Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Toesday and meme finally!

I was tagged by Jake and Pablo for the seven things meme and I meant to do it DAYS ago, but my OTW said we should see if we could actually find some cats that hadn't been tagged yet 'cause last time there was a meme, some of our friends were sad 'cause nocat thought of them specifically to tag. So I told my OTW to go ahead and find some for me, and she found a bunch. I'm gonna tag some, and tomorrow Persephone will do her 7 things and tag some more!

1. I have a kink in my tail. It's just a tiny one and you can't see it, only feel it. It's right at the tip. We don't know how it happened. One day when I was still a kitten my OTW was petting my tail and found it. But it didn't hurt so she thinks it had happened a while ago by then.

2. I'm missing a tooth. It's one of the tiny ones between my fangs on top. We don't know how that happened either. One day my OTW was playing bitey games with me and noticed. But my mouth wasn't red or anything, so she thinks that must have happened a while before then too.

3. I can open any kind of cupboard. I can open slide-y door cupboards, and swing-y door cupboards and even the cupboards my OTW calls 'buy fold'. Why we have to buy our cupboards folds, I don't know, but I can open them anyway. Once, just after we moved to a new place and Andy and the Ginger Lady moved to a new place, but not to our new place that time, my OTW took me over to visit Andy and the Ginger Lady when she went away, and the Ginger Lady had to leave the house when my OTW left, and when the Ginger Lady came back a nap later I had opened ALL her cupboards. All the swing-y ones, and the slide-y ones and the 'buy fold' ones, every cupboards except the ones over the counter 'cause I don't like to climb or jump really high anymore.

4. I can count, just like Rascal. If my OTW tells me how many treats we get, I know to walk away when we reach that number. And I know how long 'justaminute' is, too.

5. I wasn't a lap cat when I was little. I sat against my OTW and I slept on her ankle, but I never sat in anyone's lap, until I was 4, and my ex-girlfriendcat Mayhem and her sister Mischief came to live with me and my OTW. They always sat in my OTW's lap so I felt I had to stake my territory. Also, we lived near a place where all my OTW and her roommate's friends went, so they came over to visit all the time, so when they were boy humans coming over to visit I would sit on my OTW's lap, or perch over her shoulders to make sure those boy humans know they were all my girls, especially my OTW so those boy humans shouldn't get any ideas.

I like the Big One though. He's allowed to share my OTW. Except when he makes my OTW giggle and makes the bed shake. That's annoying.

6. When I'm done my naps, I come and tell my OTW all about my dreams, and then I roll around on the carpet and get bellyrubs.

7. I don't just pose for my OTW's art. Sometimes She puts bits of me IN them!!! She also saves all our whiskers when they fall off so when she makes masks that are animals, or art animals, she has real whiskers to use.

I'm going to tag blogs, instead of Cats.

1.Tiger, Blackie at Pumpkin's World haven't been tagged yet, I think.
2.I didn't see anycat tag Mini, Pepi, Boni.
3.Boo, Jinx at Manx Mews don't seem to have been tagged either.
4.Shadow at Poi Rats, Cats and Bun seems to have been missed.
5. Mu Shue and Lilly Lu got tagged, but I don't think Iris was.
6.I'm gonna tag whichever of the Forty Paws bunch that hasn't played yet and wants to. I didn't see anycat tag Sally, Bow, Reno, Gatsbi, GT, Dorf, or Smokey.
7. And I'm tagging Loki. My OTW asked, 'cause Loki's mom is Dutch like my OTW's parents.

Speaking of parents, my OTW's gotcha dad is still having surgeries to stop his blood from leaking out inside him, but he's doing lots better, and he's happy and my OTW's gotcha mom says he's not a crusty old [bad werd] anymore, so she's happy too. And my OTW's real dad's bad heart is doing good, and they fixed the sugar in his blood too. And between the Big One's mom and all my OTW's moms, it was really really talky here on Sunday. They had to go out to dinner after, 'cause the Big One cooked all day for moms at his hotel, and my OTW talked to moms all day on the phone and was too tired to cook. My OTW says it's a good thing she likes moms.

And here's a Toes picture (it's Fade's toes) just 'cause it's Toesday!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wow Jack, I learned a lot about you! I am very impressed with your abilty to open cupboards and to count. Wow! I'm glad your OTW's two dads are doing better.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Now, yoo need to open da cupboard and count out yoor own treets. We love lerning about our frends. Dis is so much fun.

Daisy said...

Great list, Jack! I call those tiny teeth in front my "flea-picker" teeth, because when I am grooming, I pick-pick-pick with those little teeth. But I never have fleas. So, I am sorry you lost one of your flea-pickers.

Fade has pretty toes!

Christine and FAZ said...

I love that you can open any kind of door - that's just brilliant! FAZ

Mr. Hendrix said...

wow! Great list. I like learning about you. I'm so dense because I realized neither Bendrix or I tagged anyone. Duh. I gotta get mommy to lay off the rum, and pills...maybe she needs an episode of kitty cops!
You are very smart to open cabinets, count and know how long "just a minute" is. Those are just a few things that make you loveable!

Kimo and Sabi said...

A kinky tail and missing toof?! Wow - you been around da block!

Ivan from WMD said...

I think opening cupboards is a special black cat talent! But how long is 'justaminute' at your house? At mine it's like eons.

Forty Paws said...

That's cool that you can open all the cupboards. Davy used to be able to open cupboards.

Hendrix told us you tagged the rest of us, so Gatsbi posted her meme today.

Luf, Us

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Nice work on the meme. It's really interesting finding out about cats and their people! Kate doesn't keep my whiskers, but every time she finds one I've discarded, she picks it up, brings it to me to sniff, and says, "Pablo, I found this, do you need it?" She gets especially excited when she finds a rare black one.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

It's neat that you can count! Cocoa Puff and Charmee can tell time (maybe it's a Meezer thing) ... Cocoa Puff knows exactly when it's "dinnertime" and Charmee arrives on Mom's bed when it's exactly 6:30 AM. Neat, huh?