get all messed up!

And so will your fabrics!

I'm mad enough at you right now, Mommy! What the Heck did you bring HOME?!?!?

A plat-ee-puss? That's no pussy cat!!! I think it's evil!!!

Well, then, my goal becomes clear. The plat-eee-pussycat must die.

::rolling eyes::

Yeah, yeah, Persephone....meanwhile, aren't I freaking adorable? Don't you just wanna RUB MY BELLY?!?!?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday 13-13 things we are not

Persephone: Mommy.

Mommy, sit down. We need to have a talk.

Jack: Persephone and I have discussed it, OTW, and we are very disappointed in you. Not only have you not carefully studied and implemented Artsy Catsy's Important Pamphlet on Politically Correct Terms for Cat Behavior in the workplace, but you seem to be getting distracted by your silly string-playing other job and forgetting who we are. You seem to be very confused as to our essential cat-superiority, and have been referring to us as a variety of animals that we are clearly NOT.

This is very upsetting. We concerned for your sanity, and I have been forced to forego naps to snoopervise you even more closely than normal.

Persephone: Yeah! Jack has even been stealing my throne in front of your keyboard!

Jack: This cannot continue. So we have prepared this handy guide to explain the differences between our magnificent feline glory, and the lesser beings you have been referring to us as. And to make it easy for your human brain to understand, it is almost all pictures.


We expect you to review this guide promptly and thoroughly.

There will be a test.