Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Story of my Name

Hi Eric and Flynn!! Nice to meet you! You were on vacation when I started blogging so I didn't get to meet you then, and then I met so many cats I got all confused and couldn't remember who I'd met and who I hadn't and lost some links and stuff! So I'm glad you found me!

First, the eyes. Yes Jake and Bathsheba, the second one is me, and the last one is the OTW. We don't have a picture of the Big One's eyes but they look like the OTW's 'cept blue.

The first one is Grumpybutt's eye (that's Whisper for those of you who don't know--he's the other cat that lives here and he's a grumpybutt). The OTW keeps going on and on and on and on and on about his eyes, 'cause she says they're the colour of her amber rings. Fffffsk! I'd be jealous but I'M the one with the beautifulest black furs around here. And she wears green and black all the time to match ME, not amber so she must love me best!

The third eye is from my buddy Andy who I used to live with, who had the Ginger Lady who grew us fresh nip and grass and lots of other interesting-to-sniff plants. I'll post some pictures of Andy on Wednesday for Widebody Wednesday, 'cause he IS a wide body!!!

My name.....dumb isn't it? But then, when I was born, one of my bestest buddies there was a GIANT tuxie cat named Jennifer who was a boy, so I shouldn't be surprised.

I had 4 brothers in my litter, and don't remember that much about being born but I remember living in my OTW's closet when I was really tiny and new. Well, three of my brothers were tuxies, and the other brother was all black like me so it was really hard for them to talk about us because they'd have to call us things like the-black-and-white-kitten-without-the-black-spot-on-his-nose-no-I-mean-the-big-one-not-the-runt which is a really loooooong name. So after a few days they started naming us with short names.

One of my tuxie brothers looked just like our mom, and she was called Harmony, so they named him Melody, or Melly for short. And my other two tuxie brothers were both pretty big and looked a lot alike and they had all these long white hairs in their patches of beautiful black furs, so they called them Salt and Pepper, and Pepper had the black spot on his nose.

The first one they named was actually my other black brother. He was called Slick because all his hair looked slicked back when he was born. When we were three weeks old, he went POOF, like he stuck his tail in a light socket, which we weren't supposed to do, and he looked like a giant poof of fur on legs. Then they thought he was a girl and called him Katie because we were born on the Crazy Lady's mom's birthday and she was Kate, but it turned out Katie was a boy and I think his supposed-to-be-forever people called him Nightmare.

And that just left me. I was just black. I didn't look like anyone, and I didn't have funny furs, and I didn't have white hairs getting all up in my black furs, or nothing (except the six white hairs on my belly which I still have). All my brothers were named when we were only a couple days old, but I was just the Other-Black-Kitten, 'cause they didn't want to call me Blackie, or Ebony, and just when they were going to give up and call me Blackie or Ebony when we were a week and a half old, I opened an eye. But just one. And I was the first they saw do that, so my OTW said "Let's call him One-Eyed Jack"

And I mewed because I liked that and it was a better name than Salt or Smelly-Melly, and then I decide to keep my OTW forever and ever and ever, and followed her around her room, and jumped out of other people's arms so I could go to her and mew at her and tell she's mine and has to pet me first and cuddle me before she could pet and cuddle any other kitty and then, when we were braver and started 'sploring the whole house, I followed her around the house and mewed at her to pick me up and I'd sit on her shoulder and dangle down the back and look at the other kitties and say "She's mine so back off!" And she said I was SMUG!!!

And then she said, "Well, I wasn't planning on taking a kitten because the Crazy Lady already has 6 grown-up cats living in this apartment, and the other person has two buns, and three rats and two budgies and a tank full of fishies, and anyway if I got a cat I want a girl-cat, but I guess he's picked his human, and I'll have to keep him now."

Keep me. Heehee! But I don't think she understood then, because we were born four days after she moved in and she'd never lived with anything but fishies before, though she loved cats. Luckily, she's very clever for a human and learns quickly, so I didn't have to work too hard to train her, or wrap her around my great big paw.

So that's how I got named One-Eyed Jack, though she mostly calls me Jack, which she says turned out to suit me exactly right after all. That is, when she's not calling me one of my 50 other names. More than 50. She says I forgot "Sir Sneaks-a-lot" and "The Purr Monster General"

So how did everyone else get their names?


Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

That's a great story, Jack! Thanks for tellin' us how you gotted your name. Ours aren't quite as interestin', but here they are:

Smeagol - I was at the shelter and the people who dropped me off there used to call me Peppy. When Mom and Dad brought me home, they noticed I had big eyes and that I liked to slink around. Also, I had two purrsonalities, nice and ('specially at the v-e-t) mean. So when I go to the v-e-t, I become Gollum.
Strider - I was out wanderin' in the woods when I saw this big black kitty sittin' in a window, so I tried to get in by jumpin' at the window, but there was a screen there, so I hung on to it. (I scared the big black kitty and the people inside). When they saw I was just a wanderin' kitty, they took me in and called me Strider.

Those are the (kinda) short versions of how we got our names.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Great story! Name stories are fun because we gets to know one another from the pury beginning!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

What a great idea. I remember how Jack got his name, because KC told me (a few times!).
Mr. Hendrix, you didn't mention how you got your name, but you were named after Jimi Hendrix, right?
KC was named for Karen Chavez, mommie to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa. Missy's name came with her when we adopted her. And Bear was named Bear because she looked like a little black bear cub when we got her.
ML (Mary Lynn)

PS: KC says to tell Jack she hopes he will consider re-offering in a few days when she feels better. She is still very sick.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, hi jack, jus wanted ta say hi, i's not feelin good jus tired 'n tha meddy-shun is dizzy.
i was named fur Karen C who saved my life by not lettin 'em take me to tha back room. didn't gives me a shelter name, just yellow dot.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Jack, thanks for clearing up the name thing. We thought that maybe you went around with one eye closed for something, but you have both eyes open in photos.

I was named for Bathsheba Everdene, the main character in Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. My Mom read the book in high school and really liked the name, though she found the character a bit maddening. (And Everdene is my middle name.) ~ Bathsheba

I was named for my great-great grandfather from Germany. Mom's dad was supposed to have been named for his grandfather, August (pronounced Ow-gust) Jacob Julius ___ the II, but his parents decided that was too long. (He would have been III.) He was relieved that he was named Karl Heinz instead. When Mom heard the story, she thought that her great-grandfather's name would be a terrific choice to keep in mind for a boy cat as long as she just shortened it to "Jake" for the Jacob part. ~Jake

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Dat wuz furry inchresting bowt how yoo got yer name. When the beans got us when we were six weeks old thay didn't know what to cawl us, an mum joked to dad"Let's cawl them Eric an Derek" Dad sed that's a gud ideer, I like Eric for my kitty, but mum sed she wuz only joking an wuzn't reely going to cawl me Derek. She dee-sided to cawl me Flynn cuz that means Flame Haired in Irish, an she wanted sumfing diffrunt than Ginger or Marmalade. (She's not Irish, but her granny wuz.)