Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa didn't forget us!

Jack: Santa didn't forget us!!! I thought he might, 'cause the OTW went to bed even later this year than last! It was already getting light out! Good thing we live so close to Santa, huh?

The OTW and the Big One decided not to put up a tree this year, because they didn't have any presents for each other to put under it. The OTW just put a big old green cloth thing over some cardboard thing and spread the cloth all out so we couldn't snoop under it (yeah right!--but we were good 'cause Santa wasn't going to forget us, was he?!?)

Persephone: And then Santa came and saw we didn't have a REAL tree, so he covered our green cloth lump in Jingle Balls! And Catnip Playthings! And a little Christmas tree at the top! And then he filled our stockings!

I got two bags of fishie flavoured treats, and FOUR NEW MOUSIES!!!!

And a lump of COAL?!?!? Why'd *I* get a lump of coal?!? I'm the Good Cat!

And my present from Mommy was a catnip pomegranate!

Jack: Santa gave me a new ball, a new cardboard scratcher, and a lump of coal? I got a lump of coal, too?

Pft! No, OTW, I don't think Santa gave us coal to warn us to behave better for you next year.

Hey! The OTW gave me a SPEAR! My very own SPEAR!! And it RATTLES! I can go Spear-rattling at my enemies!

Also, she made me this...Purple Thing...

PersePHONY: I believe those coals are for me.

I said, MINE!

Jack: Oooooooooh! That's what was under the green cloth! A cardboard fort!!! Just for us!!!!

Persephone: Hey! HISSSSS!!!

Jack: What? Santa's been, we don't have to be good anymore! This fort's gonna be AWESOME for playing Tag!

I will guard my new fort with my spear!

Persephone: Mommy tried it over here for a while and I tried out the upper floors when I could just walk onto them. I finally tried jumping in through the second floor window when she moved it back across the living room.

There's a bed on the 3rd floor, with lots of windows! Mommy says it's a Bell-va-Deer. I don't think I want to go up there if it's got vishus deers, even if they have bells on! I mean, not to SLEEP anyway; I don't want to get trampled!

There's another bed on the second floor balcony. I like that one!

There's a bed inside on the second floor too, and the step up to the roof is a scratching pad!

There's two rooms on the ground floor, the big one has a bed in it! You can see the other one in the other picture where Jack is being a whappy-bother! I mean, brother!

Me, I like the wrapping best. Time to push the papers around! A bureaucat's work is never done!


Maggie May said...

That's a furry creative tree!! Wow, looks at all your pawsome gifts! We love your cool condo too! Looks like Santa was furry good to you this year!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! Santa was good to you guys! What a great fort you got there!!!

The Meezers or Billy said...

wow!That's PAWSOME!!!!!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Now that is a cool house! I love it!!!

GLOGIRLY said...

Hiya Jack & Persephone!

I don't think we've ever stopped by before... we just saw your link on the good ole CB and wanted to say hello.

What a COOL fortress you've got! Santa really came through for you! THREE floors! wowwee!

Enjoy all those new mousies... Happy New Year!

(Glogirly's cat)

Max said...

Whoa! I didn't know Santa actually DID lumps of coal! I think I need to be more bad this coming year so I get one, because those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jack, we hope this scene isn't anywhere near where you live! (It's called "Snowmobile Trail Closed Due to Traffic Jam".)

Baby Patches said...

OMC! Santa Paws was really good to you dis year, you must has been on da very good kitty list MOL


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Whoa, even though you got coal, you still got the bestest gifts.

Mickey's Musings said...

WOW!!!!!!! Those presents are way cool!!! We love your "tree" that was a present :o heehee
That is a pawsome condo!!!!!!
WE will have to try harder to be bad too ;) Those lumps of coal are neat!!
See, Santa does like kitties :)
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

Turkey Cats said...

Your mommy is so creative. Great presents!



Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Looks like Santa Paws was good to you this year. That is because you are such a good kittie.

Wishing you and your family the best for the new year about to begin.