Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Olympics-Boxing

Lisa: Well James, it's time to move on to the Boxing Event over at Sparkle the Cat's diary. Multi-sport champions and House Panther Cat-hletes Jack and Persephone are appearing in this event as well!

James: That's right, Lisa. This is another event that Jack has specialized in for many years, and has taught his skills to his sistercat and team-mate Persephone.

Lisa: It seems they have an unusual entry for this event! They've decided to follow Fin's lead on the Boxing event!

James: Yes, they intend to Sit-In-A-Box. Or rather, lie in it! Together!

Lisa: In fact James, they intend to Destroy the Box, by lying in it! We go now to Michael, who's standing by box-side for the details!

Michael: Thank you, Lisa! Yes, Jack and Persephone have entered an unusual form of 'Boxing' for this event! Box Deconstruction! They have chosen a sturdy form of box, one that used to hold food service trays, I believe. A comfortable but roomy fit for one, a tight squeeze for two!

They have also chosen to outfit their box with the finest of woolly blankets for greater competitive comfort!

Here they are at the start of their 'boxing' event. They've managed to squish both of their substantial cat-hletic booties into the box. You can see the strain on the box corner under Jack's nose and over on the far side by Persephone's tail already but it's holding up admirably well despite their best initial efforts!!

Jack is wearing his game face! It's ON! Oh, it looks like that near corner is ripping already! And is that back side tilting out?

It's a bit hard to see from this angle, with the desk being the same colour as the box, but it looks like that whole side by Jack and Persephone's booties is GONE! And Jack is certainly wasting no time in making the most of the box's weakness, curling up like that and pushing in the corner with his head!

Persephone's holding up her end of the competition in fine form herself, giving some extra lean to the side Jack's pushing, as well as slumping heavily on the far side!

Yes! Yes, we're correct! That whole side of the box IS gone! That is a pair of very focussed cat-hletes! They're leaning away from each other, each taking on one of the already weakened sides, and it looks like Jack is doing a little string catching practice while he's there!

And that's a second side gone! This is an impressive boxing entry! They're clearly checking out the possibilities with great determination!

Oh no! Looks like they may have a bit of trouble with that last corner! Despite that truly impressive sprawl Jack's got going, and the pushing Persephone's doing with her ample posterior, it seems the rip in final corner has split and torn horizontally! That's going to make it MUCH harder to tear it down to the base!

They're going for it! They're make a truly tremendous push to make that last tear and finish off the box! Look at Jack lean! He's paw-pushing with all his might! Persephone's got his butt! She's leaning into his booty lean!

And you can see that box side going! Persephone's curling into a ball for maximum effect, and Jack's going all out with a last massive effort by curling end to end with Persephone, getting leverage with his booty off the desk! They're even getting some synchronized snoozing worked in!

And there it goes! The box is finished! Another spectacular performance by Canadian Cat-hletes Jack and Persephone!

James: What's next for these superstars of the Cat Olympics, Michael?

Michael: Later today, they take on a more conventional Boxing/Bare paw Fighting match, and tomorrow both a long and short program in synchronized snoozing! We're watching Cat Olympic history in the making here, folks! The Canadians are determined to sweep the podium! Back to you Lisa! James!

James: Thank you, Michael, for that thrilling coverage! It looks like the cat-hlete team of Jack and Persephone are also planning the destruction of a yet sturdier box, there! A Kiwi box no less!

We'll rejoin Cat Olympic coverage in a few moments! Please stay tuned!


Kea said...

Wow, what an incredible performance! What teamwork! Go, Canada! ('Cause we're Canadian too!)

Good luck!

-Annie, Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales

Quill and Greyson said...

Jim: Well Bob that was mighty impressive. I think they are pulling out ALL the stops!

Bob: I see that Jim, and a kiwi box! These cats are unstoppable!

Fin: Okay I am have to start to follow you cats now. Very fun!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Such great teamwork. A truly remarkable performance.

Amy & the house of cats said...

Wow what a great boxing performance! And it seems like you took care of that box so quickly - so you have style and speed! Very impressive!

The Island Cats said...

Geez, we didn't know boxing was a team sport!! You guys sure are good at it!!

Ivan from WMD said...


You guys are the best!

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

dis is whats a boxing meet shoods be!!!

Katie Too who likes boxes