Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where I Live (part, the Second)

The Big One took these pictures from the hill where they put up a monument to Twelve Foot Davis. That's very tall. My OTW says this picture is pointing south-south-east. There's nothing but forest past the hill they're on. For a long long long way.

The Big One and my OTW are very very brave. Or maybe really really dumb. This hill? It's the hill across from my apartment. The Forest of Vishus Deer Hill!!!! This picture points south, sort of.

They said they didn't see any Vishus Deer though. But some of the people on the hill with them saw a bear. The Big One and my OTW didn't see it because it ran and hid. Probably scared of the vishus deer lurking in the forest, waiting to see if any of the people brought their juicy young cats up the hill with them.

This picture faces west. The OTW says that patch of concrete is downtown. Almost all of downtown.

The town is all stretched along the river, and you can't see it 'cause the big old hill is in the way, but it stretches north about the same amount past the bridge as you could see south of the bridge, well, on the east side of the river anyway.

We live near the north end of the town, behind the hill. You can't see our place. These pictures were taken in August. My OTW says tomorrow she will help me post pictures of the hill of the Forest of Vishus Deer as it can be seen from my balcony and you can all be horrified by how close it is to me!!!


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Jack, thanks for sharing. It looks like an interesting place. Mom would love to see it when the hillside is covered with wildflowers as she thinks it would be sometime in the summer. Or maybe it's just grass.


Shaggy and Scout said...

Hi Jack! We are just getting around to meeting you! We read your vishus deer tutorial and it was very enlightning! We live in the suburbs of Minneapolis but last week there was a moose loose along the freeways and he was terrorizing the cars! Very vishus! Stop by & see us sometime!

INAMINI said...

Jack- what a bootiful place to live! But I gess you still haf to luk owt fur Vishus Deer.

Susie said...

Oooh - you live in a very purrrdy place! We get vishus deer and mountain lions in our neighborhood (that's why we stay indoors)!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Jack, ware are all the eskimos and pengwins? It's too bad the vishus deer infestayshun keeps peeple frum living thare. But I bet it's nice and qwiet. Well, ixsept for all the vishus deer sownds.

Be safe, brave Jack!!!!