Thursday, December 14, 2006

She's HERE!!!!

She's here she's here she's here!

***********UPDATE AT BOTTOM!**********

(But no pictures yet 'cause the Big One couldn't bring the other camera home from work and without it, we can't get the pictures off ours 'cause he lost the cord! Maybe pictures Friday night for Formerly Feral Friday)

And she DOES look just like me! Only...she's tiny!!!! And she's got gold eyes like Grumpybutt.

I didn't hiss at her once!

My OTW brought her in the house in one of our PTUs and I went right over to sniff hello, and she chirped at me! She chirped at me lots! Grumpybutt's a big chicken, he wouldn't even go near her!

Then my OTW brought her to my paper room, and let her out and I snuck in behind her and watched as she climbed all over everything and explored, and she's not scared at all, 'cause as soon as I distracted the OTW demanding pettins, she escaped out into the hall and explored all over the house! Grumpybutt eventually started growling at her, but she mostly ignored him until he blocked her in the doorway of the paper room. I sniffed her all over and said hello, and she even came over once and sniffed me back!

But then I was playing in my paper, and she scooted past and I jumped out and pounced her and that's what the paper is for but she didn't like that and then the next time she came near me she growled at me, but I didn't do anything 'cause she's a kitten and she has a cute little kitten growl, and I think she was just nervous, not really scared, but I don't want her to be scared so I just sat nicely and let her go by and I'm so excited I can barely breathe!!!!!!!

I'll post pictures tomorrow or late tonight 'cause we can't get the pictures out of the camera until the Big One comes home, and I'm not sure how many good ones we got 'cause she climbed everything and ran around lots and was really fast until she got tired!

**********UPDATE HERE!!!**********

A couple other kitties got new siblings or are gonna get them so I thought I'd tell you a bit about my experiences with new kitties. My new sister is the 23rd new kitty I've lived with (yes, 23! Really!) so maybe I can help a little.

If I'm moving to a new place at the same time the new kitty is (before, when we lived with roommates, before the Big One came), my OTW and her new roommate would move us both in on the same day so neither of us is in charge just because we got there first. Then we're let out in our human's rooms and allowed to explore from there. I've never had to be kept separate that way. If I was the new kitty in the house, she'd just keep me in her room with a box, and food and water for a couple days, and keep the other kitties out until I was ready to explore.

But the kitties getting siblings already live there so that's different. Mostly when there's new cats, my OTW makes one room be their room, and puts in a bed and a box and food and water and lots of catcaves and high-up perches, and at least one bed will be one of mine and she'll put in a couple of my toys I'm not playing with right then so they get used to my smell. And then she only lets me in to visit or them out to explore if they really want to, and she's there to supervise. So at night, or if she's out she'll keep me out of the new cat's room. But she says don't let your humans pick the bedroom as the new kitty's room, ever, even if you don't sleep with your humans, 'cause that's like saying the new kitty is replacing the first kitty.

My OTW says everycat is different. Grumpybutt was separated for two days, and then I was only allowed to visit for a few hours for a couple more, before she'd leave the door open during the day. But it was another week before she stopped keeping me out at night. He hardly came out of the room the first couple days she left the door open. Grumpybutt doesn't like me, and doesn't want to be friends. He was an only cat for 11-12 years before he came to live with us, so she says it's not surprising he doesn't want anything to do with other cats, 'cause he's never had to share before.

My new sister, on the other paw, doesn't want to be in there alone at all, and runs out and all over the place as soon as the door opens, so I've been allowed in a lot already and she's only been here for a few hours. She was fine with me at first and chirped at me, but then Grumpybutt started growling and now she is growling too and at me even more than him, and trying to claim my person. I'll share, but she's MY person! I may have to bop Grumpybutt before he ruins everything! She didn't growl at me until he wouldn't stop growling at her! I've been very good though. Even when she growls at me, I don't growl at her. I know she's a bit scared so I'm being patient. So long as she doesn't think she can just take my person and have her all to herself.
Sometimes I get a little hissy the first day if the new kitty hisses at me, and then I just watch them carefully for a couple days but I just want to be friends with everycat. So long as they don't bop my head. I'm still trying to convince Grumpybutt to be friends and it's been a year.

