Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ok, now I'm worried. What if she IS buttering me up?

Wait.... I LIKE butter! Wouldn't buttering up be a good thing?

Luxor, the Big One says he doesn't think you could ship your toys across the border, 'cause the border woofies would go all nuts and stuff, and think we were mailing drugs if they smell like nip.

I don't think they smell the same, but Grumpybutt, the Drug-sniffing Cat, seems to think pots smell the same as nip, 'cause the people who used to live here left little baggies of stuff stuffed in the cat-warmers on the floor, and he kept digging them out and putting the bite on 'em and scattering it all over the floor and rolling in it. 'Cept I thought pots were what the people cook the people food in. I'm very confused.

I don't think you want the fev-ver boa anyway. At least not my fev-ver boa, it seems to have a monster living in it. I think it may be related to the blanket monster and the curtain monster, but I'll have to hunt and pounce it more to be sure.

The fresh guts and the eyeballs get a five paw rating, though. Even Grumpybutt likes them.

I have to go, I have to go and look at more pictures of me. My OTW takes SQUILLIONS! I'm trying to pick just a few for Grr and Midnight and Cocoa's calendar, and the OTW has been hogging the computer.

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Anonymous said...

JACK! We told Derby 'bout yur problem wif the party an he fixed it. Come offur an join in the fun!