Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Olympics-Boxing/Bare Paw Fighting

Lisa: And we're back! We're still at the Boxing Event over at Sparkle the Cat's diary. And we're waiting with baited breath for Jack and Persephone's second attempt at Boxing Gold!

James: That's right, Lisa! We really shouldn't have had the sardines for lunch! Breathmint?

Lisa: Thank you, James! Jack and Persephone are going for a more classic approach to the Boxing event this time, and since they're cats who follow no rules but their own, they're combining the Boxing Event with the Bare Paw Fighting event at Milo and Alfie's blog!

James: Let's go to Michael, who's stationed couch-side for this thrilling event! Michael?

Michael: Thanks, James! Well, here we are, we're just waiting as Jack and Persephone get ready to go! Oh! Looks like they're just going to go for it! Jack is taking an offensive posture right from the start! Look at that face! He's been in this couch ring before and he's feeling confident!

Persephone's got her back down though, and her paws are at the ready! Ears back and watching close! Jack's raising his paw, looks like he's going for a left-whap to start...

Yes, it's a left-whap! But Persephone's taking this lying down! She's not just going to let him smack down all over her! Her paws are up and ready to whackity!

Persephone's no easy opponent today! She's determined to hold the pillow ground! Looks like Jack has reconsidered his strategy! He may be thinking of moving to his patented 'Huge Paw of Damocles' maneuver, something that's worked for him so often before!

Wait! Jack has lowered his left paw! What's he thinking? Where's he taking this fight?

And up comes Jack's right paw! He's going for his off-paw strike! This is a bit unusual for him! He's definitely always favoured his south-paw! Is he thinking the angle's better? Persephone seems pretty confident and calm!

No! No, she's just lying in wait! Jack goes for the right-whap and Persephone's there to counter him with a 1-2 ear-whacking! Look at her form! Look at her upper body strength! But Jack's powerhouse right-whap is too much for her! He knocks her down and she's on the carpet!

Round 1 goes to Jack, and his Mighty Man-cat Paws!

Oh, and it looks like we're headed right into Round 2! They show no fear or observance of the Bad Cat Water Bottle signal! Jack's decided to close in on his opponent! I think he's going for the illegal ear-bite! There's no ear-biting in Boxing!!! This round is pure Bare Paw Fighting! Persephone's going for the two-paw whackity that worked so well for her last round!

It's not working! It's not getting Jack to back off and circle! She's switching up to a straight-paw push! Jack's pulling back his head...looking for an opening... he knows he's got to get around her paws if he wants to get in a good sister-routing ear-bite!

Oooo! Jack's feigning casual nonchalance! Nonchalance at this point is a risky move! He has to be hoping to catch her off-guard with a lulling-into-false-sense-of-security! Can he pull it off with Persephone so clearly still pushing?

She's easing off on the pulled back head...

No! No, she's not going to leave him an opening! She's got the back paws in on the act, and she's giving him a hearty bunny-kick! And the claws have come out! She's threatening his nose with them! They're really pushing the no rules claws today!

Jack is backing off! He's backing off! Persephone's bunny kick has turned into a definitive hind leg push and she's forcing Jack away!

He's conceding the round! Oh! Oh! This is a stunning turn of events! A brilliant play for Persephone! Jack is moving off to the other side of the couch ring!

Persephone takes Round 2!! Let's see if she can keep up the momentum in Round 3! What an upset that would be!

Wait! What's going on? Can it...? Yes! Yes, it is! Unbelievable! Round 3 has been called on account of a sudden Synchronized Snoozing event!

James, Lisa, looks like it's back to you! This is going to take a while!

Lisa: Thank you, Michael, for the play-by-play of this unbelievable event! What a stunning victory in Round 2 for the undercat, Persephone!

James: Yes, Lisa! Jack had better come back post-snooze with a new game plan and ready to work for his win if he wants to hang on to his title!

Lisa: We'll return shortly with coverage of the Synchronized Snoozing event! Please stay with us!


Katiez Furry Mewz said...

purrefect!!! great way to go frum boxing... to snoozing!

Katie Too

The Island Cats said...

That was quite the boxing match!! I see a medal in your future!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Great win Persephone. This match had us on the edge of our seats.

Quill and Greyson said...

Jim: What an exciting match Bob! I thought Jack was going to take it all the way!

Bob: Ladycats a fierce competitors Jim! Excellent!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Fabulous Bare Paw fighting guys! We are VERY impressed!

The Furry Bambinos said...

Oh My Bast! What excitement!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel