Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Thursday Thirteen today!

I was going to do a Thursday thirteen involving Squeak, in honour of her going to her new home with her people next door, but I have some serious and frightening news I have to report! Warning: these pictures may be shocking!

The Big One e-mailed some pictures home last night, to my OTW. It seems the vishus deers are STALKING the Big One, hunter of kibbles and gooshy food for us! These pictures were taken outside behind his work, in what becomes a dark alley at night! It's been very quite around here this last month as my OTW kept me off my computer, so maybe the vishus deers thought they had intimidated me into silence! But just yesterday I reported about the suspicious activities of my OTW and just a few hours later the Big One (who is still on our side, I'm sure!) saw this vishus deer scout stalking him from behind a snowbank!

And it gets so much worse! Remember those vishus deer antlers my OTW threatened me with? Well, she couldn't find a way to attach them to her head, so she went and got these!!!!!

Clearly a vishus deer disguise so she can pass among them! Or maybe so she can lull the kittens into a false sense of security about vishus deers, so when a real one approaches them, they won't flee like they should!!!

And today, when I tried to post these pictures, Blogger wouldn't let me! I had to do stuff to the pictures to sneak them past whatever vishus deer virus has been affecting Blogger!

All you kitties beware!


Hot(M)BC said...


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

**gasp**Wate I can't breeve, what iz going on Jack! Yoo don't think dat yoor OTW sent a vishus deer to keep an eye on yoor Big One while dey snuck up on yoo!?! I will double my patrols fur da introoders, and haf my deer killing sword at da reddy. I must protekt my sisfurs!~Speedy

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Oh, Jack, we have vishus moose!


Mr. Hendrix said...

ack! choak! I was so scared I almost swallowed my tongue! I'm so glad your Big One is OK! Wow, I really want to believe your OTW isn't in on this, but I've been watching 24 with mommy this season, and "Jack doesn't believe in coincidences" I just don't know.....
Oh! Maybe she is deep under cover infiltrating those Vishus Deer gangs! You know like in Alias where even those closest to her can't know what she does or they could be in danger. Whew, I'll bet that is it. She is like Sydney in Alias (ps we know a pretty kitty named Sydney after the Alias character too!)

Ivan from WMD said...

Jack, hide! Is there some dark place where you can get all ninja and no one can see you? GET THERE FAST!