Sunday, September 11, 2011

Midnight Monday with Persephone

A rare ::coughcough:: sighting of the Not-Elusive-At-All-Really Meeploaf! Happy Midnight Monday!

Thank you to all my friends for coming to my last-minute party! I had GREAT birthday, even without new presents from my Stingy Wench!

I think I need a nap, too. Come back here, sunspot!

And for those who may have missed it on the cat Blogosphere (HOW?!?!) Kienan Hebert was returned safely and UNHARMED!!! at around 3am Sept 11. THANK YOU for all your prayers and good thought and everything!


Mickey's Musings said...

Hi Persephone!!!
We missed seeing you :)
Good to hear you are well and helping Jack celebrate his 15th birthday :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It is good to see you! And looking so comfy too!


Uh oh why is Mom laffin at me?
She says she is gonna call me a meeploaf too!

The Island Cats said... that's funny!

amanda said...

Hola! its nice to meet you. hope you can visit my blog soon. Rio from Barcelona

OKcats said...

Hi, Miss Persephone! You're looking so very pretty! We're terribly sorry we missed the birthday party. We've been lousy at blogging and visiting lately. We hope it was a spectacular day, even if there weren't a bunch of fancy presents.