Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Hey everycat, I'd like you to welcome my New Sister, Persephone to the world of blogging! To make her first post easy for her, I'm letting her post a Thursday Thirteen! Let's give her a big round of applause!

Take it away, Persephone

Take it where, Jack? I don't think I can carry the keyboard in my teeth, even though they are very fierce!

No, no, Persephone, it's just an expression! It means go ahead and introduce yourself!

But you just introduced me!

*sigh* Just type your Thursday Thirteen, ok?

Are you gonna get all grumpy like the Big Mean Black and White Cat?

No, Persephone. I'm not Grumpy. But our friends are waiting for your Thursday Thirteen, so you better get to it!

Ok, ok! Sheesh. And you are TOO Grumpy!!!

Here's my Thursday Thirteen, everycat!

1. My name is Persephone. It means ‘destruction’. I like it!
2. I have a brother. His name is Jack. He watches me do stuff but I don’t know why. What’s a brother?
3. I hope the big mean black and white kitty isn’t my brother, too. He growls bad words at me.
4. Jack says I have to watch out for vishus deer. He says they look like this.

I’m not scared. I sleeps on their skins!!
5. I don’t like stitches. They itch. I put the bitey on them.
6. I like gooshy food! And Temptations!! The Food Lady says I snarf them!!! Snarfing is good, right? Also, I’m a poor, pitiful, starving, little pussycat, I should be fed more gooshy food! And Temptations!

7. I likes the smelly mices.
8. There’s a giant living in my new home. But he’s a nice giant, and lets me climb him, and nap on his face.
9. The Giant says I’m half purrer-machine inside.

10. I am fierce! See my claws!
11. The Food Lady says I’m as big a Tummy Slut as Jack. I like having my tummy rubbed. But I don’t think the Food Lady is very smart. Jack is way bigger than me.
12. I do NOT drool!!! That’s for doggies!!! I just wanted to make sure the Food Lady took me home, and got a little carried away. I thought it hadn’t worked because she went away, but she came back the next day and I went here to this place.

13. I likes it here. I think I’ll stay.
That was great, Persephone!
'Course it was!!! I did it!!
Yeah, yeah, kid. *sigh* Humble, she is not!! Update on the play situation, we raced around the house together like our butts were on fire twice today!!! And played Big Fierce Cat Coming To Get You under the tree-and-presents table!!
And I got to groom her for at least 30 seconds today, but it was partly 'cause my OTW was holding her near me. She slept on the bed with me for hours, and even napped against me for 20 minutes after my OTW put her down beside me!
Grumpybutt has stopped growling (so much) and she even tried to intimidate him once today!!
She's a GREAT Christmas Present!!! I love my OTW!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Persephone, those are WONDERFUL claws! I'm impressed.

Emma's Kat said...

Persephone, I like it! Do you have a nickname or something short for Persephone? Loved your T13! You're very smart and so sweet sleeping on your human!

Christine and FAZ said...

Hey Persephone, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging cats. I especially like the picture with all your claws out - that one's really cool. You are one lucky cat to live with Jack, I sometimes think I'd like a cat friend to live with but then I am not so good at sharing.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, Persephone, ur's claws are totally awesum! Wow. i's impressed.

'n urs furrst Thursday Thirteen wuz grrrreat.

u's gotted a furry good home 'n u hafs Jack wif u.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Wow Jack I'm very impressed. Maybe you can give Bubbles some pointers about new siblings. He just runs away from LT.

Just Ducky said...

Wow look at those claws. Plus I likes your deer bed.

Max said...

I'd clap if I had hands. That was a very good 13, Persephone.

And you're smart--you like Stinky Goodness! I live for Stinky Goodness!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Wow, Persephone! You're off to a great start with your blogging. You're very lucky to have Jack as a wonderful brother and teacher. We were very impressed with your claws too. They look like lethal weapons so you'll have to use them judiciously.


Anonymous said...

Hi Persephone. You have very impressive claws. Don't worry about Grumpybutt. Either he will come around to liking you or he won't. You have Jack for a friend and that's wonderful. You are going to scare the dickens out of Skeezix with that vishus deer picture. I love it, however.



Furry nice to meetya! Yu are furry purrty and yu has a furry interestin name. I likes it a lot.
We sur is glad yu joined the cat bloggin!


Mr. Hendrix said...

What a great list Persephone. Good coaching Jack. We loooooooooove your claws.
You really are a fabulous Christmas puresent to your family. I'm glad Grumpybutt isn't being so bad to you. You stick up for yourself sweetie. You'll win him over!

Anonymous said...

don't let them trim those claws - they're gorgeous perfection just the way they are.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

You are so lucky you got a great Hollydays present like that. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

Lux said...

Great Thursday Thirteen, Persephone! You're a very brave girl to sleep on vishus deer skins!