Thursday, January 11, 2007

From the OTW

Just a quick post while Jack naps, since he IS a cat and doesn't like talking about his sickness-

Jack's feeling much better today. His eyes are still a bit watery, but not so gunky and he's feeling a bit more energetic. He even played with the kittens a bit today.

He didn't have to go to the vet. Yay! He's had this infection since he was a tiny kitten, apparently given to him by his feral mom and he couldn't fight it off, because I didn't know enough about cat care at the time to realize until much too late that he was seriously undernourished (he's not pushy about food, and I think the way I fed the kittens meant he never got enough because they were never supervised and made to share). And he has a genetic abberation that caused one of his eyelids to roll in slightly and periodically irritate his eye.

The vet at the time told me it was an infection that would never go entirely away, though probably would never be a danger to other cats. It breaks out every few years when he's feeling stressed a bit (hey, better this than more pee problems!) He was fine with just Persephone, but introducing a second new kitten less than a month later, and having Squeak's humans move in and take over the sewing room a couple days later, and the office being closed to kitties until we were sure there would be no power cord chewing, effectively turned a two-cat, three-bedroom apartment into a four-cat, one-bedroom place, and it was a bit much for him. Though as always, he's wonderful with the new guys!

Some extra loving and keeping the kittens occupied elsewhere seems to have worked wonders. So did kitten-proofing the office so we could open it, and the human house-guests are moving to a temporary housing place in a day or two until they can get an apartment next month, though we'll be sitting on the kitten a while longer . Possibly fatally, if she doesn't stop leaping into my computer chair just as I'm sitting down!!! Though if the infection's not all gone in a few more days there may be a vet trip anyway when Dr Tara is back in the office.

Persephone's lump is almost entirely gone. It seems she's just allergic to the suture fibre. The small lump in her armpit is still there, but hasn't changed any. Dr Tara said there's a good chance it's a BB pellet, though it felt a bit soft. I'll be keeping a close eye on it for a couple more months, see if it does anything. She's settled in beautifully, even Whisper doesn't seem to mind her so much, though she's not allowed any closer than Jack is. She's even playing Panther Stalks Tiger/Tiger Stalks Panther with Squeak. And she really likes to 'help' blog.

Yes, Squeak is adorable. No, I'm not keeping her. She farts. A lot. And Oh. My. God. it STINKS!!! As in, 24 hours in the sewing/cat room, and I had to open a window despite -20 (Celsius) weather, stinks. Speaking of which, any ideas why? None of Jack's litter had that problem! The only thing we can think of is broke humans buying cheap adult cat food. They're buying kitten food in a day or two, please tell me that will solve the problem?!? Anyway, her people really really love her and would kill me.

By the way, someone observed that she looked too young to be away from mom. The pet store (considered a reputable one locally) gave her birthdate as one that would make her about 2 1/2 months old. Her human's parents used to breed cats, and she says she's sure Squeak is only about 2 months now, and she got Squeak a month ago. Squeak also exhibits taken-too-early behaviour like determined suckled and kneading of my sheepskin.

Whisper is just grumpy. He's always grumpy. I think he's just a grumpy old man-cat stuck in a middle aged man-cat body. Good thing I have a soft spot for grumpy old men. And fuzzy white bellies.

My 'gotcha-dad' is feeling better. They didn't find the leak yet, but they stuck a camera down his throat and another one up the other end, and met somewhere in the middle, and he said it looked like they were arc-welding potential problem spots along the way but they don't think any of them were the main problem. I haven't spoken to mum since the weekend, when he was still in the hospital, but she said he was looking pink and seems to have all his cognative functions functioning as good as usual. If anything had changed I'm certain I would have heard, we have an extensive and talkative network of friends and family.

KC, tell Daddie-Charley, I don't watch horror movies. I'm pretty sure 'Calculon' was just something my demented brain made up.
Oh, and I most certainly do NOT have a deaded vishus deer ghostie in my brain! No matter WHAT Jack thinks!

Ok, that wasn't so quick. Sorry. Oops, Jack's waking up! Gotta go!


Daisy said...

Thanks for the updates! I am glad to hear that Jack and Persephone are doing better! As far as the stinky poo from Squeak, has she been checked for intestinal parasites? Some, like giardia, can cause stinky poo and gas.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Glad to hear Jack's feeling better, we've missed him.

Those infections, I have learned, are just part of adopting a formerly feral cat. Poor little things.

Well, we wish Daddie Charley didn't watch -- didn't adore -- horror movies. He watches them 24/7. Unfortunately, I know every character in almost every movie.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Glad Jack's o.k. and fur dat gas problem, well, I had it too. It wuz da food. I haf a sensitive tummy and had to start eeting difurent food so I would stop farting on mom when I snuggled. She reely dint like it.

LZ said...

Thanks for the updates! You know, if the eye issue is caused from feline herpes virus which does re-occur especially during stressful times, you can try giving l-lysine as a supplement. I get it in my stinky goodness and it keeps the ickies at bay.

Stinky poo...I had that. It was RANK. But I had giardia so with a pill it went away. It may just be the food Squeak is eating but you can always get a stool sample tested if you think its something worse.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Jack and Persephone are doing better. I hope that your gotcha Dad gets better soon. Good luck stopping or at least cutting down on the stinky kitty gas.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you continue to get back to yourself.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

I am glad to hear everyone is doing better!

Meowers from Missouri said...

it's good to hear about jack--we hopes he gets more better really fast! poor guy--tell him "waes hael" again, AND WE REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!!

uncle-eeker-that-was was called "fart freckle" for a long time. if you pressed the freckle on his left (inner) hind foot, he'd gas you to death. he stank to his dying day (20 years later), no matter what he was fed. and thor-dawg-that-was was incredibly rank, too, although he ate iams. we hadda leave the room sometimes, an' we're cats--we LIKE stinky things. but his dogger, xena, doesn't have the problem. we dunno. good luck with that!

Max said...

Cheap food = noxious fumes emanating from a kitty's hind quarters. Young kitties can be especially prone if they're not getting kitten food...

It's not an ideal food, but when its a real problem (if diahrrea starts) the food that comes in the pouch (I can't remember the name, dangit! It's a semi-moist food) can work wonders, and then the kitty can be weaned to regular, better quality food.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, Jack, glad ta hear u's feelin better. i haf tha same problem cause of being feral 'n abandoned too little.

'member, i went to tha vet a few weeks ago wif an eye fection, 'n got drops fur when it flares up agin. 'n it will, she sayed stress causes it.

i dunno 'bout tha gas problems tha lil Squeak haf, none of us's effer had that problim. but he's gonna go purrty soon, isn't him?

take care, Jack, we misses u.

Rascal said...

I'm so sorry to hear Jack hasn't been feeling well. Having chronic problems isn't fun, I know because of my eye. I just wanted to tell him thanks for checking up on Me. I hope to be back blogging soon.

Ivan from WMD said...

I was going to suggest l-lysine too but Kaze, et al. beat me to it. My bro is prone to the the icky eyeball thing and it can get bad when he gets stressed. When that happens my mom puts some medicine in his eye and it makes him feel better.

I don't know about the other problem. Of course, none of *us* smells up the joint.

Lux said...

I'm sure glad Jack's feeling better now! Send him my love!