Merlin, I wouldn't worry too much, you'll be ok, and mostly little kitties just want to be friends with everycat, and you're young too, so I bet you'll love him quick, because he'll play with you when no one else will.

Kismet, I'm glad you're getting along better with Sophie now! I think you'll do great as soon as you're both used to each other.

It's ok if you get a little jealous and want more pettin's than the new kitty, and your humans should give them to you, 'cause you were there first, and they should pet you lots more and give you food first and treats until you're sure the new kitty isn't trying to take you place.
I hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

That is such exciting news! It sounds like she is going to be a great friend to you. What a wonderful big brother you are.


P.S. We are having such a hard time leaving comments. Sometimes our username/password works and sometimes it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

o, Jack, she sounds like you. she will be a grrrreat sisfur fur u's, so little 'n fearless. oh, maybe she's gets her owns viking cape.

fanks fur the compliments :: blush :: wow.

that means a lots frum tha handsomest big man cat on the Blogosphere. wow.

--- KC

i haf problems posting a comment to yours bloggie.

Anonymous said...

Jack, we can't wait to see the pictures of your little sister.

I saw a workaround to this posting problem... think it was on Skeezix's blog? Anyway, to post as anonymous, click on the right part of your main blog page, and sign out and sign in again. Then click to comment and post as anonymous. That's the only thing that's worked for us. Be sure to sign your name to your comment.

-- ML (Mary Lynn)

Millie said...

oh, that is so cool. You two will have SO much fun. I know you will get along so well. You are SO lucky to have a little sister you can PLAY with! I think I want a little sister or brother....

Unknown said...

Congratulations! New sisters are an awesome responsiblity, though, but they are so much fun. I never thought I'd enjoy my new one as much as I have. Can't wait to see her picture! -- Blackie

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh that's sooper Jack! It sounds like you's got a great lil sisfur :) yay!

Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

Max said...

Sweet. I wanna see pictures. Other kitties getting kitty siblings is more fun than when I got one.

Anonymous said...

yay! sounds like yur gettin' along just great an we can't wait ta see picshures!

Anonymous said...

How exciting - we can't wait to meet her!

LZ said...

That is so great! That is wonderful integration advice, I couldn't have said it better myself! Of course, with 23 other cats, you qualify as an expert! I'm glad she's adorable and chirpy!


Rascal said...

Sounds like you are handling this expertly, Jack. Looking forward to the pictures.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Oh she sounds like a good little sisfur. Wen mom brot home Sadie I lerned to tolerate her. I still hiss, but that's jus a warnin not to touch my paws or nuthing. And momma kept her off my sleepy places fur awhile and that helped a lot, cuz, like, I didn't want her to take over my stuff (and that included my mom). Now that Speedy is here it's better cuz Sadie plays with him and leeves me alone. Grumpy butt will prolly be happier wen he figurs out that she's gonna be yoor frend and leeve him alone. Yoo sound like an awsome big brufur. Koncatulations!

Unknown said...

Oh Jack, she sounds wonderful. We can't wait to see her. Just try to stay calm while she explores and gets used to her new house. After a few days she'll stop hissing/growling and you can get to be friends.


Eric and Flynn said...

oh concatyoolayshuns on getting yer noo lil sisfurr. Sownds like yoo'll get along reely well, an it'll be nise to haf sumkitty to snuggle wiv.

Mr. Hendrix said...

this is such great news! mommy said between you're new sister and merlin's new brother, her nose feels much better!
your mommy sounds like a real pro keeping the kitty peace too.

i can't wait to see pictures of you and the mini-girl you.

Victor Tabbycat said...

That's furry good advise, Jack. Yur sisfur sounds wonerful an yur a furry good big brofur. Mom kept me isolated frum Bonnie cept fur short visits fur a week, then slowly let me asplore the house. I wanted out sooner, but Bonnie, at 8.5 yrs, wanted me GONE. Mom was ascared Bonnie mite efun kill a little kitten, but I was 8 months an amost as big as Bonnie.
We's gettin along a lot better now, affer a year. Mom says it's taken a lot of patience cuz Bonnie was hissin at efurryone. She has 1 or 2 rooms where she feels safe an relaxes, an she's relaxin in the rest of the house more, too. So efun the most grumpy of grumpy butts might learn.