Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen-Weird OTW

For Thursday Thirteen I decided to tell you about 13 ways my OTW is weird, besides having purple and green hair and dressing up like a Viking and carving up vishus deer antlers, and wanting to eat candy canes in July.

1. Cilantro is like kitty-crack to my OTW. Once she eats a leaf she can’t stop eating it and wants it on EVERYTHING!! Luckily, once she hasn’t had it in a few days she doesn’t crave it anymore. Until she buys more!!

2. She hates cell phones and only had one for a little while so she could hunt the Big One when he would get sidetracked and be late to meet her and she couldn’t get home to scritch me. She doesn’t like regular phones either and hardly ever answers it unless she knows who’s calling, and it rings and rings and rings and hurts my ears!

3. She’s had insomnia since she was 8, which is why she’s always up until the birds get up. Sometimes she plays Two-am Tag with me!

4. Most of her fingers are bent or twisted at the end. The only completely straight fingers are the ones beside her littlest fingers, and one of them has a big knuckle. She doesn’t know why, but she can still scritch me good.

5. She can’t tell time at all without a clock. She can’t tell how long a minute is like me, or the difference between 5 minutes and 15.

6. She has something she calls eidetic visual and tactile memory, but very bad memory for stuff she hears. She can remember the feel of something she touched 10 years ago, or saw when she was 5, but can’t remember what I meowed to her an hour ago.

7. She can’t grow grass. Seriously. She’s tried and killed three pots this year. And now the Big One brought home already grown grass 2 weeks ago and it’s already dying. She waters them. I watch her do it.

8. She says she failed math once, and barely passed science class, but she reads stuff about how stars get born and why there’s a squillion universes like ours while she tries to go to sleep. Does that mean there’s a squillion Jacks too?

9. She’s almost as good a cook as the Big One, at least with making people foods, but couldn’t boil an egg properly for YEARS, long after she learned to cook.

10. She has a scar on her chest that makes a dent in her skin. Her mam says she’s had it since she was born, and is sure it’s a scar from getting something pressed too hard into her when they cut her out of her mam’s belly.

11. She’s has never had a credit card to buy me toys or driver’s licence to drive me around.

12. Stuff that’s supposed to make her sleepy like chamomile and lavender make her nipped up and wide-awake for days. But coffee doesn’t wake her up, I have to purr on her head.

13. She gets mistaken for a 12 year old at airports, but no one ever wants to look at her cards when she hunts at a liquor store. One of her friends saw this picture of her and said she looked 14! She’s like a squillion years old!!! (ed. 34!!!! NOT old!!!!! ::rolls eyes::)

And that's my OTW!!!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

34 definitely isn't old according to my mom, as she's 35. ;)

Great list about your OTW, Jack. My mom doesn't like talking on the phone either. She avoids it at all costs, and gets my dad to call places and people whenever she can. Neither of them have cell phones.

Mickey's Musings said...

Jack,those are neat things about yer Mom.Ya might be a tad hard on her,heehee. She is pretty too ;)
But the best thing about yer Mom is that she has 2 sweet black cats!!!!!!!

Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...

those are some interesting things about yer OTW.
we noticed that our mom does #11, #12, #7 and #1 as well.

Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Jack - those are very interesting. Our Mom has same thing on #12. Oh & we better say that 34 isn't old at all - nope very young (Mom - can we have treats now?).

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi Jack! Seeing as how your MomBean is the age of our MomBean's DaughterBean, she says "NOT OLD"... uh uh! By the by, we wrote a post today on Zoolatry... kind of "dedicated to you"... check it out!

Tybalt said...

You know your OTW very well, Jack! Our mommy also hates phones and never answers it. Coffee doesn't keep my mommy wired either, which is fine with her since she loves to drink it so much. 34 is VERY young for a mommy/OTW.

LZ said...

She sounds very interesting, for a human. The Woman gets mistaken for a teenager sometimes too but then doesn't get carded so she never knows how old to feel.


Anonymous said...

My human is much older. She thinks your human is way young!

Momma also loves cilantro!

The Almost Dad still does not have a cell phone. Momma has one only because she needs the text messaging for her work. She never bothers to take it anywhere...

The Furry Kids said...

It was neat to learn all those things about your OTW. Our mom is 34, too. I think that's like a squillion or something.


Anonymous said...

