Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uh oh!!!

We got some bad news, everycat. We're moving. Yuck.

My OTW and I wanted to move south away from the vishus deers and the Evil White Stuff that falls from the sky when it's cold, but no. Instead we're just moving a little bit south, and a little bit west, closer to the mountains. Where there's MORE Evil White Stuff. And MORE vishus deers (they like mountains)!

Humans!!! Honestly! We don't know exactly when yet, but probably by the end of the summer.

Could be worse. When they first started talking about the Big One changing jobs to work for this company he said they wanted to send him to the place with yellow knives!! My OTW went there last year, you can read all about it here:

Don't follow the link to the Boreal Symposium, whatever that is. My OTW says it will break your brains.

Then after they went away a couple weeks ago they came back and were talking about moving to some place with white horses! Which is not close to the place with yellow knives, but is far north like it! I complain about being half-way to the meowing North Pole here, but I looked on a map over my OTW's shoulders and those places are so far north, they're where Santa Claws goes to get his groceries!!!! And there's vishus caribou-deers up there!! HERDS of them!!!!

At least my OTW talked the Big one out of THAT!! She cares for us kitties too much to put us in THAT much danger!

Wish us luck, everycat.....OW!!! Persephone!! Stop it! Stop biting my ear!!!! Hey!!!!

MeOOOOOOOW!!!!! Help help everycat!!! Jack says we're moving!! I don't wanna move!!! I like it here! It's warm and there's lots of kibbles and gooshy foods sometimes and my Food Lady-mom gives me yogurt and my Food Lady-Mom is here and lets me sit on her lap and and pets me and lets me sleep on the bed with her and there's toys and my vishus deerskin rug and my Giant and Jack and even the Grumpy Black and White cat isn't so bad, and I promise I'll behave and not try to chase him or make him hiss and I don't wanna go live under a barbeque in a trailer park or in the big cold place with cages and stone floors again!!!! I wanna stay here!!! I want my Food Lady-Mom!!!! I love her!!!!!! Jack says she's gonna take us with her when she moves but I don't believe him! I got left before!!!

I don't wanna goooooooooooooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Persephone and Jack,

Your food lady mom wouldn't leave you, she loves you too much! I am sure everything will be great.

Purrs and Hugs to my girl,

Monty Q. Kat said...

Oh no! Don't worry, your bean will take you with them!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

KC said...
O, Jack, where are u's moving. Persephone, u's know Jack would never let anyfing bad happen to u's, okay. Keep us posted what's going on, haf missed hearing from u's.
Purrs, KC

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Oh Persephone, lissen to Jack! Yoor beans will take yoo with them and everything egsept da place yoo live in will be da same. Poor skared baby do not feer, yoo are loved and wood neffur be abandoned.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Jack, my humans are Canadian, and they say they are glad you aren't moving to the White Horse or Yellow Knife place, since although the White Horse place is very nice, it's also fairly far North. I hope the move goes well and that you'll have a wonderful place to live.

Persephone, don't worry. Your human/Food Lady is taking you with her when she moves. She won't leave you behind.

The Crew said...

Try not to worry Persephone. Jack will be there in the new house with you and he'll take care of you. You'll have your litterbox and food bowl and all your toys and you'll find new napping places. I'm sure everything will be OK.


The Meezers or Billy said...

Persephone honey, your mommy will nefurr leaf you 'ahind - she is a GOOD mommy. Lissen to Jack and try and not freak out too much


AS long as you have your foodlady/Mom you will be OK, no matter where you are!


The Lee County Clowder said...

Relax, Persephone. There are good beans, and there are bad, mean beans.

Your Food-Lady Mom is one of the good beans. Anyplace she goes, you'll go too. Jack and Food-Lady Mom won't let anything bad happen to you.

Tara said...

Sweet Persephone, you aren't going to be left behind. Jack and your food lady will take care of you. Trust them!

Unknown said...

I would be scarit to move too. Especially to a place with yellow knives! Me thinks you must live in Canada, cause I've heard of those names and I live in Canada too!

But moving might be fun! You are sure to get some new toys as the beans will feel very guilty - ha, ha, ha!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh Persephone, trust us on this, you have wonderful beans this time. Your mommy would never leave you. She loves you bunches and bunches.

You'll have so much fun checking out your new place. You'll find lotsa new places to play and hide.
You'll all be together and safe. Also, your beans will take your food with you. No worries.

Keep us posted. We missed you!!!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Our dad worked in the place with the Yellow knifes. He said that little kitten who like to play when its dark and sleep when its sunny would get really messed up there. 'Cause it gets really dark in the winter and stays really light in the summer.

Daisy said...

Well, I am certain that your mom would NEVER leave you behind, so you do not have to worry about that. Good luck with your move. I have moved a couple of times. It is a big adventure!

The M's said...

Persephone, when we moved the beans took us with them. We loved it, we had all sorts of new places to hide and new adventures to have. You will love your new home with the same beans, just ve patient.

Carolina Cats said...

Now now, don't worry, Miss Persephony, yore Food Lady Mom loves you furry much and she won't leave you. You won't efur be alone agane or haf to live in terribul plases. You just haf to trust yore mom and Jack, he knows wat he's talkin' abowt. Moving is not fun eksept maybe a little bit 'cos there's lots of boxes, but mostly it's crappy. BUT, wen the moving part is done, you are in a new howse wif yore beans and Jack and you will haf all new things to eksplore and it will be so much fun!

Sending lots of reassuring hugs & purrs,

Finny & Buddy
Yore Southern Gentlecat Frends

LZ said...

Don't worry, I'm sure she'll take you with her. You are all really brave to live in the COLD place that you do. The Lap Lady would freeze to death, she hates the cold.


Anonymous said...

Please don't worry about being left behind. We moved three years ago and we were the last ones in da house. We were kinda scairt but den we went in the big shiny fing and den we were in our new house. Dey love you way to much to leave you, so don't worry.

Just Ducky said...

This food lady is better than your first bean. You won't get left behind.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

awwww, I'm sorry to hear you have to move. I am sure they will keep you safe from vishus deer. We live only an hour away from the mtns, in the centre of the city. No vishus deer can get there. :D


PS. Your mommy's right!!!

Pumpkin said...

Persephone, don't worry. Stick close to big bruthur Jack. He'll take care of yu. Yore food lady mom won't leeve yu behind. And all yore toys, and food, and litter box iz moving wiff yu too. Good luck!

Samantha & Mom said...

Don't worry, you will all move together. And everything you have now you will also have at your new home. You Mom loves you very much and she won't let anything happen to you. Keep us posted on your move!!
Samantha & Tigger

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Moving might be a great adventure.
we have moved several times. It is really fun!


feralone said...

Would Persephone and Jack like a chance to win some toys to occupy their time when the world is full of evil white stuff? If so, you can check out the bloggers contest on this website Maybe you can talk your food lady into playing.

Lux said...

Well, moving can be fun, but ... MORE EVIL WHITE STUFF? I've only seen it once but the evil beans put my paw in it and I didn't like it one bit!

You won't get left behind, Persephone ... who would leave you??? (No one.)

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hi, Jack. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Answering the question you left on our post, the dog survived, and went home in March. Bobby has a Dogster page