Thursday, October 12, 2006

Links are up!

The OTW figured out the links thing, so I've linked to everyone's who's come by and said hello.

If you're not on the links, say hello and I'll add you too!

Especially girl kitties! Wow! there's a lot of beautiful girl kitties out there! I haven't been around girl kitties since I lived with my girlfriends Mischief and Mayhem when I was 4.

Maybe the OTW will get me a girl kitten....


The Meezers or Billy said...

well, when the girl kitties LIVE wif you, they can be a pain in the tookus.

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Really? I liked them. They snuggles and purred and let me groom them and shared my food and they even groomed me back sometimes. I thought that was GOOD?!?

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

By the way, I didn't mean to sound like I didn't want boy kitties to come and say hello too.

I do, I like hanging out with guy kitties. I just haven't talked to girl kitties in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack!

I am a girl fact I have two girl kitty fursisters...and two furbrothers. I am a 7 year old 5 1/2 pound Manx named Abby. Some fink my name should be TNT cuz I have catitude. But my Momma loves me like butter. I loves her too. Come by and visit us when you can. We loves company. You can meet Boo and Gracie and Ping and Jinx..


See ya Jack! *you are a furry handsome black kitty*

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Thank you Abby! And welcome.

I've added you to the links list.

Midnight, you are a gorgeous black kitty, and I'm very happy you came by.

Just Ducky said...

Jack what do you need with girl kitties if you have had your hoo-haas taken away? We is just one big happy family on the blogosphere. Welcome.

Emma's Kat said...

Thanks so much for linking to Emma and me. Only thing is, for my site, you linked to my Geocitites page. Lol, gosh! I haven't actually been there in a really long time! The link to Kat's Cat of the Day is

Thanks so much again! Emma thinks your very handsome! She lives with Marley, who won't give her the time of day! And Benji, who is more like a brother to her.

Rascal said...

Thanks Jack! I've added a link back to you too.

Catzee said...

I added ya to my linkie collection!
I'm a girl kitty too but I don't kissy an snuggle, I run an jump an pounce an chase an wrestle an tumble an never give anyone any rest! Right Rascal?

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Derby, I don't even know what hoo-has are. Are they some kind of special play-with-girls toy? I don't remember losing any toys! Sometimes I can't find them after I chase them under the furniture, though. I'll have to check for my hoo-has there. And I'll get the OTW to add your link tomorrow.

Emma's cat, I'll get the OTW to fix your link tomorrow. And I'm still trying to pick out my best couple of pictures to send you for the Cat of the Day.

Emma, you're very very pretty! I like the way your whiskers contrast (that's one of my OTW's 'Art Words'!) with your black face. You look like you're wearing one of those mask thingies the OTW makes. Very mysterious!

Catzee, I LIKE pouncing and playing and wrestling and stuff. But I got nokitty to do it with. I just especially like snuggling.

Anonymous said...

Jack, this is your human.

IF, and that's the Big IF, we get you a kitten, you may NOT have a girl kitten. Whenever you live with a girl kitten you spend all your time grooming her and get hairballs. And you let her boss you around. And steal your food, right out from under your nose. Literally!

You don't let any boy kitties do that. You rightly smack their heads for being rude. But you'll back off and let girl kitties eat right out of your bowl after they sneak in under your chin.

And never-you-mind what hoo-has are. Whisper's Dead Dustmop is already one too many disgusting 'Special Friends' for my tastes.

The 'Opposable Thumb Wench'

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jack ! There's three of us handsome fella's in Belgium and never you mind about girl kitties. I really don't understand the fuss about girl kitties. The Brothers are always funny silent when I ask them about it and tell them about my sisters. They just look uncomfortable for some reason and will say "uhmmm..." when I ask them why I must visit the White-Coated Man next December, but I think it's connected with "hoo-has". But they just call it "the unmenm-mem-s-ionabbles" or something.

Licks and pawsy,
Bean Sidhe from the House of Chaos

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Human, of course I let the girl kitties eat from my bowl. I was being a gentlecat.

Bean Sidhe, I 'member something about that. I 'member getting all growly all the time with my OTW, then she took me to the place with the Metal Tables and I 'member falling asleep, and then when I woke up the OTW was there to take me home and I felt kinda hurty in the back and she said they took out my boy bits, but I don't think I want something that makes me all growly anyway.

Derby is that what hoo-has are? What would things that make me all growly have to do with girl kitties?

Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Jack - we are both girl kitties & Ghost really is one-eyed. Nice to meet you.