Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doodle Day 3-4

My OTW's SO LAZY!!! Here's our doodles for day 3 AND 4!

You probably have to click on them to see them clearly, since she doesn't draw very dark.

These are rough sketches of ideas for some of her playing-with-string-picture-projects. If you want to see how they go from this to a string-picture, she explains it all here, for one of the sketches in this picture.

These are sketches for another idea she's working on, but can't get to work right now. So we can't show you any.

What I wanna know, is why do none of these sketches have ME in them?!? I'M the artist's model around here! I should be in the art!

Don't forget our Guessing Game! (Go down to the bottom of the post to Book 13). Best answer gets a prize! (Best answer as in funniest or most outrageous!)

You can guess as many times as you like!

We'll find an extra prize if anycat gets it right too! But it has to be be close, not just in the general area of right! (Like "animals" is too general, "birdies" would be close. Except it's not "Birdies")


Turkey Cats said...

Your mommy is a great artist!


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Those are great doodles. My human could never do that.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Yours Mommy be a furry good artist. But you are right, Jack, hers needs to sketch you more.
Happy Mommy's Day to yours mommy.
Love & Purrs from KC,
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boo

Parker said...

I have a no-talent Mommy. If you look at my doodle today you will see that I am not kidding about this...