Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Vishus Deer Guardpost

Sorry I haven't been 'round much the last week or so. My OTW has been hogging the computer, writing funny-sounding stuff and threatening to set the computer on fire, and wishing um....."mildly embarassing personal problems" on princes who don't do anything. I think that's like when you're sitting over your person's shoulder and you're getting really good spine-scritches and purring and you're really comfortable, and then you fart, right under their nose, and they tell you that you stink and put you down.

Thank you for all the kind words about Murphy, he was a good cat-buddy, even if he called me bad-word names. I knew he didn't mean it and he loved me and he secretly liked me cleaning his ears.

So here's the pictures of the Vishus Deer Forest from my vishus deer guardpost.

That's what it looked like on Sunday. Evil White stuff. But I was very very very brave and went out onto the balcony to check things out, and examine the ground beneath my guardpost for fresh vishus deer tracks. Honest, I DID!!! It got all melty today though, so a lot of it is gone. Good Riddance!!!

You can see how close the Vishus Deer forest is though! Just one street away!!!

There's no wildflowers on the hill in summer, like your mom thought, Jake and Bathsheba, but my OTW says there's daisies under the bridge. The hill just has trees and vishus deer. Skeez, we don't have penguins. Well I have a penguin, but it's little like Derby's bears. We have a Polar Bear though. He lives with us. At least, that's what my OTW keeps calling the Big One. The Eskimos don't have enough snow to build igloos yet, so they're still up north.

And don't worry, I've been very careful since that vishus deer tried to 'timidate the Big One. I make my OTW let me out into the hall before bed so I can go check out the windows at either end, and make sure no vishus deer are sneaking up on me!

Hi Scooby, Shaggy and Scout! Hi, Gattina! Welcome to my blog!! I'll come visit everyone tomorrow morning!

Kitten update: I forgot. My OTW called the shelter day after she told me that she might go get me a kitten (the shelter is at least one good nap away), and the kitten had already gone to a new home. She said she promises, she'll either get me a kitten or a new buddy who likes to play by Christmas, but then the Big One came home a bunch of days later and said we may have a kitty-boarder for a couple months because someone he works with needs to find a place to live and the place she's going to stay while she looks won't let her have the cat there. But I'm definitely getting a kitten or a buddy!

It's too bad we can adopt one of the homeless Rhode Island kitties, but my OTW says she doesn't think she'd be allowed to adopt from over the border. Is that true?


The Meezers or Billy said...

oh, it's good that you're getting a kitten! were those bunny traks in the evil white stuff? mommy says vishus deer don't haf toes like those prints.

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

No, those were my pawprints in the evil white stuff on my guardpost. I just wanted to prove I really had been out there.

I didn't see any deerprints. I'm going to keep checking though.

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

I can't drive to the border, the border is at least nine naps away. I'm ok for a nap's-worth or two but after that I'd just howl my whole way there and back.

'Sides, MOTW says if they caught us, they probably wouldn't let us into the states again, and MOTW hasn't been to something called Mar-dee-graw yet, so no kitty-smuggling.

Catzee said...

I never seen snow afore! It am furry white an did it make yur feets cold?

Fank you fur the warning. We didn't click on the linky but mom wented to the website thru blogger profile an nuffin bad happened. But yur right ta be furry furry careful. I'm glad we didn't click on the linky. Mom scans fur spyware effurry night. Does yur OTW use firefox cuz it blocks pop ups?

Anonymous said...

Yur ar furry brave to go out in the scary cole stuf, AND watch owt for vishus deer!

PS- Check wif US immigration fur import rules- maybe the kitten wud only need shots. Gud luk!

Justin said...

Hey,a nice place indeed!! you too can check out this post on kitty-drollery to 've some fun..

Take care

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow you do gots a good guardpost for the Vishus Deer! I posted bout it on the Cat Blogosphere noos for today.
You's furry brave to go out in thtat white stuff. I'd be skeered.

Susie said...

Keep up the good work Jack!