Thursday, November 29, 2007

Double Thursday Thirteen

They're home!

They're home!

We just haven't been able to blog, 'cause she can't make laps when she's at the computer and it's COLD up here halfway to the meowing North Pole! (So we NEED our laps!!)

Since they were AWAY for a SQUILLION naps and DIDN'T BRING US ANY PRESENTS, we're gonna do a DOUBLE Thursday Thirteen 'cause that's more work, FOR HER!!!!

13 Reasons it SUCKS when the peoples go away!!!

1/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to make laps.
2/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to open the door for Hallway Exploration.
3/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to open gooshy foods tins.
4/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to turn on the taps for drinks.
5/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us Temptations before bed.
6/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us nip, and 'rassle with us when we're nipped up (Persephone made me put that in there!).
7/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us bellyrubs.
8/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us headrubs.
9/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us chinscritches.
10/ No Opposable Thumb Wenches to give us spinescritches.
11/ No ankles to use as headrests for nighttime naps, or heads to curl around to steal warms.
12/ No blogging.

13 Reasons it's GREAT when the Peoples go away!

1/ No one to tell us to get off the counter.
2/ No one to tell us to get off the table.
3/ No one to tell us to get out of the closet.
4/ No one to tell us to stop biting each other's ears.
5/ No one to tell us to stop scratching the carpet.
6/ No one to tell us to stop playing with her strings.
7/ No one to tell us to stop eating random things off the floor.
8/ No one to squirt us with the Bad Cat Bottle!
9/ No one to play vishus deers tricks on us.
10/ No one to kick us off the bed when we 'rassle on feets in the middle of the night.
11/ No one to give me yucky hairball goops whenever I wheeze a little wheeze. (It's NOTHING!!! I'm FINE!!! Get AWAY from me with that, Wench!)
12/ No sneak smooch attacks.
13/ All our friends can come over and HELP US WRECK THE PLACE!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Now make me a lap, OTW!!!!


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

There should be a law, that humans may not go away and leave Cats behind. Must stay with Cats. Nothing they need to go away for is all that important anyway.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That's a lot of bad fings when the Beans go away, but the good fings made up furr it.

Mickey's Musings said...

Those were good.I do not like it when Mom goes away either.The house is just nit the same. I want you here!!!Home IS where the beans are!
I like your Picture.You are one happy cat Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We'z gonna try to get a law passed dat beans can't leave unless da pet sitter is even better at spoiling cats den dey are. Diamond is rite, der is nothing so important dat dey need to leave us for!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Those are both excellent lists! I'm glad to hear your humans are home. My mom has her work area arranged so that she can be on the computer, or study, and yet still have me in her lap. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you get lots of laps and hugs and kisses and playtime from your mommy and daddy today. Oh, and also lots of squishy foods and nip too.

If my mommy ever went away for three days I don't know if I could survive. Even if my daddy was home! You are very brave.

Purrrs and Hugs (and kisses for Persephone),


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have the lap back.

I keep working on the opposable thumb thing. I am sure that by focusing my mind on wanting such a thing I should be able to get it...

Daisy said...

I am studying both lists very hard. I have come to the conclusion that the bad things outweigh the good things. That means the beans should never leave us. Ever.

LZ said...

Oh yes, laps are very important when its so cold outside!! I don't know how you deal with that cold all the way up there.


Tybalt said...

I hate it when my mommy goes away. I am thinking of placing her under Kitty House Arrest. Good thing she rarely leaves me.

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Humans should not be allowed to abadon their kitties. If they do, they should suffer the consequences!

The Furry Kids said...

Those are great lists. But I don't think there should be a need for the first list. Because beans should always just stay home.


Sunny's Mommy said...

Don't forget to dig those claws in ;-) I think you should still make her suffer since they left you.

Artsy Catsy said...

Great T13, Jack! Hey, anytime you need help wrecking the place, just call on us! We've just about got our place as wrecked as it can get, so we need a new one to start on!

& his demolition crew

Parker said...

I know you must be happy they are back! Those are all good reasons!

Anonymous said...

Your humans are certainly trying your patience and good will by abandoning you. Since you're the one being affected, you may choose whether to punish them. And no jury would convict you...

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

O, fank u's Jack, fur tha wonnerful pressies. i's loves tha beeyouteeful mat, it be so bright an soft. an me an tha twelve other cats/kittens enjoyed tha big bag of Temptashuns, too. yum.
i hope u's start posting again, i's misses u's...
Purrs, KC