Thursday, October 29, 2009

Triple Thursday Thirteen-Ho(M)CB!

House of (Mostly) Cat Beds, that is!!!!

The OTW was 'joking' just the day before my AWESOME GIZZY QUILT from KC, the Bestest Girlfriendcat in the World! arrived, that we've become the House of (Mostly) Cat Beds!

I was going to post our 13 beds for Thursday Thirteen, but then I started counting them, and there were a lot more than 13. So I was going to post my 13 favourite cat beds, and Persephone hers, but I have SIXTEEN favourite beds! And Persephone has FIFTEEN!!!

But then I noticed we had THIRTEEN pictures of cat beds, with TWENTY SIX cat beds in them!

So I'm posting THIRTEEN pictures of our THIRTEEN and another THIRTEEN cat beds for Thursday Thirteen-a Triple Thursday Thirteen!

Picture #1, Bed #1-Persephone's chair- her favourite (It's beside my mommy!!!)

Picture #2, Bed #2 (an triple-decker!) Persephone likes the top best, I like inside best, and we both like sitting in front keeping an eye on the OTW, especially when she's eating!

Picture #3

Bed #3- the GIZZY QUILT!!! (with me inside!)
Bed #4- my Luxury Tent Palace (with RED Carpet and RED cushions!)
Bed #5- my crinkly fish sack bed (Better for lying on top of!)
Bed #6- our Fuzzy, Squishy Cat Bed (with extra Squishy!)

JACK! ::whap::

Bed #7- my Box-inna-Box bed (under the table)
Bed #8- Persephone's Other Chair! (where she sleeps till the cows come home!)

Picture #4

Bed #9- The fuzzy blanket from Stryder, Scotchy and Sugar (we both love this blanket, and sometimes the OTW puts her paws under it and we can play Blanket Monster too!)
Bed #10- The Vishus Reindeer rug! (the OTW always leaves this out so we can practice being fierce to Vishus Reindeers!
Bed #11- A BOX! With the PiRATs's water all folded up inside!
Bed #12- The cat tree (Persephone likes being on top, I like being on top when the OTW remembers her JOB and carries me to the top)
Bed #13- The Cat house (I like going inside when the sunspots move there! Also fun to bunny kick!)
Bed #14- The bench (we don't use it much, but sometimes it has sunspots! Squeak used to like sitting there!)

Picture #5

Bed #15- MY basket! MINE! My favourite basket 'cause I can see my OTW from there, and the front door, and anyone or anycat going from one part of the apartment to the other!
Bed #16- Under the table, good for when I want to keep an eye on the OTW but I don't want her to see me! Plus, the OTW made it the Official Kitty Corner!

Picture #6

Bed #17- Persephone's Other Other Chair where she can keep an eye on the door and the peoples going in and out of the kitchen, so she can run real fast to under-their-feet in case they're opening anything that might be interesting to Squishy Sisters!

JACK! ::whapwhap::

Bed #18- My box under the chair, so I can whap Squishy Sisters!!! ::whapwhapwhap::

Picture #7, Bed #19 (a double-decker Vishus Deer Watching Sunspot Lookout)

Picture #8

Bed #20- A blanket for Persephone to sit on and snoopervise the OTW sewing and cutting and printing and stuff!
Bed #21- My alternate basket for me to sit in to keep an eye on the OTW when she sits in this room sewing and cutting and printing and stuff too long, and I can't keep an eye on her from my usual basket because she's in the wrong room!

Picture #9, Bed #22- my closet (for when there's claw clipping going on, or hairball goop going on (paws), or it's cold, or I don't want the OTW to find me, or there's toy sucker-uppers running around, or just because I feel like it!)

(The door's usually closed more and against the shelf and it's dark when the flashy-box isn't going off so she can't see me in there and usually finds me by sticking her hand in and feeling for fuzzy bits. I'm working on the fuzzing up the cloth more so eventually she can't tell if it's me or just the cloth!)

Picture #10, Bed #23- Persephone's OTHER Other Other Chair, when she wants to be in the lair with the rest of us, but the Big One is kicking too much, or she wants to get in the OTW's drawers, or she's being a Bad Sister and waiting for me to pass so she can whap me on the HEAD!

Picture #11, Bed #24- The closet perch that's high enough to keep an eye on the humans from at night if the Big One is kicking too much, or if the Hallway Monster is in the Hallway and Persephone wants to hide, but not at the back of the closet unless she has to because then she couldn't see it coming if it came in the house and went hunting for her all the way at the far end of the apartment from the door this time!

Picture #12, Bed #25- another closet cat bed, we don't use it much, the OTW is going to move it.

Picture #13, Bed #26- The BEST BED EVAR!!!!! This is our lair, where the humans sleep and I sleep on the OTW, and this corner is MINE, 'cause it's got my bestest friend Scarfie, MY Scarfie!, and MY lei, and MY human sleeps on this side where I can sleep between her legs on MY Scarfie, with MY lei!

We hope you enjoyed your Thursday Triple Thirteen Tour of our House of (Mostly) Cat Beds!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Wow, you gots lotsa beds! Amost enuf to haf a diffrint one fur each nap. Persephone, you is furry well camoflaged on dat squishy cat pillow. I agree wif Jack, tho, da bestest bed in da hole ::yawn:: place is da big bed where da beans sleep. I stay der ALL nite an ::yawn:: squish atween Mom's legs or go unner cofur if it's real cold. Dad burritos da ::yawn:: blankets round himself so I keep Mom warmer.
Victor ::yawn::

Lisa Kolosey said...

Wow! Your house looks a lot like ours with cat beds everywhere. We have more cat furniture and dog crates then we have human furniture (and of course all human furniture is cat furniture too). I've never counted them though, and they are always changing. Washed until their tossed and replaced anew! But that's fun too! Thanks for the tour :)
~Lisa Co9T

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Wow, dat is alot of nap spots...makes us kinda sleepy. Let's see, where should we nap today?

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's a lot of cat beds! But since sleep and naps are so important to cats, you're right to be prepared whenever the urge strikes...

Tober the Cat said...

Oh wowie! That's alotta beds! I would sleep all day! . . . wait. . . Oh, I already do.

Shilgiah the Cat said...

I am really impressed! That's a lot of sleeping places! Now how long does it normally take to sleep at least one nap in each place?

Turkey Cats said...

We have just about as many beds as you both do, but our favorit bed is mommy's lap.

Anonymous said...

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