Jack, you did a good job reporting on your OTW. She sounds like a cool mom especially since she is a night owl like cats are. My mommy is turning 34 on Persephone's birthday, so it is definately not old!!! Nope NOT old at all!!!

Kisses to Persephone,

DK & The Fluffies said...

Cilantro Rocks Binkie Hard! ~Fiona Bun

and 34 is still a baby ~DKM

Daisy said...

Your OTW sounds very interesting and fun. My Mommie likes to eat cilantro too. But not all the time, just on certain foods. And in salsa.

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Your Mommy sounds very interesting and fun! Our Mommy says that she cannot take Nyquil because it keeps her awake for days!

ASTOR CATS said...

Our mom says its been years since she was carded. That was a very interesting list of things about your OTW - she doesn't sound weird at all - who wouldn't want candy canes in July.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I like your OTW. She and SS have a lot in common, especially in the department of phones and cell phones. SS has a cell phone but she never turns it on. I think she just likes the Pooh bear designs on it.

If 34 is old, then SS is absolutely ancient. Then again, she doesn't seem to mind because she is an archaeologist; older the better, she says.


Forty Paws said...

34 is still a baby!!

We're so sorry that we missed your Par-Tay, Jack! We looked at the photos and it looks like it was quite the spread, and what a gorgeous place you live in!

Our Maw hates phones too. She doesn't answer them much either.

Thanks for the information about the Origen food. We'll check into it!

Luf, Us

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

34 is furry young, according to our mom who is as old as laffed at her when she was 35 and got carded to buy a beer at our summer festival. It wasn't even fur her, it was fur him. Mom hates fones, period. she likes email and instant message tho. See, we think all mom's is kinda weerd.

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Thanks for sharin' about your OTW!! 34 definitely isn't old! Our mom and dad both got carded when they went to an R-rated movie a few months ago, and they're 'bout 16 years older than they need to be to get in!
Our mom doesn't talk on the phone much either, mostly only to our Grandma. And she'd be up all night if she had a choice!!
Great Thursday Thirteen!!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Thanks for sharing, Jack. We always like learning more about other cats' people.

Our dad didn't get a cellphone till he moved to California a couple of months ago. Mom has a CrackBerry phone through her work, but rarely uses the phone part because it's really the emails to which she's addicted. Oh, and both Mom and Dad never talked much on ANY phone till he moved away. Now they talk about an hour a night--time we could have spent blogging!

Thanks again for hosting a lovely party.


Boy said...

Your OTW wooks nice! I thought 34 is a squiwwion years old since I'm getting on to 14 and mine Mummy says I'm older than the moon.

Anonymous said...

My Lady has a cell phone, but she doesn't like it and only answers it if she really feels like it. She is 28 years old and still looks like she is 16. She used to hate it, but now she has gotten used to it and can't imagine it any other way.

My Lady has a real rough time falling asleep, too. She has been taking sleeping pills for 3 years and wonders how she will ever be able to stop taking them. Her boyfriend works the night shift and stays up until 7am. My Lady usually wakes up at that time. Even so, on the weekends that he doesn't work, she has no problem staying awake until then. If she doesn't take her sleeping pills, she will not fall asleep. Even when they go off to bed at 8am, she will still have to take the pills even though she has been awake for over 24 hours! She hates it. She even remembers her first sleepless night, it was the night before her first day of school over 23 years ago!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Your mommy and my mommy have a lot in common. My mommy talks and sometimes walks in her sleep (Five times in her life she has actually gotten up, and gotten dressed - understuff included - and gone back to bed.) Her toes are the bent stuff, she broke lots of them when she danced. She only leaves her cell phone on when she is out. She turns it off as soon as she is home. She grows 2 cilantro plants and puts it in everything. Mommy failed Math AND Science in the 6th grade and had to take summer school. Her teachers used to pass her in Math cause she tried hard but just doesn't get it - even in college!
She is 32 and gets carded everywhere, even VEGAS when daddy and the other couple they went with DIDN'T. She thought that was funny.

The Cat Realm said...

She looks very nice to me! Thank you for telling all these things about your OTW!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Jack, your mom looks real good for someone who supposedly isn't getting enough naps!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Some of yer OTW traits are shared wif our Momma, hmmm like avoiding phones, she screens and only answers her sisters, she has a cell phone only for emergencies and it usually is not charged and laying on some table. SHe like to read about that stuff too like stars and all and universes, but our mom looks old. ~The Fluffy Tribe